Oct 24, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
The ZimmComm Team is gearing up for a great week on the agriblogging highway next week.  Chuck heads off to Germany for the Bayer CropScience Corn and Soybean Future Forum.  You can follow that activity on Twitter using the #CropFutureForum hashtag.  Cindy takes off to Miami for the World LP Gas Forum.  Jamie and our fall intern, Taylor Truckey will be in Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention.  Scary amount of road time during Halloween week, eh?

After our latest ZimmPoll showed that 73% believe the uncertainty with the RFS caused by the EPA has hurt local business and jobs we've got a new ZimmPoll running that asks the question, " What should the US do about the WTO COOL ruling?" Let us know what you think.

Our own Joanna Schroeder was the principal researcher for a recent report published in Academics Review, "Organic Marketing Report."  She presented the results at the Western Plant Health Association Annual Mtg.  Check out her findings.

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed.  Check out for more.

Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:

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Using Social Listening for Content Ideation at AgCatalyst
Ideation is the forming of ideas or concepts. When it comes to online content creation where do you get the inspiration for your ideation? How about social listening?  MORE

Florida State Rep on CTIC Tour

A member of the Florida legislature joined us on CTIC Conservation in Action tour of the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) last week to learn more herself about the various conservation efforts in the region. MORE

ZimmComm Partner Authors Organic Report

Our own Joanna Schroeder was the principal researcher for a recent research report published in Academics Review, "Organic Marketing Report," findings of which she presented at the Western Plant Health Association annual meeting in Palm Desert, California. MORE
DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel 

Pacific Ag Bales Bundles of Energy
Last week Abengoa's cellulosic ethanol biorefinery went online and is expected to produce 25 million gallons of advanced ethanol per year as well as 21 MW of bioenergy. But how exactly does the corn and wheat residue get from the fields to the biorefinery in a economical and efficient way? Enter Pacific Ag. MORE

Ethanol Industry Applauds Abengoa

Members of the ethanol industry joined with government leaders in applauding Abengoa at the opening of its $500 million cellulosic ethanol plant in Hugoton, Kansas last week. MORE

Propane - There's an App for That

There is a new app for propane. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) released a suite of cost calculator tools designed for customers in three of the industry's fastest-growing markets: agriculture, commercial landscape, and on road fleets. The calculators estimate potential fuel savings and ROI when using propane as compared with conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel. MORE

Hick Chick Chat: A Farmland Review

Earlier this year during Commodity Classic I first learned about the movie Farmland. Since I'd been away from the world of agriculture for a few years, I missed the preparations and planning for this groundbreaking documentary. At this point a trailer was out giving us all an opportunity to watch and learn a bit more about the film. Over the next several months we saw stories and interviews with the farmers and ranchers who were featured in it. Then it happened, it was released to the world with positive feedback. With limited chances to view the film in its entirety, I turned to Hulu to finally take it in myself and you can too.  MORE



Precision Sugarcane Harvesting

In addition to seeing sugarcane planting on the the 2014 CTIC Conservation in Action tour, we also got to see harvesting - yes, they can do both at the same time of year in the sunny south! MORE

3D Robotics Launches New Mapping Drones


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) maker 3D Robotics has launched a new line of drones that come with all-in-one 2D and 3D mapping features. The California-based company says its new Aero-M (fixed wing) and X8-M (multi-copter) devices offer the most cost-effective, accurate and repeatable aerial perspectives for farms that could give producers images so good they could see right "down to the grape." MORE



Calcium Products Opens World Headquarters


Calcium Products - North America's leading producer of precision soil amendments that improve soil quality to maximize nutrient uptake and strengthen yields - recently celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters located at the Iowa State University Research Park. Included is a new research and development laboratory and customer support center. Company CEO Mike Hogan also announced the expansion of Calcium Product's sales force to support increased demand for its products in the US and Canada. MORE


2014 CTIC Conservation in Action Tour
The Conservation Technology Information Center held its annual Conservation in Action Tour October 14-15 in the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA). MORE
Listen to audio here.


USDA Announces New Farm Bill Program
USDA is making plans to launch new Farm Bill program to help provide relief to farmers impacted by severe weather, including drought. MORE




Deadline to Serve on Pork Checkoff Board Nears

The Pork Checkoff's Board of Directors is now accepting nominations to fill five three-year terms and one two-year term commencing in July 2015. Nominees may be submitted by state pork producer associations, farm organizations or anyone who pays into the Pork Checkoff, which includes pig farmers and pork importers. MORE

Beef: Fueling Runners to the Finish


Join the beef checkoff and Miss Patty Melt to cheer for Team BEEF in DC during 2014 Marine Corps Marathon. MORE

CHB Volume Surpasses 50 million lb. Sold


Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) LLC experienced a record year of growth during fiscal year 2014 with 50.2 million lb. product sold a 2% increase compared to the previous year's total. Since 2008, CHB LLC has increased beef sales by 43%. MORE
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