March 2014
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"A seed is a conveyance system for information. It is words taken wing... ancient instructions clasped between hard covers, everything needed to carry a story to a new place where it can take root... A dandelion seed is an epic on a parachute."

- Kathleen Dean Moore, nature writer and philosopher  



"Cook it low and slow," owner Mike Callicrate says. "It should be fall apart tender when you're done." Made from Callicrate Wagyu-Angus Beef, "it's unmatched in quality and taste. It's the best corned beef you'll eat in your life."
Hip hideaway shows off chef's cutting edge creativity

Tucked behind the Triple Nickel Tavern neighborhood bar a jewel of a dining experience awaits at Brother Luck's Street Eats. Inside the small red-brick and wood-paneled space, complete with a funky garage door in one corner and a stage for live music, the chef seats diners at a few tables or at the bar, all of which has the intimate feel of an eat-in kitchen at home. "It's interactive. You get to talk to the chef and watch your food being done," says Chef Luck with satisfaction. "That's what I want.
There's no barriers."

Callicrate Beef is among the locally
sourced ingredients, which appeared on the menu during a recent evening in the form of a bacon jam burger, a New York strip steak with roasted wild mushrooms and a Mexican chorizo meatloaf, which was served in thick slices over jalapeno grits and
topped with a fried egg and a guajillo chile sauce.

"I've worked at so many fine dining restaurants around the country, but I just want to make great food more approachable," he says. The fun he's having seasons every dish. And it's thoroughly contagious.

Brother Luck's Street Eats � 26 S. Wahsatch � (719) 213-3706
HOURS: Mon-Sat 2 p.m.-9 p.m.
A pig's life... and it's a good one

In the cold of winter, the life of one pig at Callicrate Cattle Co. came full circle when she had her first litter of piglets in the same nursery barn where she was born months earlier. (Gilts are typically bred for the first time at 6 months of age and the gestation period is 3 months 3 weeks 3 days.) Here are pictures showing her as a piglet (upper right), later as a young pig, and, in February, full grown and now a new mother with her own set of babies, enjoying fresh straw and a heat lamp designed for added warmth (below.) As a first time mother, she successfully delivered 12 healthy vibrant piglets

Call it "gestation crate free" pork. Her story stands in stark contrast to modern production methods, questioned by animal welfare groups, which include keeping pigs confined to small metal crates for long periods of time without the opportunity to roam or root and express normal pig behaviors.


Callicrate Cattle Co., source of the highly prized beef at Ranch Foods Direct, started raising hogs and chickens along with cattle about three years ago. "I love pigs," owner Mike Callicrate says. "I was interested in raising pigs even before I started raising cattle." Without an avenue for selling directly to consumers, however, he said there's no way he'd get involved in hog production the way it is practiced today. Ranch Foods Direct has enabled him to raise pigs in an outdoor setting and satisfy consumers looking for alternatives to industrial pork. The hams, pork chops, pork sausages and other pork products at Ranch Foods Direct are all humanely raised, either at Callicrate Cattle Co. ( or by the Mauro family of Pueblo.