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Font Sizing Guidelines, pt 2: Spacing Considerations

Q. How does font size affect its spacing?


A. In part one of Font Sizing Guidelines, we discussed how not all typefaces are suitable for both large and small sizes from a design perspective. But for the ones that can go from text to display (or vice versa) there is one characteristic that can usually benefit from some tweaking - and that is the spacing. Read on...



Beauty & Ugliness in Type Design 

Peter Bilak on the process of designing his newly released Karloff typeface, demonstrating just how closely related beauty and ugliness are. Karloff explores the idea of irreconcilable differences, and how two extremes could be combined into a coherent whole. Read on... 



Ordinary Typeface, Smart Logo 

How an off-the-shelf typeface - Helvetica Neue Ultra Light Extended in this case - gets a mini-makeover to transform it into a product logotype, "which is a beautiful blend of simplicity, lightness and flow". But not every reader is in agreement, as expressed in the comments, which are as interesting as the article. Read on... 



FS Me, A Typeface For People With Learning Disabilities

At long last, a typeface designed to aid legibility for those with learning disabilities. Mencap, the UK's leading charity and voice for those with learning disabilities, started the ball rolling by doing their research, including exploring various styles of sans-serif and handwritten fonts, deciding which were the easiest to read and the clearest to see. They considered how letter spacing, width, shape and style affected readability. 

Read on... and check out the live type tester within the article!



Gourmet Typography Returns to SVA

Once again, Ilene teaches her ever-popular Gourmet Typography class at School of Visual Arts in NYC. Take control of your type instead of letting it control you. Learn the typographic skills and secrets of type experts, including selecting the right typeface, mixing type, techniques for emphasis, fine-tuning your type, kerning and spacing, type on the Web, as well as typographic dos and don'ts. Check it out...


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AIGA Boston
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Time Inc. | Essence Magazine
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SAS Analytics
Whole Foods
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GO Transit | Toronto
Nationwide Insurance
London Life
Alliance Atlantis
RGD Ontario
HOW Design Conference
UCDA Conference

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"I want to thank you for the great workshop last Friday. You dusted off and reinforced all of those typographic rules that I have, and have not, lived by in all my years as a graphic designer."

"Your down-to-earth approach to type made the session breezy and fun, and I couldn't help but visually re-spacing all the headlines I had the time to linger on during my bumper-to-bumper drive back to home. Thanks again for reigniting my spark for type!"  
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