Hello Pastor,

This week has been momentous for me personally as we have officially launched the new presbytery system for the Potomac Ministry Network.  We held a special meeting on Monday with the newly appointed presbyters (and many of their spouses), the executive presbyters, along with the PMN department directors and staff.  It was a lengthy day that included training, fellowship and lively discussion, working together in the design and implementation of the PMN structure.  On Tuesday, the new Board of Directors held our first official meeting.

I am pleased to see the level of interest and care expressed by your presbyters.  In their new role, job number one is providing pastoral care to the ministers in their circle.  You can expect a contact shortly from your new presbyter, and I ask that you please respond.  As we begin the relational development that is at the core of the new pastoral care system, let's each do our part.
Ken Burtram

Sincerely in Christ,