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Parentheses, Braces and Brackets 


How Good Typography Can Help Your Job Search

>> 3 Typography Experts on the Hand-Lettering Boom


The Doves Type Revival: Raised From the Dead

>> Gourmet Typography @TDC in NYC on April 24


Parentheses, Braces and Brackets 

The character set of a typeface includes a broad range of punctuation marks. Among them are parentheses, braces and brackets. Although these three pairs of symbols all serve to enclose additional information generally not essential to the meaning of the sentence or paragraph, they each have specialized usages. Read on...

How Good Typography Can Help Your Job Search

One important element that most employers are looking at is a candidate's typography skills. Karl Heine, principal and solutionist of
creativeplacement, along with his partner and wife, kHyal, know what it takes for creatives to nab that perfect job; after all, they've been placing creative talent for over 25 years! Read on...

3 Typography Experts on the Hand-Lettering Boom 


In the past few years the use of hand lettering and script fonts has experienced a downright explosion. It's easy to see the attraction for designers: a hand-drawn quality can evoke the DIY/craft movement as well as an inviting organic look. Angelynn Grant, on behalf of AIGA, asked three leading experts - Ken Barber, Martina Flor, and Ale Paul -to reflect on typography's nouvelle vague. Check it out...

The Doves Type Revival: Raised From the Dead

The Doves Type legend is one of the most enduring in typographic history and probably the most infamous. It's the story of a typeface and a bitter feud between the two partners of Hammersmith's celebrated Doves Press, leading to the protracted disposal of their unique metal type into London's River Thames. One century later, a small quantity of this lost type was recovered from the Thames, leading to the release of Robert Green's digital facsimile of the Doves TypeThe story...  The recovery...  Video only...

Typography and Dyslexia

Fonts that purportedly ameliorate dyslexia have recently been featured in blogs and on-line news media. What is missing from these news reports is scientific evidence that special dyslexia fonts are actually better for dyslexic readers than commonly used fonts. Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes (Bigelow & Holmes), the highly regarded designers of the Lucida family, explore this topic at length in this very excellent treatise on the subject. Read on...

Gourmet Typography @TDC in NYC on April 24

Take control of your type instead of letting it control you! Gourmet Typography Training teaches the typographic skills and aesthetics rarely taught or fully understood by professionals. Learn how to "see" like you've never seen before. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, Gourmet Typography Training will sharpen your eye and give you the practical skills that will visibly improve your type. Learn tips for more professional typography, as well as how to get the most out of your software (typographically speaking).

More info here...

"If there is one word to describe your workshop, that word is awesome! Thanks for remind me that typography is not just interesting but fun. I really admire your passion for your's contagious!" 


"Your down-to-earth approach to type made the session breezy and fun, and I couldn't help but visually re-spacing all the headlines I had the time to linger on during my bumper-to-bumper drive back to home. Thanks again for reigniting my spark for type!" 


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