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"Slowing down my lifestyle was easier in the country, where time passage is measured in cloud drift and shadow shift."
- Amy Minato in her memoir, Siesta Lane:
One Cabin, No Running Water, and a Year Living Green

New Beef Specials
(available now through July 20th)

Save on perennial favorites...
Rib-eye steak, $10.99 per lb.
Rib-eye steak, 4-steak value pack: $9.99 per lb.
Delectable Chuck Roast, $5.99 per lb.

Fresh, local produce
from Milberger Farms of Pueblo. Shane Milberger started his small family farm near Pueblo in the mid-1980s and it has grown into a popular local supplier of spring asparagus, greenhouse tomatoes, chili peppers and much more...

Now available: The first fresh crisp green beans of the summer!
Rich, earthy red organic beets ($1.49 a bunch); tender snap peas ($6.29 per lb.); vine-ripe tomatoes from the greenhouse ($2.99 per lb.) Beautifully bagged frozen pueblo chilies, whole or chopped, mild or hot. 

Fresh chilies are coming soon!

Look for seasonal produce all summer long from Milberger Farms and Austin Family Farms of Paonia.   
Rodeo days continue through the week in Colorado Springs

Ranch Foods Direct sponsors Saturday's Chili Cook-off held in conjunction with the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, preceding the main performance (Chili cook-off runs from 5 to 6:30 p.m.; evening rodeo starts at 7:15 p.m.) CLICK HERE for the full schedule of rodeo events, happening this week!

Grab a bite, right on site

For a quick breakfast or lunch, made with the highest quality ingredients, visit the Good News Food Truck while at the store.

Mark Henry, Springs' new charcuterie guru, committed to keepin' it local; he shops Ranch Foods Direct

THE SCOOP: Mark Henry, right, has opened a charcuterie shop and deli in the exciting new Ivywild School redevelopment. The Meat Locker, an artisan retail butcher shop, is located across the hall from The Teachers' Lounge, where hunky sandwiches, soups and salads are served. Eventually, Henry also plans to provide eats for the Bristol Brewing taproom located on the building's north end. This spring, he introduced himself to Colorado Springs by partnering with Chef Kevin Campbell of Full Circle Cuisine to present a special charcuterie and cheese "pop-up" dinner at Motif Jazz Bistro. He's been generating buzz ever since.

THE BACKSTORY: Henry's immersion as a creative carnivore began during a recent 2 1/2 year stint with the popular Blue Star restaurant. He and his fellow chefs were disappointed by the quality of the charcuterie they were getting and decided to make their own. "I liked it, and so we just kept going with it," he says.

Henry leaves no ambiguity about where his loyalties lie: he extols the virtues of supporting local farmers on the menu he prints daily on rustic butcher paper and hangs up at The Teachers' Lounge.

"The goal is to go everything local," he says.

He was quick to jump in and help when one of his suppliers, Joyful Noise Farm, was impacted by the tragic Black Forest Fire.

Another key supplier for him: Ranch Foods Direct. It's not surprising that Henry is a big fan and shops the store frequently. Asked to name a personal favorite, he pulls a chuck-eye steak from the meat case, applauding it for being as tender and delicious as a prime cut, at a fraction of the price.

"I do a lot of barbecuing at home and make my own sausages," he says. "(Wife) Amy gardens a lot. That's where it all got started for me."

Henry initially came to Colorado Springs in 2004 when he was stationed at Ft. Carson. He followed that up by attending the local Paragon Culinary School.

UP NEXT: Henry plans to continue sourcing beef, pork and other meats from Ranch Foods Direct while working with the store's butchers to hone his meat cutting skills. He also hopes to visit Callicrate Cattle Co. to bring his experience "full circle."

THE MEAT LOCKER 1605 S. Cascade Ave. (Ivywild School)
(719) 368-6113   

  For an unforgettable beef eating experience... check out the Wagyu display in the front meat case at Ranch Foods Direct... All of your favorite cuts, with amazing marbling, flavor and tenderness.

Why Wagyu? There are health benefits too! CLICK HERE for full details on this unusual beef breed that originated in Japan.

Ranch Foods Direct updates Home Service program, introduces new Bulk Delivery option

If you are an existing Home Service customer and interested in the New Bulk Delivery Service, please contact Greg
Pickering at (719) 473-2306 ext 203 today!