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December 13, 2012

Investing in What Works for Children in Tough Fiscal Times

Earlier this fall, Child Trends hosted the 6th Annual Kristin Anderson Moore Lecture, Common Ground: A Roadmap to Investing in What Works for Children in Tough Fiscal Times. The 2012 Lecture drew attention to the implications of the nation's debt for children in an effort to identify ways that the deficit reduction would not harm but might actually benefit children and families and programs that serve them. A new brief based on the event, entitled Common Ground: A Roadmap to Investing in What Works for Children in Tough Fiscal Times, summarizes remarks made by Kristin Moore and key points made by a panel of three experts: Patrick McCarthy, President of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, C. Eugene Steuerle, the Richard B. Fisher Chair and Institute Fellow at the Urban Institute, and Mindy Levit, an Analyst in Public Finance at the Congressional Research Service.

Among the central conclusions of the panelists:

  • Recent budgets have led to an "incredible shrinking budget for children and working families," despite rhetoric acknowledging that children are crucial to our nation's future.
  • While decision makers may be gridlocked, budget experts agree on many of the fundamental changes needed to reduce the deficit on a long-term basis.
  • Children - and programs that help children - stand to be among the greatest beneficiaries of long-term deficit reduction.
  • Many evidence-based programs and approaches are being developed that are effective for children and a good investment for the nation.

If you missed the Lecture, the speaker videos and presentations are available on our website.

Kristin Anderson Moore and C. Eugene Steuerle have a new blog, Is There a Rainbow for Children Behind the Fiscal Cloud?written about the fiscal cliff and opportunities for children in the years ahead.  



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