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Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club
President's Post June 2016

Welcome to the June edition of The Post and thanks for opening this to read about some updates on activities around your Club.

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    56 Ocean Road Point Lonsdale

    In the May edition I touched on the recent activities of the Club's Building Committee and I would like to expand on the new Clubhouse project in this edition.

    As we know, the last 14 months has seen some great progress with the new Clubhouse project, including finalising a site, the Borough selling the adjoining block for $ 1, the conclusion of land transfer documentation, continuing the process of the draw down on the State Government seed funding, the appointment of a new Building Committee, the appointment of a fundraising Committee and in recent weeks the Building Committee calling for expressions of interest for a Architect / Lead Consultant.
    In summary, all positive and necessary steps along the long road to a new Clubhouse.

    In February of this year I asked the Building Committee Chair, Chris Harper to go back to the members to seek feedback about the new building - to provide an additional opportunity for members to provide their input as things ramped up a gear. Chris asked you about what the project should achieve and what are the functions that the building should achieve. Chris received a small number of submissions but it was still a useful exercise to give everyone the opportunity to have their say.

    I would like to discuss one particular aspect that was raised by two members during the feedback period and this was the provision of accommodation on site in a new Building.
    The Building Committee as a sub committee of the Executive are not responsible for making this decision so the members were asked to address their concerns to the Executive and this resulted in one of these members requesting an audience and accepting an invite to address the Executive on this issue.
    The current Executive had up until this meeting not considered changing the belief or decision of previous Executive Committee's on the issue of accommodation in a rebuild. It did however enable the current Executive to re-examine the issue in detail, to consider the pro's and con's of accommodation inclusion in the reduild.
    After careful consideration and engagement of relevant external bodies a motion was carried unanimously by all of the Executive to not provide accommodation on the rebuild site (to continue what was the position of the Committee for at least the last 5 years).

    It is my belief and the belief of the Executive that this issue has now been dealt with and we will continue to support the hard work of the Building Committee who are working hard on our and on your behalf to deliver a new Clubhouse for our Club.
    This is the third Clubhouse rebuilding project proposed during my 28 years of involvement. The other two never got off the ground - it's time to get on with the job and to rebuild our new home !

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    Our Vision

    We will provide lifesaving services for the community of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff, enable our members to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in lifesaving and sports and to improve the profile and influence of the club through community and member involvement and leadership in development programs and initiatives.

    Key Contacts

    Club Office:
    (03) 5258 1257
    (03) 5258 2823 - Fax
    PO Box 120 Point Lonsdale VIC 3225

    Open 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.
    Mon, Wed & Sat (Year Round).
    Monday to Saturday (December and January).
    Answering machine when unattended.

    KD Allen Clubrooms / Glaneuse Bar:
    (03) 5258 3300
    HC Windmill Back Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 4123
    Santa Casa Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 3366
    4WD Mobile:
    0427 231 333

    Executive Committee:

    Matthew Ponsford
    Mb - 0419 52 52 58

    Senior Vice President:
    Liam Petrie-Allbutt
    Mb - 0413 714 508

    Club Captain: (Life Saving Services - ie. Patrols & Lifesaving Equipment)
    Jo Burch
    Mb - 0431 781 435

    Vice President Lifesaving: (Training and Assessment - ie. Camps, Courses and Skills Maintenance)
    Justine Cain
    Mb - 0417 182 686

    Vice President Aquatic Sports:
    Drew Robinson
    Mb - 0409 544 182

    Vice President Youth & Leadership Development: (Nippers)
    Bim (Justine) Kiely-Scott
    Mb - 0417 059 105

    Steve Woodfull
    Mb - 0428 566 627

    Ivan St Clair
    Mb - 0411 475 833

    Vice President Property:
    Andrew MacLeod
    Mb - 0417 057 080

    Vice President Marketing:
    Paul Doman
    Mb - 0421 832 656

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