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Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club
President's Post October 2015

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  • This Edition

    In last month's edition I mentioned that 'Spring had sprung', but with some hot days in the last week it seemed like we'd gone straight from Winter to Summer !
    The hot weather is a good reminder that our core business is water safety and as Life Saving Victoria is working closer with the mainstream emergency services and Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), it is a timely reminder that we need to be prepared and be ready for what may well be a long, hot, dry Summer which will place additional demands and work on our Club. I know that the Life Saving Services area, headed by Club Captain Jo Burch is well placed to meet this challenge.
    Our Lifesaving Emergency Response Team (LERT), headed by our LERT Captain Andrew MacLeod may well be in for a busier than normal summer quarter.

    A reminder that Saturday 21st November will see us hold the first Season Launch function, to be held at the Monohan Centre Queenscliff. The location has breathtaking views of the Heads and will allow us to thank all those that take on positions of responsibility within the Club and to gather before the peak period commences. Invitations will be going out very soon !

    In the last 10 days applications for the Annual Bronze and Cadet Camps have opened with a great flurry of activity ! As advertised a couple of month's ago, the Vice President (Lifesaving) Paul Lunny and the Training and Assessment team are developing a Camp that will run from Sunday 13 December until Saturday 19 December and have a live in component at YMCA Camp Wyuna Queenscliff. The groups will run simultaneously but cater for the needs of the respective age groups and a major focus of the new program is investing for our future. The timing will allow for 100% of Club resources to be dedicated to the program without conflict from other Club activities and events.
    I know that Paul has had several queries about the reasons behind the change which the above hopefully explains.
    The new format has the support of the Club's Executive and we are finding many people coming to us supporting this new initiative.
    Please don't delay your application as there are not an unlimited number of places available.

    We farewell Vice President (Aquatic Sports), Michael Peiniger. Due to a lack of available time and with Michael being overseas for much of this coming Summer, Michael has elected to step down from the Executive. On behalf of the Club thanks Michael for your assistance, effort and energy in our Aquatic Sports area for the last few seasons.
    This of course leaves an important role vacant and we are on the lookout for a replacement who will be well assisted and supported. Should you be interested please chat with Liam, or myself asap.

    At our last Executive Committee meeting we agreed on a set of values that we would be working to. Personally I hope in time that we expand a set of values to all areas of our Club.

    • Operating with integrity
    • Treating others respectfully
    • Communicating openly
    • Working efficiently
    • Making safety a priority

    In closing, in our preparations for Season 2015 / 2016 I showed the new Executive Committee members a video, produced a few years ago by Surf Life Saving Australia. After we watched it, we collectively agreed that we will be a 'can do committee'.
    It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I hope that you are 'Can Do'.

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    Our varied and extensive Club services and activities would not be possible without the generous support of many varied Sponsors. Next time you require a service, please consider supporting those who support us and let them know that you value their ongoing support.

    Our Vision

    We will provide lifesaving services for the community of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff, enable our members to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in lifesaving and sports and to improve the profile and influence of the club through community and member involvement and leadership in development programs and initiatives.

    Key Contacts

    Club Office:
    (03) 5258 1257
    (03) 5258 2823 - Fax
    PO Box 120 Point Lonsdale VIC 3225

    Open 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.
    Mon, Wed & Sat (Year Round).
    Monday to Saturday (December and January).
    Answering machine when unattended.

    KD Allen Clubrooms / Glaneuse Bar:
    (03) 5258 3300
    HC Windmill Back Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 4123
    Santa Casa Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 3366
    4WD Mobile:
    0427 231 333

    Executive Committee:

    Matthew Ponsford
    Mb - 0419 52 52 58

    Senior Vice President:
    Liam Petrie-Allbutt
    Mb - 0413 714 508

    Club Captain: (Life Saving Services - ie. Patrols & Lifesaving Equipment)
    Jo Burch
    Mb - 0431 781 435

    Vice President Lifesaving: (Training and Assessment - ie. Camps, Courses and Skills Maintenance)
    Paul Lunny
    Mb - 0401 711 790

    Vice President Aquatic Sports:
    Mb -

    Vice President Youth & Leadership Development: (Nippers)
    Bim (Justine) Kiely-Scott
    Mb - 0417 059 105

    Steve Woodfull
    Mb - 0428 566 627

    Ivan St Clair
    Mb - 0411 475 833

    Vice President Property:
    Andrew MacLeod
    Mb - 0417 057 080

    Vice President Marketing:
    Paul Doman
    Mb - 0421 832 656

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