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Sep 2013 - Vol 8, Issue 9
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Go to your website right now. Look at the home page and discern in 10 seconds or less who your customers are based only on the information there. I can wait...

I thought so. Most of our websites talk about what we do not who we do it for. We force the viewer to somehow fit themselves into our picture. We ask customers to conform to our business models. We fail to help then see themselves doing business with us.

Your website doesn't drive sales. It either creates credibility and interest or it destroys them.

So much for my morning rant. I have another one in this month's featured article called Stop the Blame Game.

I will be speaking on Business Trends on Oct 2 at the AV Software Summit in conjunction with the Rental & Staging Roadshow in Burbank, CA. I hope to see you there.

This month's video is about the top ten unmonitored, money-sucking expenses I find in most businesses. Save your self a few bucks and give these items a critical review. There are plenty of videos on my Youtube page. Check them out.

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SAVE the DATE: Wednesday October 2, Burbank, CA for the AV Software Summit and Rental & Staging Roadshow. These two great events will be together on the same day at 2013 Pickwick Gardens 1001 Riverside Drive Burbank, CA 91506 You can register for FREE is you use my code STIMGRP


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On October 2 in Burbank, CA Tom Stimson will present his latest keynote on the perils of your old school business model and why it is overshadowing your technological prowess. Sales, Operations, and Finance: Why Your Business Model Needs to Change NOW We've come a long way from flip charts and overhead projectors to megapixels ...

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The 2013 Rental-Staging Software Survey is ready for your review. Learn which products are in use and which features are most valuable to users. Download the 2013 Rental Staging Software Survey results here. Over the years I have written a lot about the software tools used in rental business management. At a minimum, these business solutions...


Top Ten Out of Control Costs for Stagers

Sometimes the things you need to do to make more money aren't sexy, high-tech, or even innovative. I find that the simplest things make a big difference in the ability of a company to earn a good return on their efforts. How many of these basics are you ignoring?


The most common complaint I hear from owners and managers is that they need more revenue. More business will solve all their problems, make them instantly profitable, and better looking, too. However, growing revenue generally involves new initiatives in products or services, marketing, and business development: Investments in time and capital of which the manager has neither. What amazes me is how easy it is to neglect the business basics and let money you already have slip away in out of control expenses. Focusing on the everyday costs will sharpen your team's focus, improve profit, and provide capital for the growth initiatives you have also been neglecting.


This video covers the top ten areas managers tend to neglect over time.  This piece runs 14 minutes, so refill your coffee, grab a note pad, and let's get down to work.

Top 10 Out of Control Costs
Top 10 Out of Control Costs

Each Best Practices video will be added to my YouTube page and as inspiration permits, you may see additional video blogs from time to time. I hope you find the content helpful. -Tom
Best Practices
09-10-2013 10:46:45 AM

When I get busy, I find it hard to focus on one topic in my Best Practices column. This is one of those months when I have too many thoughts and they all want to be heard but the one that keeps bubbling to the top is the Blame Game. Read On


Here's a few scribbles from the margins: 

What is the vibe you are trying to convey with your approach to customer service? Can you find 100 pictures that represent those ideas?

If you believe the competition is what's hurting your sales and profits, that is one indication that you are part of the problem.

See you next month, Tom  


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