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The Ultimate Guide to Web Type

In today's digital age, typography no longer solely refers to black ink on white paper, or variations thereof. In fact, many people spend more time reading on the web than from printed books, magazines, and newspapers, most of which can now be accessed digitally. 


We all know that type on the web is vastly different from printed matter, but how and why it differs, and how this affects the ways in which a website is designed as well as viewed is often misunderstood. It's actually not as complex as it might seem once you understand the basic principles. Check it out...


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6 Tips to Successful Font Selection

Selecting a typeface (or typefaces) for a design project is one of the most important - and challenging - aspects of any job. In today's digital world of over 100,000 fonts, this task can be a daunting, if not overwhelming undertaking that requires time, patience and perseverance. 


Before you even begin searching through your font library, or those of the numerous foundries and font retailers, it is essential to know enough about the job at hand in order to narrow down the endless possibilities. If you don't know where you are going, typographically speaking, you'll never get there. Check it out...




The Pen is Mightier Than the Pixel

Illustrative lettering at its finest can be found at The Tony & Gerry Show: An Exhibition of Iconic Hand Lettering, Drawings and Illustrative Letter Forms. This is the work of Tony Di Spigna (ITC Serif Gothic, The Mood is Hopper, Oh Baby, Bobby Fischer) and Gerard Huerta (ACDC, BlackJack, Bronco Billy, The Handmade Cigars...). In anxious anticipation of their show, Steven Heller asked the dynamic duo about its genesis. Read on...


The show is on view from May 22nd to August 9th, 2012  (Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM) at Pratt Manhattan Campus, 144 West 14th Street 7th Floor, New York, NY 10011. 


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The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

Lou Brooks, founder and curator of The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies, well-remembers art supplies that have been mostly forgotten by the rest of the world. In "the good 'ol days", every designer's collection included Letraset transfer type, Haber Rules, Spray Mount (the can of black death), the deadly, blood-spurting #11 X-Acto blade, a compass, and a pair of Schaedler Precision Rules. Check out this nostalgic site for an entertaining walk down type and design memory lane. Have fun here...



TypeCast Webinars is a brand, new series of affordable type and design webinars for professionals. All sessions are given by top-notch, award-winning presenters, and are available both live and OnDemand. The current offerings include:


Drawn, quartered and executed: Custom letterforms, with Gerard Huerta 

What "type" is your logo, with Jeff Fisher

Type on the Web

Web Fonts Explained

OpenType Demystified 

Troubling Typesetting Mysteries: Solved at last! (FREE)



Letterpress Printing: Best typographic practices, with Peter Fraterdeus


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All Things Typographic Archives

Just signed up for our monthly enewsletter, missed a few issues, or just trying to find a past article? Check out the All Things Typographic archives right here.


GT12These are some of the groups that The Type Studio has worked with or appeared at:

Time Inc. | Essence Magazine
Hachette | Grand Central Publishing
Toll Brothers
Hagerty Insurance
SAS Analytics
Whole Foods
Harlequin Books
Integrated Marketing
GO Transit | Toronto
Nationwide Insurance
London Life
Alliance Atlantis
AIGA Boston
AIGA Philadelphia
AIGA Atlanta
TDC (Type Directors Club)
RGD Ontario
HOW Design Conference
UCDA Conference

View our complete client list here:


Let us know if your group is interested. For more info, email or call me at 203.227.5929. Ilene

"I want to thank you for the great workshop last Friday. You dusted off and reinforced all of those typographic rules that I have, and have not, lived by in all my years as a graphic designer."

"Your down-to-earth approach to type made the session breezy and fun, and I couldn't help but visually re-spacing all the headlines I had the time to linger on during my bumper-to-bumper drive back to home. Thanks again for reigniting my spark for type!"  
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