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Welcome to the latest issue of the Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma newsletter, your source for the latest insurance news in Oklahoma.  


The mission statement of the Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma, working in the public's best interest, through active member participation, is to be the unrelenting advocate of independent insurance agents and to fulfill the education, political, and business needs of its members.


Oklahoma News


Our office will close July 4th and 5th for Independence Day weekend. We wish you a wonderful holiday weekend and will open our office again on July 8th at 8:30 a.m.


Combined Group employees will be traveling from Dallas to Moore on July 26th to spend a day volunteering with ServeMoore. They are inviting all agents to join them in their efforts to help rebuild.

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Register today for the next tournament hosted by the Insurance Professionals of Tulsa on Tuesday, July 9, at Emerald Falls Golf Club in Broken Arrow.  Download a registration form from our Website here.


Mark your calendar for the next big IIAO in-house, live streaming event!  On Tuesday, August 27th from 2-4, we will be holding a property insurance summit.  The purpose of the event is to discuss what can be done to retain a property market in Oklahoma due to the severe impact of turbulent weather over the past few years.  A distinguished panel will be on hand to discuss the matter, listen to suggestions and concerns, and field questions.  Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak; Kim Decker, Director of Government and Industry Affairs, Farmers Insurance Group; Charles Caldwell, Chief Executive Officer, Midlands Management; Paul Jones of Safeco; Mike Ross, President, INSURICA; and Larry Johnson, Universal Insurance will be the participants.  Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, Oklahoma City attorney, Larry Derryberry, has agreed to be on hand to assure we follow federal anti-trust guidelines during the discussion.  Additional information to follow, but make plans to attend this important event either in person or tune in to our broadcast.


On July 10th from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. won't you join us at the Regional Food Bank to help sort and box up food for those who have been affected by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. The Food Bank has done an amazing job helping people over the last month, and they are still working as hard as they can to meet the overwhelming needs. If you would like to join IIAO staff and members to provide a helping hand, click here to register or email Cathy at cathy@iiaok.comWe hope you will join us!


The Kairos registration brochure will soon be hitting your mailbox. The KAIROS Conference will be held October 29-30 at the Marriott Hotel in Oklahoma City. The agenda includes another terrific trade show and breakout sessions from commercial casualty topics to risk management. Don't forget to also flag your calendar for the morning of the 30th for a tour of Hobby Lobby's facilities.

Trusted Choice/IIABA News

Project CAP is underway - have you signed up your agency to take advantage of the Internet presence Project CAP gives Trusted Choice agencies?  Although the rating service is not yet active for Oklahoma agents, it is important for every IIAO member to register NOW because the more members, the better position your agency may have on Internet search engines.  Search engines rank businesses based upon the number of those types of businesses registered to a particular trade mark or brand.  The 30,000 Trusted Choice agents nationwide bring a tremendous opportunity for IIAO members to pop up first when a person is doing some online shopping for insurance.  Project CAP also provides various tools to help you gain the maximum Internet presence possible for your agency.  Please go to and register today - explore all of the many tools and advantages Project CAP can bring your agency - pick the program that is best for you - it's just a click away!


IIABA state associations and member agencies have recently informed IIABA that Astonish Results, LLC, or Astonish, has invited them to a "Big I Open House" on July 15 to celebrate Astonish's new office in Warwick, R.I. This open house is not a Big "I" event, and IIABA has not given Astonish permission to use the Big "I" name or any of IIABA's trademarks for this or any other marketing activity.  

The materials with the Astonish invitation include a "special offer" for a website and a virtual profit center/CRM tool at no cost to state associations. Since the invitation references the Big "I", it may lead some people to think incorrectly that the event is endorsed by the Big "I", or that IIABA has given permission for its name to be used in this way. Astonish did not ask the Big "I" for permission to use the Big "I" name for this or any other promotional event, was not given any such permission, and is not an IIABA-endorsed vendor.


