April 4, 2013  

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

Earlier this week we told you about  World Backup Day on AgWired.  Hopefully, you're heeding the good advice about backing up your computers and mobile devices.  Don't be one of the people who decides they better start after losing everything!  You'll find advice as well as some ideas and solutions in that post.

To date we've produced 389 episodes of our  weekly ZimmCast, the AgWired podcast.  Hard to believe we've been producing it for that long!  Please let us know if you've got topic ideas and people you'd love to hear us interview for it.

Our  latest ZimmPoll asked the question, "Has winter weather affected drought conditions in your area?"


Our poll results: Fifty percent said Yes, thirty-two percent said No, and eighteen percent said it's Too Early To Tell. Seems the drought of 2012 may not be over.  


Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, "How do you combat social media overload?" With the weekly AgChat Twitter Conversation turning 4 years old it is obvious that something is working when it comes to farmers and industry using social media to advocate for their industry. But even if you are not actively agvocating you're probably using some form of social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and there are many more. So our question comes out of this week's AgChat. For many it is easy to get so engrossed by the online conversation, especially with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, that they start feeling overwhelmed by it all. Let us know ... Are you on social media overload?

Here are some interviews you might have missed this week:

Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:


 AgWired  AgWired     

Beef Checkoff Responds to OIG Report

Statement by Weldon Wynn Cattlemen's Beef Board Chairman & Cattle Producer from Star City, Ark.: April 2, 2013. MORE


2014 International Year of Family Farming? 

During our weekly AgChat session last night several folks interjected messages about a United Nations sanctioned initiative called the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth. So I had to look at it and can't say I like what I see. If you click around their website you'll see some pretty mixed messages. MORE

New Holland is Ready to Roll

This kind of draws your attention. $500 off! It's the New Holland Friends & Family Coupons (pdf), part of their Ready to Roll Sales Event. MORE
DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel 

Virginia Tech Finds Way to Get Hydrogen From Plants

Researchers at Virginia Tech have found a way to extract hydrogen from any plant, a breakthrough touted as possibly bringing a low-cost, environmentally friendly fuel source to the world. MORE 

Analysis: RIN Prices Not Pushing Up Gas Prices  

Contrary to what some in oil industry are trying to tell the public, the recent rise in prices for Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), the government's tracking system to make sure companies are properly complying with federal rules about using renewable energy, is not pushing up gas prices. MORE

Wind Energy to Create Boon For Carbon Fiber Industry 

Big gains in the wind energy industry will lead to gains in the carbon fiber industry. A new report from GBI Research shows that, globally, demand for carbon fiber, a technology making gains as a lighter, stronger alternative to current wind blade materials will nearly triple in the next few years. MORE 
 Precision Pays

The 4Rs are All Right 

Everything is right about the 4Rs of nutrient management - the right source, the right rate, the right time, and the right place for applying nutrients in the field. MORE 

Happy iPad mini Winner

 Here's our happy iPad mini winner, Nick Leibold. Thanks to his wife, Kendra, for taking the photo. She says Nick will put it to good use on the farm. MORE

Open Data for Ag Key to Food Security

Innovators and private sector partners are being urged to participate in the G-8 Open Data for Agriculture meeting coming up later this month in Washington DC to help "facilitate the transfer of scientific research and information in a broad range of areas from best agricultural practices, to research, biotechnology, irrigation, extension services and applied technology."  MORE

 World Dairy Diary  


Trotter Joins All-American Staff 


Congratulations to Abigail Trotter, the newest member of the All-American Dairy Foundation communications committee. Trotter will serve as manager of the foundation's Facebook pageMORE  

Holstein Names DJM Semifinalists


Congratulations to the twelve semifinalists for the 2013 Distinguished Junior Member (DJM) awards, sponsored by the Holstein Association USA. MORE

Manure Powering Trucks

Being able to create enough renewable energy to milk nearly 30,000 cows three times a day isn't just a dream for one of the country's largest dairy farms - it's a reality. MORE  

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