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Season 2013

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Relevant to organizations across the entire continuum of care, this webinar series has been developed by The Eden Alternative and is being presented in association with Pioneer Network.

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Susan Misiorski, Cean Eppelheimer, Susan Black, Sue Miller, and Michelle McParland
Tuesday, February 19, 2012, 3-4:00 pm ET

Organizational success hinges on growing a culture that prioritizes the use of effective communication and conflict resolution skills. Teams must develop agreed-upon communication guidelines to facilitate high involvement of all stakeholders. Creating a participatory culture calls on leaders to provide the vital skills necessary to support this process.

Steve LeMoine, Lisa Kendall, and Greg Walton
Tuesday, March 19, 2012, 3-4:00 pm ET

Facilitative strategies transform passive participants into inspired change agents. At first, the idea of empowerment may intimidate and overwhelm team members. Thus, leaders must consider creative and sensitive strategies for facilitating empowerment that reassure, motivate, and engage all involved.

Sandra Place and Arif Padamshi
Wednesday, April 10, 2012, 3-4:00 pm ET 
Building effective teams requires that leaders foster an organizational culture that respects, honors, and appreciates the unique differences, qualities, and values of each member of the team. Celebrating diversity is a cornerstone of building meaningful relationships and creating an inclusive team environment.
Chris Cheek and Anna Ortigara
Tuesday, May 14, 2012, 3-4:00 pm ET

Across all care settings, the life passions of Elders and their care partners define the distinct personality and character of the organization's person-directed culture. Facilitating life passions involves collaboration, creativity, a commitment to participatory process, and leadership that is prepared to lead by example.

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What is Facilitative Leadership?

Facilitative leadership is about walkway engaging others. We live in a world today that relies heavily on sharing knowledge and the exchange of ideas to drive our efforts.

Successful person-directed care depends on leadership's ability to leverage each person's individual strengths in developing a shared organizational vision.

This involves knowing how to ask the right questions and creating an organizational culture that welcomes the ideas and perspectives of all stakeholders. 

Featuring experienced change agents, these four webinar events apply faciliative techniques and strategies to specific culture change-inspired issues.
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