IIABA has sent Astonish a written demand to cease and desist from use of the Big "I" name and trademark, and to clarify for all recipients of the invitation and those at the event that it is not a Big "I" event and that IIABA does not directly or indirectly endorse Astonish. IIABA will continue to take all steps necessary to protect the proper and permitted use of the Big "I" name and all its trademarks.


IIABA does support and market programs for various vendors, including for digital marketing. As the founding investor in the Consumer Agent Portal, also known as CAP, IIABA is pleased to provide members with a Big "I"-supported vendor offering robust social media and digital marketing strategies and services, as well as a new consumer website being launched this summer. For information on the services available from the Consumer Agent Portal, visit the CAP website.

IIABA appreciates the outreach and information from state associations and agency members around the country regarding their questions and concerns about the invitation.

Click here to read the notice sent to Astonish from IIABA

Industry News


HB1792 was passed this session as an effort to help reduce the number of uninsured drivers. This law becomes effective 11/1/13. At that time any vehicle being operated without insurance may have the tag removed and taken to the local sheriff's office to be redeemed once permanent insurance is acquired. In the meantime these vehicles will be provided with temporary insurance for 10 days in order for them to purchase the required liability insurance, pay their fines, and acquire the needed coverage. The temporary insurance will no be provided by the Auto Plan. However, I anticipate this may place more demand on the Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Plan than it has in recent years as some of these risks may not fit even the non-standard markets.


It is important to remind you that the Plan is required to accept all eligible risks and those applications must be submitted by an insurance agent. In order to do so an agent must be registered and must submit the applications electronically through the EASi system. This is necessary in order to assure the appropriate date of coverage is assigned, the proper premium has been charged, and it is delivered to the Plan in the proper manner.


You may find out more by going to Go to the drop down menu for Member Resources - Insurance Products for Your Clients; click on Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Plan and you will be directed to; under Oklahoma Plan links click on EASi; and then register for EASi. At this point you will download an application that needs to be submitted and sent in. You should also take some time to familiarize yourself with the Plan manual for rating information and the EASi site to have a greater understanding of what is required for an acceptable submission.


I thought you might wish to begin the process now so that you will be prepared to help your clients beginning 11/1/13.


Insurance claims filed in response to a major tornado outbreak in May jumped to 75,758 Wednesday, with insurance payments reaching $687,945,276.


"The victims of these devastating tornadoes will be dealing with the aftermath for quite a while," said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak. "The claim filings are slowing down but they're nowhere near complete. Most policies allow for claims to be turned in up to one year from the date of loss. The Oklahoma Insurance Department is here to help guide the victims through some important decisions. We're committed to seeing this through to the very end."

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If technology has taught us anything over the last decade it's that we can't expect things to stay the same indefinitely. A recent study by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services gives us another item to check off on the list of changes in the insurance market: online direct sales of small commercial lines insurance products to consumers.


Many of the leading personal lines insurers have been selling direct to consumers for years and companies like GEICO and Progressive have risen to the top of the personal auto market. But commercial lines coverages have always been considered a different animal.

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Education Bulletin
This course will be in Tulsa on July 10th and in Oklahoma City on July 11th. We will focus on areas that will directly affect your job success as you discuss the importance of professionalism, agency structure, ethical responsibilities, and skills for evaluating insurance companies. Increase your value as a member of your agency's team as you study elements of the agency system, support systems, and specific procedures/components of a sound loss control program for errors and omissions prevention. 
CIC Agency Management will be in Oklahoma City on July 17-19, 2013. Regardless of your position or title, the CIC Agency Management Institute explores the current issues, complex relationships and dynamic trends that are important to your success in today's changing agency environment. At this Agency Management Institute, we explore the answers to dozens of issues related to successful and profitable management of your agency. If you are ready for a positive change in your operations, do not miss this Institute!
Commercial Property insurance is one of your business customers' greatest concerns. You'll improve your cross-selling abilities with up-to-date knowledge of commercial property coverage, and reduce E&O exposures. This course gives you the skills to address these issues with ease and confidence. 
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