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Hung Punctuation & Optical Margin Alignment

How Posters Work, by Ellen Lupton
The New Met Logo

What's Lost as Handwriting Fades

How to really annoy a graphic designer

Typography OnDemand Sessions I & II

Hung Punctuation & Optical Margin Alignment
To hang or not to hang - punctuation, that is. The term hanging punctuation might not be familiar to some, as the related terminology in digital typesetting is optical margin alignment. They are actually a bit different, but both serve to accomplish the same thing - to create optically (as opposed to mechanically) aligned flush margins, whether they be both margins in justified text, or a single margin in F/L or F/R text. Check it out...
How Posters Work, by Ellen Lupton
Posters are one of the most exciting, expressive forms of communication. They combine type, image and color to convey a message or an idea. One person who knows all about posters is Ellen Lupton, author of How Posters Work. "This is not a book about posters. It is a book about how designers see," says Lupton. For that reason, the book is organized around active design principles. Read on...
The New Met Logo: My Take

The new Metropolitan Museum of Art logo has everyone talking - and it's not all words of praise. This design is a rebranding, with a totally new look, feel, and concept compared to the previous logo. While there is certainly nothing wrong with rebranding a highly revered institution such as The Met, I'm not sure this one accomplishes what they set out to do. Read on...
What's Lost as Handwriting Fades
Does handwriting matter? Not very much, according to many educators. But psychologists and neuroscientists say it is far too soon to declare handwriting a relic of the past. New evidence suggests that the links between handwriting and broader educational development run deep. Read on...
How to really annoy a graphic designer
"Can you make the logo design bigger?" If that sentence clouds your vision with red mist, it's likely that you're a graphic designer who's fed up with hearing inexperienced advice from non-designer folk. It also means this amusing infographic on the top 10 bugbears of graphic designers is right up your alley. Read on... 
CreativeLive Typography OnDemand Sessions I & II

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Typography is an essential element of design. It should communicate your message effectively, and with purpose. Learn to how you can take full advantage of the power of type from author, educator, and expert, Ilene Strizver, with the CreativeLive Typography sessions.

In these two OnDemand classes, you'll learn the fundamentals of good typography, as well as advanced techniques to raise the level of your work to new heights. Ilene will help you sharpen your eye, and teach you skills that will dramatically improve your typographic sensibility. 

These sessions are rich in content, much of which is rarely covered, and include:
Typography: The Fundamentals
>  Selecting the right typeface
>  Combining fonts
>  The most common type crimes
>  Getting the most out of your software
Typography: Fine Tuning & Finessing your Type 
>  What makes a good typeface
>  How to fine-tune your type
>  Tracking and word spacing tips and tricks
>  Custom kerning
FREE PREVIEWS available for both sessions:

Whether you are an educator, student, neophyte, or seasoned pro, you will come away with new knowledge, as well as a renewed passion for typography!
"Thanks to Ilene & CreativeLive, I now have a comprehensive understanding of typography and a critical eye for all things typographic which I will apply to all of the design elements of my business. I'll also never look at a menu or book cover the same way!
Ilene was fantastic! She was very thorough and detailed in her lessons, while bringing her personality and humor to the subject of typography - which might be a dull topic if taught by someone else."

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