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Good Looking Helvetica At Any Size

The Work of Creative Contrarian Art Chantry 
How To Fall In Love With Letters

Type, Image, and Border Fonts For Festive Occasions

Pre-Computer Newspaper Publishing Process (video)

Bring Gourmet Typography to your 
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Good Looking Helvetica At Any Size

Helvetica is one of the most well-known and widely used typefaces in the world. It can be seen everywhere from signage (including the New York subway system), logos and branding, book covers, magazines, posters, as well as many forms of digital usage. It is even the subject of a movieCheck it out...
The Work of Creative Contrarian Art Chantry 

The gritty work of Art Chantry speaks for itself. But that doesn't mean this opinionated contrarian doesn't have anything to say - quite the opposite! Quirky, sometimes shocking, and occasionally disturbing, Chantry's work is not just a visual statement of non-conformity and rebellion, but is a unique and honest expression of the timesRead on...
How To Fall In Love With Letters

Have you ever fallen in love with a word? Not for its meaning or the way it rolls off your tongue. Not for the idea it communicates or the vision it summons. How about for the way the letters, laid out before you, greet your eyes? Alan Peckolick, noted typography icon, most certainly has. In fact, he's dedicated his life to what he calls his "naive love of letterform." Read on...
Type, Image, and Border Fonts For Festive Occasions

No matter what time of year it is, the next holiday or cause for celebration is not far off. Whether it be Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, weddings, birthdays and other milestones, anything made by hand comes from the heart, and shows a lot more love and care than any store-bought itemRead on...
Pre-Computer Newspaper Publishing Process (video)

This enlightening video documents the steps in the completion of a newspaper story - from recording the incident through the taking and finishing of pictures, writing, editing, setting in type, printing the paper and finally, its distributingView here... 
Bring Gourmet Typography to your company, school or organization! 

The Type Studio offers Gourmet Typography Training, a customized series of workshops and seminars on all aspects of typography for graphic designers, type designers and visual communicators of all levels.
Gourmet Typography Training teaches and demonstrates the expert-level typographic skills and aesthetics that are rarely taught in schools or fully understood by professionals. Fill in the gaps in your typographic know-how and learn how to "see" type like you've never seen it before.
Training workshops are customized for groups of any size and designed to fit your specific needs. Sessions are scheduled for your convenience - daytime, evenings or weekends. We will design a program customized for your particular requirements.
These are some of the companies and groups that The Type Studio has worked with:
Time Inc. | Essence Magazine
Hachette | Grand Central Publishing
Fisher-PriceToll Brothers
Hagerty Insurance
SAS Analytics
Whole Foods
Harlequin Books
Integrated Marketing
Yankee Candle
GO Transit | Toronto
Nationwide Insurance
London Life
Alliance Atlantis
AIGA Boston
AIGA Philadelphia
AIGA Atlanta
AIGA Orlando
TDC (Type Directors Club)
RGD Ontario
HOW Design Conference
UCDA Conference

Read more about onsite training here: 
For more info, email or call 203.227.5929. 

"If there is one word to describe your workshop, that word is awesome! Thanks for remind me that typography is not just interesting but fun. I really admire your passion for your's contagious!"
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