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A Compendium of Slab Serifs
Attract Attention with Pull Quotes
Type Piracy: It's a Big Problem

Understanding Figure Styles

Saul Bass on Designing Movie Titles 

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A Compendium of Slab Serifs 

Also referred to as square serif or Egyptian, slab serif typestyles are enjoying a lengthy renaissance, and as such are currently a very popular and still useful category of typestyles. These sturdy, full-bodied designs, with their thick, squared off, slab-like serifs, command attention and project strength, confidence and conviction. Check it out...
Attract Attention With Pull Quotes

A pull quote is a key phrase, sentence, quotation or excerpt that is taken, or pulled from the text and reinserted in a layout, page or article in a graphic way. Its purpose is twofold: to attract attention by offering a teaser intended to draw the reader into the piece, as well as to add visual interest, excitement, and break up text-heavy content. Read on...
Type Piracy: It's a Big Problem!

In an era when files can be shared with the click of a mouse and anyone with a computer is an ersatz typographer, copyright infringement has never been easier to commit. The laws protecting type are weak at best, but designers are fighting back with lawsuits and purchasing models aimed at dissuading theft and converting would-be pirates into customers. Read on...
Understanding Figure Styles

Figures are a frequently-appearing element in typesetting. Today's designer has several options when selecting figure styles. Unlike the older Type1 and TrueType font formats that only had room for one set of figures, today's OpenType fonts can accommodate the four primary figure styles, plus more when called for. Read on...
Interview with Saul Bass on Designing Movie Titles 

Graphic designer and Oscar-winning director Saul Bass worked with some of the most creative filmmakers in Hollywood to set the tone for their work through his unique title sequences for films ranging from Psycho to Goodfellas. In 1977, Bass sat down with Herbert Yager to discuss his process. Read on... 
Bring Gourmet Typography to your company, school or organization! 

The Type Studio offers Gourmet Typography Training, a customized series of workshops and seminars on all aspects of typography for graphic designers, type designers and visual communicators of all levels.
Gourmet Typography Training teaches and demonstrates the expert-level typographic skills and aesthetics that are rarely taught in schools or fully understood by professionals. Fill in the gaps in your typographic know-how and learn how to "see" type like you've never seen it before.
Training workshops are customized for groups of any size and designed to fit your specific needs. Sessions are scheduled for your convenience - daytime, evenings or weekends. We will design a program customized for your particular requirements.
These are some of the companies and groups that The Type Studio has worked with:
Time Inc. | Essence Magazine
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Whole Foods
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Integrated Marketing
Yankee Candle
GO Transit | Toronto
Nationwide Insurance
London Life
Alliance Atlantis
AIGA Boston
AIGA Philadelphia
AIGA Atlanta
AIGA Orlando
TDC (Type Directors Club)
RGD Ontario
HOW Design Conference
UCDA Conference

Read more about onsite training here: 
For more info, email or call 203.227.5929. 

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