Announcing Our 
New Paralegal Assignments 


I am pleased to announce to our many friends and clients that we are making some internal adjustments to staff assignments to take advantage of the increasing level of expertise across our staff!


Paralegal Jackie Judkins, having attained a high degree of competency in patent and trademark matters during her eight plus years with the firm, is shifting over to provide direct support to Dr. Doug Burum and his clients.  In addition Jackie is continuing to support Attorney David Rardin and his clients. She is responsible for the preparation and submission of a large number of patent and trademark applications and for preparation and processing of a large volume of associated filings and correspondence. Jackie is frequently in direct contact with clients and international agents, coordinating the complex procedural aspects of these intellectual property matters.  Clients of Attorney Rardin and Dr. Burum will appreciate Jackie's easy demeanor, remarkable work ethic, and professionalism.


About Sharon Belliveau
Sharon Belliveau has been the first voice and face our callers and visitors have encountered for the past two years, in her initial role as administrative assistant and receptionist.  However, she came to us with a significant set of wide ranging skills and experience and has been training on paralegal matters and providing important supplemental support to the paralegal mission since she arrived. Sharon is now being assigned to provide direct paralegal support to Attorneys Andrew Cernota and Matt Curran and their respective clients.  She will be supported and guided for a time in her new role by both Jackie and myself as she works to acquire the further skills required for this assignment.  We have no doubt that within a short time Sharon will be functioning at a very high level in this new role.

This, of course, means we will soon have a new receptionist to great you when calling or visiting our office!  We are screening applicants now, and expect to fill the position in the coming weeks.


Once again, we here at MCR, with the recent addition of Attorney Matt Curran and the new assignments for Jackie and Sharon, are demonstrating our commitment to expanding capacity, improving organization, increasing legal and paralegal skills and most importantly, enhancing our service to you, our clients.


As always, we remain grateful for the continuing opportunity to serve you, and are committed to doing it well.  Thank you again for your trust and confidence in us!


Best regards,


Debbie Stengel

Business Manager and Chief Paralegal
Debbie Stengel

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