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All the Water Yet to Come 
Vee Bar Guest Ranch
Vee Bar remuda at the Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat


Once in my day dreams, a Basque woman with Cherokee blood came to me. Her voice pulled me like an undercurrent. "My name is Selu Ama Martone Naciente," she said. " I am an old woman living above an old river. My mother called me the Water Carrier."  


Selu has been in my dreams ever since. Together we are writing a story. A  red roan carriage horse with a black mane came to us.  Now when Selu walks along the banks of the river, she stops to stroke the mare's neck. The mare's sire many generations back was a thin young stallion who carried three captive children back to Denver after the Sand Creek Massacre,  two Cheyenne sisters and a young Arapaho boy. The mare knows nothing of this grandfather sire but the DNA of all of her ancestors still floats through her veins.  She feels them in her bones.


Kimberly Norris-GuerreroYesterday, I thought of these things as I sat visiting with Bob Baron at Fulcrum Books. We talked about Wilma Mankiller, once the beloved Chief of the Cherokee Nation, and her book Every Day is a Good Day. I thought of our friend Kimberly Guerrero, the actor who plays Wilma Mankiller in the new movie Cherokee Word for Water. And because I first met Kimberly in New York, I thought of the carriage horses of New York and of the way the stories of our lives weave in and out, like water flowing under bridges and over river stones. I thought of all the water yet to come, of all the stories we have yet to dream, of all the ancestors' stories running through our veins. As I write, I feel the truth beneath my feet, like the river stones, and so I walk with care.   Page



Cherokee Word for Water  
Cherokee Word for Water


Washington, D.C. Premier March 3-5, 2013. 

In celebration of Women's History Month, the film's producers Charlie Soap and Kristina Keihl take

The Cherokee Word For Water to Washington D.C. March 3-5. Joining them will be actress Kimberly Guerrero as Wilma Mankiller (featured in photo) and actor Mo Brings Plenty as Charlie (featured in photo with the real Charlie). 
More details

April, Rio Urubamba, Peru.
June, Little Laramie River, Wyoming. 
September, Colorado River, Utah.

A Weekend with the Carriages.  March 22-24, 2013.   
Hosted by the Horse and Carriage Association of New York City. 
Share and celebrate the world's most famous working horses.   Details. 

Vee Bar Guest Ranch
DATE: June 1-6, 2013.  
WHERE: Laramie, Wyoming, beautiful Vee Bar Guest Ranch two hours from Denver.  COST: $1490 includes lodging, food, wranglers, facilitation, your own horse for all five days, and quenching mountain water.

Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat 
Ride. Write. Reflect. Renew. 


A unique adventure for anyone who yearns for nature, longs to reconnect with horses, and hungers for creative inspiration in an authentic western ranch setting.  All levels of riding and writing experience.


CLICK for Answers to Commonly Asked Riding Questions.   

$300 deposit due now. (space is limited and filling up quickly)




Urubamba River, Peru
DATE: April 19 - April 30, 2013
WHERE: Peru!  OUTFITTER: True Nature Journeys & Page Lambert.
COST: $3300 covers all lodging, food, guides, passes, and ground transportation.

On Day 2 of this 12-day WEAVING WORDS & WOMEN adventure in Peru, we arrive in the Sacred Valley where the spectacular Urubamba River winds its way through breathtaking  landscape.  We stay at Paz y Luz Bed and Breakfast, a quiet, peaceful spot just outside of the village of Pisac.  Rising early in the morning of Day 8, we take the VistaDome train along the river as it thunders and crashes towards Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.  March 15 deadline for registration.

Journaling at Black Rock
DATE: : Sept. 10-13, 2013
WHERE: Colorado River, Westwater Canyon, Utah.  OUTFITTER: Sheri Griffith Expeditions COST: $1199 includes all gear, food, facilitation, river guides, etc.
$300 deposit due now.  




Featuring Renowned Poet Joy Harjo 

One of Native America's strongest voices, poet
and musician Joy Harjo has finally told her own story in Crazy Brave, her new powerful and poetic memoir.  This 4-day river trip features Joy as my special guest. The natural world unleashes powerful creative energy and although this is not a writing workshop, creative discussions will take place at the river's edge and continue throughout the day, ending with readings under the stars. And the guides do all the cooking!  $300 deposit due now.  Trip is filling.



Cherokee pot WATER. 
I live in a home with three sinks yet there are only two of us, three if I count the dog (who isn't even tall enough to reach the sinks). I read somewhere that two-thirds of the world's women must haul their drinking water.  I think of this when the water flows from one of our three faucets, down the drain. Outside, the parched plants do not even complain.