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TypeTalk: Know Your Figures

Today's OpenType fonts provide designers with a broad range of options never before available in one font. One extremely useful, but often overlooked feature of some OpenType fonts is the availability of more than one style of numeral, which can provide practical and sophisticated options for setting dates and years, quantities, prices, measurements, and a lot more. Read on...


Fontology: Columns

Setting up columns is a key step in establishing the layout of a project containing running text. The number of columns, their alignment, and their location on the page can serve to create an effective typographic hierarchy, as well as contributing to readability and overall appeal. Deciding on a column configuration at the beginning of a project will help you visualize the effectiveness of the design concept, and save considerable time later in the process. Read on...


Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Typeface

In this enlightening and entertaining article that Michael Bierut wrote for the Designer Observer, he says, "For the first ten years of my career, I worked for Massimo Vignelli, a designer who is legendary for using a very limited number of typefaces. Between 1980 and 1990, most of my projects were set in five fonts: Helvetica (naturally), Futura, Garamond No. 3, Century Expanded, and, of course, Bodoni... Then, after a decade, I left my first job. Suddenly I could use any typeface I wanted, and I went nuts." Read on...


Type High (video)

This charming, stop-motion video is an introduction to the language of typography using elements of metal type and letterpress printing. Created by Lynn Kiang in collaboration with Sara Raffo and Gregory Geiger to serve as a typography primer for students at Rhode Island School of Design, this video is a wonderful refresher on the history of type for any designer or type enthusiast. Check it out...


TDC Education Series: Upcoming Workshops

March 28, 2014

Your First (Typographic) eBook: Workshop with Charles Nix

eBooks need designers! This one-day workshop will teach print-based graphic designers how to make a (typographic) eBook. By noon, you'll have created a simple ePub file complete with embedded fonts from a common InDesign file. And by day's end, you'll know the lay of the eBook landscape: the competing formats and standards, the different reading devices and retail outlets, and some advanced eBook tools and techniques. More info...


April 25, 2014 

Gourmet Typography Workshop, with Ilene Strizver

Take control of your type instead of letting it control you! Gourmet Typography Training teaches the typographic skills and aesthetics rarely taught or fully understood by professionals. Learn how to "see" like you've never seen before. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, Gourmet Typography Training will sharpen your eye and give you the practical skills that will visibly improve your type. More info...


Bring Gourmet Typography to your company, school, or organization! 

The Type Studio offers Gourmet Typography Training, a customized series of workshops and seminars on all aspects of typography for graphic designers, type designers and visual communicators of all levels.


Gourmet Typography Training teaches and demonstrates the expert-level typographic skills and aesthetics that are rarely taught in schools or fully understood by professionals. Fill in the gaps in your typographic know-how and learn how to "see" type like you've never seen it before.


Training workshops are customized for groups of any size and designed to fit your specific needs. Sessions are scheduled for your convenience - daytime, evenings or weekends. We will design a program customized for your particular requirements.


These are some of the groups that The Type Studio has worked with:


AIGA Boston
AIGA Philadelphia
AIGA Atlanta
AIGA Orlando
TDC (Type Directors Club)
Time Inc. | Essence Magazine
Hachette | Grand Central Publishing
Toll Brothers
Hagerty Insurance
SAS Analytics
Whole Foods
Harlequin Books
Integrated Marketing
GO Transit | Toronto
Nationwide Insurance
London Life
Alliance Atlantis
RGD Ontario
HOW Design Conference
UCDA Conference

Read more about onsite training here: 


Let us know if your group is interested. For more info, email or call me at 203.227.5929. Ilene

"I want to thank you for the great workshop last Friday. You dusted off and reinforced all of those typographic rules that I have, and have not, lived by in all my years as a graphic designer."

"Your down-to-earth approach to type made the session breezy and fun, and I couldn't help but visually re-spacing all the headlines I had the time to linger on during my bumper-to-bumper drive back to home. Thanks again for reigniting my spark for type!"  
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