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Feeling Like Things Aren't Going Quite Right?

Authentic confidence is sexy.

I'm not talking about smugness or arrogance. Those qualities stem from insecurity and for many, are off-putting. Real confidence, the kind that attracts your soul mate, lands you a perfect job and makes all your dreams come true, is authentic and inviting.

Over the past few months, I have made it my full time job to look at my own insecurities and see how they are holding me back. What I found was a direct link between the amount of self-confidence I have and my happiness. 

Here are 4 simple ways you can improve your own self-esteem:


1. Remove what no longer serves you.

Believing in yourself starts with removing the beliefs, situations and thought patterns that no longer serve you. 

2. Focus on the positive.

When insecurities creep in, I immediately look at where they stem from. I work on forgiveness and look at the positive lessons learned from each past situation.


3. Take care of you.

 Treat your body like the temple it really is. Allow your inner voice to reflect in every action you take. You will find your cravings for unhealthy things will lesson the more connected and confident you become.


4. Listen to your gut.

When you get clear about your own values, and true desires the confidence will allude naturally and effortlessly from your entire being. 





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