April 25, 2014
Hello ZimmComm Fans:

The ZimmComm Team is enjoying some time at World Headquarters. The focus has been on the calendar though. Registrations, reservations, decision making is going on for events taking place through the end of the summer. We're pretty sure you'll see the Golden ZimmComm Microphone (first appearance) out and about somewhere and of course ZimmGlass.

So, do you have ZimmComm in your event planning? There are opportunities to have the AgriBlogger or FarmPodcaster or other team members on site letting the world know what's new. Here are some sponsorship opportunities you might consider for great online/social media exposure:

NAFB Washington Watch - Coming up quick
United Fresh/FMI Connect - Would be 1st for us and where 1st Social Media Farmer of the Year Award will be presented
Ag Relations Council Annual Mtg.
International Conference on Precision Ag
Ag Media Summit
InfoAg Conference
AgChat Conference
IFAJ Congress - Great place to create awareness w/international farm journalists
NAMA Fall Conference

If you are interested in sponsoring our coverage of any of these events or others please let Dave Larson know so he can prepare a proposal for you.

This week Chuck worked with New Holland on the public launch of  The company saw great value in the total AgWired community and used it for the North American kickoff.  All farmers are invited to register and start using the services located inside the system.

This week's ZimmPoll asks, "Is corn planting underway in your area?" We're already seeing mixed responses. We hope some warm sun shines in the corn belt!

It's that time. ZimmComm New Media is looking for a summer intern. If you know of a good agriblogging candidate please send them here.

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:

Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:
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 AgWired  AgWired     


Typo Keyboard for iPhone Review

After several weeks of using my iPhone 5S with a Typo Keyboard I'm ready to let you know what I think. But first you need to know that sales of the device are on hold right now. I guess this is due to a lawsuit filed by Blackberry. Hope that gets worked out soon. Right now you can sign up to their mailing list which I assume means you'll be notified if/when it goes on sale again. MORE 

Lilly to Acquire Novartis Animal Health

Eli Lilly and Company intends to acquire Novartis Animal Health in an all-cash transaction "to strengthen and diversify Lilly's own animal health business, Elanco." MORE

ZimmComm Team Looking for Summer Intern

ZimmComm New Media is now taking applications for a summer intern. Students in the agricultural communications field interested in attending and learning how to "agri-blog" some of the most important industry events held every year should apply. MORE
DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel 

Renewable Fuels Fuel Jobs and Economy

A new industry report released today shows how the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is creating jobs and significant economic impact. MORE

Book Review - Three Green Rats: An Eco Tale 

Tru dat rat. Ok, so if you don't have kids or hang out with kids, you may not have any idea what I just said. But the three green rat brothers of Tintown's Broken Bottle Lane encourage us to walk softly and reduce, reuse and recycle in the children's tale, "Three Green Rats: An Eco Tale". Written by Linda Mason Hunter and illustrated by Suzanne Summersgill this rat tale is both fun and educational and the perfect book to review on Earth Day (April 22, 2014).  MORE  

DuPont & Zhenfa to Partner On Solar Power

DuPont China Holding Co., Ltd. (DuPont) and Zhenfa New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhenfa New Energy), have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to collaborate on improving the performance, reliability and return on investment of solar power installations. Under the agreement, both companies will cooperate in optimizing the selection of durable solar materials and technologies used in solar panels. MORE

 Precision Pays

Hick Chick Chat: Farmland Film 

It's finally here, Farmland the film. We've heard about it being in production thanks to the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance promotion of the movie, as ag media we have been awaiting its arrival to theaters nationally on May 1, also coming to digital download and DVD (stay tuned for those details). MORE


New Holland Launches MyNewHollan 

This new virtual community is set up to provide a meeting place to share information, contribute to farming related discussions and access premium contents and services. It is very simple to create your account by visiting Then you'll have access to the features currently active. MORE


Utilizing UAV Imagery with SMS Advanced 


The production ag community has envisioned the many benefits of utilizing UAV technology since its inception. With many affordable solutions on the market today, ag professionals have begun offering services, and growers have realized the opportunity of using their own UAVs in their operations. While UAVs have become more affordable, often this technology has required the purchase of additional software programs to stitch, process and analyze captured imagery. While SMS doesn't currently offer image stitching tools, the software is capable of processing and analyzing the raw NIR imagery. MORE



President Obama Comments on TPP in Japan


President Barack Obama met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo this week and commented Wednesday on talks regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.  MORE


Fuels America Announces "Oil Rigged" Campaign 

Members of Fuels America today unveiled the details of its new "Oil Rigged" television and digital ad campaign and designed to "expose the many ways the oil industry is rigging the system to protect their profits and block the transition to clean, American renewable fuels." MORE

2014 Agri-Marketing Conference

The 2014 National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) Conference took place in Jacksonville, FL on April 9-11, 2014. This year's event marked the 10 year anniversary for ZimmComm New Media and Chuck and Cindy celebrated this milestone with there long-time friends in the agri-marketing industry. MORE

 World Dairy Diary  



BouMatic Honors Erdman after 34 years of Service                       


BouMatic, the largest U.S. based, globally operating dairy equipment company, announces the retirement of Roger Erdman, Chief Engineer-Dairy Systems Architecture.  MORE 

CWT Assists Export Sales


Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has accepted 15 requests for export assistance from Dairy Farmers of America, Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Association, Michigan Milk Producers Association, Northwest Dairy Association (Darigold), O-AT-KA/Upstate-Niagara, and Tillamook County Creamery Association to sell 198,416 pounds of Cheddar cheese, 4.184 million pounds of 82% butter and 936,965 pounds of whole milk powder to customers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa. The product will be delivered April through September 2014. MORE 

Future Dairy Leaders Take Part in 2014 Dairy Challenge

Optimism for the dairy industry's future filled the convention center in Fort Wayne, Ind., where 264 college students congregated to improve skills, network, and learn about careers and industry innovation. The national Dairy Challenge held April 3-5, 2014, attracted these students from 37 colleges in 25 states and three Canadian provinces. MORE 
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