Jan 17, 2014
Hello ZimmComm Fans:
Chuck got back on the agriblogging highway this week - and while he was covering the American Farm Bureau annual meeting in San Antonio, he got word that youngest daughter Caitlin gave birth to a beautiful boy, making him and Cindy grandparents for the first time. Cruz Alexander Underwood was born on January 14, at 7'5" and 20 inches. They flew up to Missouri as soon as possible and saw baby Cruz by the time he was just 36 hours old and have been there ever since. If you're friends with them on FB or follow on Twitter you already know this.

Getting back to the AFBF annual convention, Chuck got lots of great photos and interviews and created quite a buzz using ZimmGlass (his name for his Google Glass) to shoot video interviews and share photos. He's using the device to see how it fits into an agricultural media work flow and writing a series of articles about it on AgWired. It's called The ZimmGlass Project. Perhaps your company or organization would be interested in sponsoring the project? He'd be happy to discuss. Part of that deal would include a presentation on Glass at your meeting or event!
We hope you've warmed up after the Polar Vortex (PV) attack. With all the news coverage you'd have thought we were living "The Day After Tomorrow" movie. Environmental and man made global warming activists must have thought they were watching the news when they watched that one. LOL!

But we want to know how the PV affected you. This week's New Holland-sponsored ZimmPoll question is "How did the 'Polar Vortex' affect you?" Please let us know.

Our AgWired App is available for free and we're seeking new sponsors for it. Much thanks to iCropTrak for being our latest sponsor. The app is installed on approximately 8,000 devices and last we checked they use the app an average of almost 2x/day. That's pretty high btw. Just let Dave or Chuck know if you're interested.

Here are some interviews and audio you might have missed this week:

Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:
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AFBF Convention Social Communicating

An estimated 7,000 farm and ranch leaders from around the country are heading to San Antonio this weekend for the American Farm Bureau Federation's 95th Annual Convention (Twitter hashtag #AFBF14). The meeting begins January 12 and runs through January 15 in San Antonio. Numerous speakers will be on hand to address topics, ranging from crop and livestock outlooks to farm policy, trade and technology. MORE


Sharing the Farmers Voice Through Music

Attendees of the 2014 American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Convention had the opportunity to hear music from James Wesley. Chuck had a chance to chat with him following the concert and James admitted that he was surprised at how many farmers and ranchers were there to take part in the annual convention. A true testament to AFBF members commitment to the organization. MORE

Atlanta Harvest is Urban Farming

When Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack spoke to the AFBF Convention yesterday he talked about the idea of urban farms and how we should be open to the idea of farm diversity. I just had this project brought to my attention since one of the founders has a connection to my family in Georgia. It's Atlanta Harvest. MORE
DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel 

Biodiesel Blogging Again

It's that time. The 2014 National Biodiesel Conference is next week. I'll be on location once again and working as the Biodiesel Blogger on the NBB Conference Blog. MORE


Hearing in the Heartland: Supporting the RFS

Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds are leading a group of senior state officials from Iowa and the Midwest to organize and host a public hearing allowing citizens outside of Washington, D.C., the opportunity to testify about the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). "Hearing the Heartland: Supporting the Renewable Fuel Standard," will be held at Hall of Laureates, 100 Locust Street in Des Moines, Iowa, on January, 23, 2014, with comments beginning at 8:30 am CST. MORE

New Study: Corn Ethanol Reduces GHG Emissions  

According to a new study, that compared the greenhouse gas emission reductions of corn ethanol and those of crude oil production and fracking, corn ethanol's carbon intensity is declining while the carbon intensity of petroleum is increasing. The study was conducted by Life Cycle Associates and found that the carbon impacts associated with crude oil production continue to worsen as more marginal sources of fuel are introduced into the fuel supply. MORE

 Precision Pays

Can Drones Increase Profitability?

Kansas State University's Dr. Kevin Price was one of the presenters at the 2014 American Farm Bureau Federation Convention. His presentation was titled Drones: Turning Technological Controversy into Profit. MORE


Where to Find Ag Leader This Winter

Are you interested in getting the latest information about precision ag equipment? If so, here are a few stops you might want to schedule this winter in order to talk with Ag Leader expert. MORE


Use Cover Crops? Yes or No?


Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) wants to know if you are using cover crops on your farm. They are wanting input from farmers on cover crops as a conservation option on farms across the county. The survey just takes 10 minutes or less and is for those using cover crops and those who haven't tried them yet. MORE   



MGEX Call on WASDE Report  

USDA released the latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Report on January 10.  MORE



Ensuring Accessibility to Biotechnology - Podcast
United Soybean Board Tackles Weed Resistance - Podcast
Listen to more audio here.

 World Dairy Diary  



2014 World Dairy Expo Judges & Associates Selected                


The World Dairy Expo is ready to announce the official slate of 16 dairy cattle judges for the 2014 event. These experts will evaluate over 2,500 head of North America's dairy cattle during the five-day show.  MORE 

Dairy Farmers Oppose Supply Management


Dairy producer groups from across the United States have teamed up to urge Farm Bill conferees to oppose Supply Management. The proposal is known as the Dairy Market Stabilization Program (DMSP).  MORE   
New Turkey Hill Frozen Yogurt Flavors


Turkey Hill Dairy has announced four limited edition flavors of Greek frozen yogurt - Baklava, Lemoni Biskoti, Raspberry Chokolata, and Sea Salt Caramel Truffle. MORE 
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