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Over a third of U.S. GDP wealth is produced by ideas - intellectual property (IP).  You do not have to invent a new quantum-entanglement transmitter to profit from your ideas.  Have you said AHA! recently? Consider a patent.  Even crowded fields such as connectors and cables continue to have innovations patented.  Some government contracts even require inventors to file patent applications.  For example, there are over 64,000 patents in the crowded field of radar (work also commonly supported by government contracts).  Create wealth by recognizing, capturing, then protecting ideas - through patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. 


As you watch any sporting event on TV, look for , , TM, and patent-pending markings.  You can bet real money is involved with that intellectual property!  You too can get deserved rewards by applying the legal protection available for your ideas.  Find out how you might profit from your intellectual property - Click here to check out this full article, on our website.  It will provide you with some tools you can use to save your thoughts. 


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