Child Trends
November 7, 2012

Children with Disabilities: State-Level Data from the American
Community Survey
Children with physical or mental disabilities are a very diverse group, and many face challenges.  Child Trends' research brief, Children with Disabilities: State-Level Data from the American Community Survey, presents data on the number and percentage of children identified as having a disability in the United States, and for each of the states.  The brief also presents information on the percentage of children with a disability living in poverty and data on health insurance status. 

According to the American Community Survey:
  • There were 2.9 million U.S. children with one or more disabilities during 2008-2010. 
  • Nearly one in three children with disabilities was living in poverty. 
  • Most children with disabilities were covered by health insurance; more than half were covered by public insurance programs.
Having adequate health insurance is vital for families who have children with disabilities.  Research finds that children with disabilities who are insured get more timely and comprehensive care and that their parents are more satisfied with this care. Many children with disabilities may be eligible for publicly-funded health insurance; however, states vary greatly in their policies regarding which children have access to these programs.

The brief includes a table with data for the United States and for all 50 states. 



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