Nashua Patent Law Firm Has a Win of 

a Furry Kind!

NASHUA, NH - June 2016 - Maine Cernota & Rardin, an intellectual property law firm based in Nashua, also known as MCR, is pleased to announce that its very own David Rardin (his dog more accurately) recently received a Canine Good Citizenship certificate.  David and his wife Donita have had Newfoundland dogs since about the time he started at MCR, ten years ago.  The current brood includes Chrissy (the actual certificate recipient), Degory, and Phoebe.
When not keeping her two pups Degory and Phoebe in line, Chrissy volunteers to listen to kids reading in an after-school program.  To add authenticity, she sometimes falls asleep and snores when the books are bedtime stories.  Of course, her favorite documents are patents!
Previous antics of the three include masquerading as Roman Chariot soldiers and horses including plumes, shields, and swords for Halloween parties.  Active in the Newfoundland Club of New England, they also participate in an annual Christmas tree pull and occasionally shows.  While not a certified champion, Phoebe enjoys showing off .  Mama Chrissy has her own page too .  Degory is just a goofy 150 pound puppy still, who thinks he is a lap dog.

Newfoundlands may not be that common today, but as working dogs they used to serve on ships and haul logs from the woods.  They were common on ships in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Kept in the "dog walk', if the sea was too choppy when land was sighted, the dog carried a line to land.  In 1919, a Newf saved the crew of the "Ethie" which was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia.  The ship's dog carried a line through the treacherous sea to shore and the line, secured by those on shore, enabled the crew to make its way to safety.  While the breed is mostly known for hauling and water rescue, they are also good protectors of children; Nana in Peter Pan was a Newfoundland.

If you have an invention that you would like to protect, we invite you to let MCR lead you through the process.  You can reach David or any of our other patent law professionals here at Maine, Cernota & Rardin at our Nashua, New Hampshire, office at or call us at 603-886-6100.  There is never an obligation for an initial consultation on any intellectual property matter.

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