November 21, 2012 
Hello ZimmComm Fans:

We are wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving holiday.  And also a very hearty thank you to everyone one of you and all of those sponsors we have been blessed to work with over the years.  As we get ready for our Thanksgiving meal we give #FoodThanks to all the people who produce the safe and bountiful food in our country.

The ZimmComm Team will be back on the road next week when Chuck heads to Kansas City, MO for the annual BCS Holiday Party and a Boehringer Ingelheim PRRS ARC&E event.

Here are some interviews you might have missed:
Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:

 AgWired  AgWired     

Giving #FoodThanks Time

This week marks the third annual AgChat #Foodthanks celebration, a time to reflect on the blessing of all the food choices we have in this nation. Farmers, ranchers, processors, butchers, bakers, chefs, grocers, truckers and more all make it possible for us to have healthy food on plates.  MORE 

Pork Checkoff - Promotes & Educates

Pork Checkoff dollars were hard at work during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting's Trade Talk. I met up with Conley Nelson, President of the National Pork Board, and he expressed his concern with the rising cost of feed and other impacts to the pork industry due to the drought. But more importantly he shared how the National Pork Board is using checkoff dollars towards international and domestic marketing efforts promoting the other white meat. MORE


GROWMARK Cookbook Helps Feed the World

GROWMARK cooked up a great way to help farmers feed the world this year by compiling a cookbook filled with recipes contributed by GROWMARK employees and selling it to raise money for the an important charityMORE

DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel  

DF Cast: Biodiesel Helps Livestock Producers

We've known for quite a while that biodiesel is helping the bottom lines of feedstock producers, in particular, the nation's soybean growers. But a new study from the National Biodiesel Board says livestock producers are also sticking more green in their pockets thanks to the green fuel.  MORE

The president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) says they are very pleased with the decision today by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reject a request to waive the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).  MORE


Census of Ag to Ask About Renewable Energy, Biomass 

The USDA's 2012 Census of Agriculture forms soon will be going out to farmers and ranchers across the country, and this year, the survey will be asking asking about renewable energy and biomass.  MORE 

PPMark  Precision Pays
If you have never seen a brand new, empty dry terminal - here is your opportunity. MORE

GROWMARK Stuart, Iowa Dry Terminal
GROWMARK Stuart, Iowa Dry Terminal


USDA Asks for Survey Responses to be More Precise

Ag producers know the importance of being precise in their information, and the USDA is no different, especially this year when growing conditions varied so much nationwide. To get that good, precise information, the USDA will be sending out its end-of-year surveys soon. Cindy caught up with Bob Bass, the Director of National Operations for the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) during Trade Talk at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention, and he said the country's farms and ranches have seen a wide range of conditions this year..  MORE


GROWMARK Excited About N-Watch  

If farmers could determine the concentration, form and location of plant-available nitrogen, deciding when and where and how much to apply would be that much easier. MORE 



Howard Brown of GROWMARK Explains N-Watch
Howard Brown of GROWMARK Explains N-Watch

World Dairy Diary    

Dedicated to Dairy Launches  

A new campaign launched Nov. 12, focusing on the hard-working dairy farm families and the nutritious products they produce. Named "Dedicated to Dairy," the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association Inc. campaign includes multi-media efforts featuring regional dairy families and their stories.  MORE  

Northeast Dairy Challenge Results  

University of Maine hosted the 10th annual Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge which drew 105 students from nine northeast colleges and two Canadian universities to Waterville, Maine, on November 1-3, 2012.  MORE 

Thanksgiving Meal Cost Flat, But Dairy Portion Drops

It might cost you about the same to gobble up your Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner this year as it did last year, but while shoppers will be happy, dairy producers might not be so thankful.  MORE

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