November 30, 2012 
Hello ZimmComm Fans:

This week Chuck got on the road with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica for their 4th PRRS Area Regional Control & Elimination Seminar in Kansas City, MO.  While he was in KC, MO he also attended the annual BCS Communications Holiday Party.  Next week the ZimmComm team is back on the agriblogging highway with Chuck in Savanna, GA for the National Agricultural Aviation Association convention sponsored by BASF, Cindy in Chicago for the American Seed Trade Association CSS 2012 & Seed Expo while Jamie will be in Lexington, KY for the Alltech Global 500.  That's being out and about!

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, " What gadget is on your Christmas wish list?"

Our poll results: Twenty-four percent said other; twenty percent said tablet; ten percent said wide screen TV; seven percent said desktop computer; three percent said smartphone; and three percent said notebook computer. Some of the things falling in the Other category include: Powerball Jackpot, camcorder, desktop hard drive, laser pointer, car and gun.

Chuck recently got his latest gadget - an iPad mini.  He's loving it.

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, "With harvest over what are your winter plans?" During the winter months, you may not see farmers out in the field but that doesn't mean they're not busy! So what will you be doing until next year's planting season? Let us know!

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:
Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:

 AgWired  AgWired     

USFRA Enters Year Three

The U.S Farmers and Ranchers Alliance is entering its third year. Hard to believe that it has already been that long. The effort continues to gather steam though as you'll hear in this week's program.  MORE



Pork Industry Comes Together To Fight PRRS

Welcoming everyone to the 4th Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica PRRS ARC&E Seminar was Dr. Laura Batista. This event is held in conjunction with the International PRRS Symposium. They bring together an international group of researchers, students, swine health specialists, companies and producers for a couple of days of informational presentations and to have a chance to network with people in areas outside their own. MORE


Farm Credit - Working For Producers

Whether it's managing risk associated with high prices, a drought or the lack of a farm bill, Farm Credit Services of America shared with us at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting's Trade Talk that producers are always #1 in their mind.  MORE

DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel  

Ft. Dodge Terminal Great for GROWMARK Energy

GROWMARK has made several changes since purchasing the Fort Dodge Fuel Terminal in Duncombe, Iowa two years ago - and the cooperative company continues to grow the facility which was originally built more than 40 years ago.  MORE

The National Council of Chain Restaurants today joined the fight against the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) with the release of a new report on its impact on the chain restaurant industry, commodity prices and the food supply chain.  MORE


Podcast 2

DOE Announces Alt Energy Vehicle Grants 

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced 20 new projects to help states and local governments develop infrastructure, training, and regional planning needed to help accelerate the adoption of alternative fuel cars and trucks. These alternative vehicles can run on "fuels" such as natural gas, electricity and propane. In total, the DOE has awarded nearly $11 million.  MORE
PPMark  Precision Pays
Precision Laboratories has released an animated video that demonstrates the role foliar nutrition plays in agriculture and the differentiating factors specific to their unique line of Wuxal suspensions.  MORE

Mix Tank 2.0 for Android and iPhone from Precision Laboratories
Mix Tank 2.0 for Android and iPhone from Precision Laboratories

Deeper Roots, Strong Yield With Drought-Tolerant Corn

A root comparison study conducted this season at Monsanto's Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center in Gothenburg, Neb., provided a dramatic demonstration of just how important a deep, strong root structure is to help corn plants withstand drought conditions.  MORE

agReview- Root Dig Challenge with Mike Petersen
agReview- Root Dig Challenge with Mike Petersen

GROWMARK Cookbook Supports Farmers Feeding the World 

Sales of a GROWMARK system employee cookbook raised $1500 for Farmers Feeding the World. MORE 


World Dairy Diary    

Opposition to Government Limits on Milk Production 

A new nationwide survey released found that 81 percent of Americans agree that individual farmers should have the freedom to decide how much milk they produce and not have a limit set by government policy.  MORE  

AFBF Goes to 'Music City, USA' 

The American Farm Bureau Federation has announced the country music artists who will be performing at its 94th Annual Meeting, Jan. 13-16 in Nashville, Tenn., also known as "Music City, USA."  MORE 

Dairy Producers Unite For Alltech's Global 500

It is just a week before Alltech's 5th Annual Global 500 kicks off. Dairy and beef leaders from across the world will come together to share ideas and educate themselves on new and cutting edge technologies.  MORE


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