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"Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second." - Western environmental writer Edward Abbey
Callicrate Beef Bundles summer blowout, now through Labor Day!

Check out the special pricing on the comprehensive Chef's Bundle.
Get all of your favorite beef cuts in one great bundle, now $199.99.

Late Summer Strip Special:
New York Strip Steaks
$10.99 per pound
New York Strip Steak Value Pack
$9.99 per pound
(available through August 12)

Custom smoked meats and smoked meat sandwiches... now available from Eric Preston's Good News Food Truck at Ranch Foods Direct...


Bonnie Simon (intrepid local urban homesteader and food blogger) wrote recently about the quick and delicious smoked brisket sandwich (pictured below) that she grabbed during a quick stop at Ranch Foods Direct...

"I was hungry! That was a problem because, as you can imagine, I am not a fan of fast food. I passed several big fast food chains, all the while trying to think of where I could get a quick sandwich made of meat from Callicrate beef, the high-quality meat raised by Mike Callicrate and sold at his store, Ranch Foods Direct. It's available at several local diners in town, the question was simply whether my route took me past one... I stopped at the truck, and though I never did catch its name, I did catch a brisket sandwich made with Callicrate beef, Old German Bakery bread and fries!" 

Buy your meat at Ranch Foods Direct and ask Eric about having it custom smoked, right on site.

Colorado Coffee Merchants expanding to offer more classes, tastings  

THE SCOOP: Eric Umenhofer, owner of Colorado Coffee Merchants, shown above in his shop on East Fillmore, is in the midst of an expansion that will nearly double his space. It could be close to a year before Eric has everything just the way he wants it; however, starting in August, he plans to begin offering more coffee tastings, educational classes and eventually an espresso bar, allowing guests to compare and savor a wide variety of fine beans and brewing methods while learning to tease out flavors like "mild honey," "baker's cocoa," "rich jam" and "hint of tobacco."
THE BACKSTORY: Colorado Coffee Merchants and Ranch Foods Direct have been neighbors and supplier-partners for nearly 10 years, growing together along the way. Located just down the street from RFD, Eric imports premium beans from top coffee-growing regions of the world in small batches and roasts them on site.

In recent years, Callicrate Beef and Eric's �mpire Estate brand coffee have appeared together on menus at many discriminating dining establishments around town. In fact, Umenhofer retired from firefighting three years ago to focus on his coffee business full-time (though he still provides fellowship and a hang-out spot for his many friends at the fire department.) Regulars enthuse about the camaraderie and shared energy that fills his shop, which is set along the same strip of asphalt where fast food chains are (sadly) the norm. He provides an alternative, a locally owned place to grab a locally made pastry or, better still, one of Luis' famous breakfast burritos, made with ingredients from Ranch Foods Direct. Eric is thrilled with the support he's received from the community and the business' steady growth; he supplies at least 50 restaurants and has around 100 wholesale accounts in all.

UP NEXT: One of Eric's more unique and exciting supplier relationships is with Lyn Harwell, who is bringing a new dining concept to Colorado Springs. Harwell is on the board of the One World Everybody Eats Foundation and is in the process of opening the first pay-what-you-can nonprofit cafe slated for a Pikes Peak Avenue storefront downtown. "We think we can have two or three of these in the Springs eventually - all with Colorado Coffee Merchants coffee and Callicrate Beef," Harwell says. The emphasis will be on local food with hopes of eventually expanding into catering. He's also excited about offering much-needed job training programs that will enrich the local community. Harwell is aiming for a mid-to-late August opening.

302 E. Fillmore St (719) 473-8878
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Planned Location: 109 E. Pikes Peak Ave. (719) 310-9439   
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