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June 16, 2014
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Can 6,000 Steps a Day Keep Knee Arthritis at Bay? Walking the equivalent of an hour a day may help improve knee arthritis and prevent disability, new research suggests. HealthDay, June 12.

U.S. Diabetes Cases Jump to 29 Million: Nearly 1 in 10 people now face higher risks for various ills linked to the blood sugar disease, report finds. HealthDay, June 10.

Revolving Doors at Hospitals: Hospitals face mounting pressure to reduce readmission rates, but many factors, including the support available at home, can upend the best of efforts. The New York Times, June 9.

Health-Care Providers Want Patients to Read Medical Records, Spot Errors: The aim is to move patients and doctors into a relationship of "shared accountability" WSJ, June 9.

Out smarting Breast Cancer With Evolving Therapies:
Changes in the treatment of breast cancer have amounted to a revolution in patient care. The New York Times, June 9. 

6 Menopause Myths, Debunked: An inevitable part of aging, menopause is a natural process that happens to every woman, although it affects everyone differently. Some women struggle with severe hot flashes, moodiness and weight gain, while others hardly notice any changes. Next Avenue, June 9.

A Remedy for the Looming Geriatrician Shortage:
As the population of older Americans surges, so does the demand for physicians skilled in treating elderly patients. The problem is, the supply of geriatric specialists isn't keeping up. WSJ, June 8.

New Ways to Screen for Colon Cancer: Colon-cancer screening may soon become less invasive, more accurate-and more prevalent. WSJ, June 8.
Drug Shows Promise Against Arthritis Common in People with Psoriasis: New medication improved skin condition, lessened swelling, study finds. HealthDay, June 11. 

Seniors' use of potent meds via Medicare staggering: The number of senior citizens getting narcotic painkillers and anti-anxiety medications under Medicare's prescription drug program is climbing sharply. USA Today, June 10.
Home Is Where The Money Is for Medicare Advantage Plans: Some of the senior citizens who called Arizona insurance agent Denise Early wondered why their Medicare Advantage health plans were eager to send a doctor to visit them at home. NBC News, June 10. 
Calculating the essentials of retirement planning: When it comes to planning for retirement, it would be easy to get overwhelmed. After all, planning for retirement is often complicated and confusing. USA Today, June 15.

When Tapping Retirement Funds, Timing Matters: The order in which you withdraw money matters when it comes to how much you get to keep and how much you pay in taxes. WSJ, June 14.

Senior discounts for the 50-plus crowd: If you've made it past your 50th birthday, you have some rewards points to cash in., June 12.

The 4 best ways to jump-start your retirement savings: Saving for retirement is a lot like dieting. We all know what we should be doing, but actually doing it is hard. It's much easier to make excuses. MarketWatch, June 12.

Even wealthy retirees live on Social Security and pensions: Where do affluent retirees get their income? Portfolios invested in stocks and bonds, you might think - but you'd be wrong. Turns out many are living mainly on Social Security and good old pensions. Reuters, June 10.

The Risks of Taking a 401(k) Loan: If you don't follow the rules, 401(k) loans can trigger taxes and penalties. US News and World Report, June 9.

What to do with your old 401(k): Don't know what to do with your old 401(k)? Few would blame you if that were the case after you changed or left your job. After all, you have at least six options. USA Today, June 8.

Why older couples are living together, skipping marriage: Many baby boomers already know a thing or two about marriage and are choosing not to tie the knot on their relationships. CNBC, June 8.
AdviceIQ: Your retirement checklist: Are you within a few years of retirement? Time right now to get your financial house in order, and here's what to include on your pre-retirement financial checklist. USA Today, June 14. 

What to Consider When Looking for the Right Place to Retire: Factors including environment, availability of paid or volunteer work and taxes should be considered before relocating. The New York Times, June 13.

Hidden cost of retiring early: $51,000 in medical bills: Retiring early may sound tempting. But leaving the workforce just a few years early can saddle you with tens of thousands of dollars in additional medical costs. Money, June 12. 

5 Ways to Reduce Retiree Health Costs: The out-of-pocket costs for a couple in retirement look daunting, but our strategies can ease the pain. Kiplinger, June 13.

What women really want...from retirement: If you're a woman looking forward to retiring after years in the workforce, brace yourself. You may have less company than you expect. CNBC, June 12.

Retirees eye lower cost of living in Latin America: Retirees are attracted to the warm weather, good medical care and proximity to the USA. USA Today, June 10.

4 Popular Retirement Myths Debunked: The conventional idea of retirement is being challenged in the 21st century. A new analysis reveals that many commonly held beliefs about work in retirement are obsolete as life expectancy and aspirations improve. Wall St. Cheat Sheet, June 9.
Why Being a Grandma May Be Good for the Brain: Grandmothering, but not too much grandmothering, may be good for your brain, new research suggests. Next Avenue, June 9. 
The financial costs of aging in place: Many people approaching retirement express a desire to age in place, living in their current home or community until it is no longer physically possible. MarketWatch. June 9. 
Top Rated New Vehicles for Seniors: Many new vehicles offer user-friendly features that help compensate for many of the physical changes that can come with aging. The Huffington Post, June 13. 
Why Senior Travel Discounts Aren't Always the Best Deal: Older adults may find better prices on hotels, car rentals, tourist attractions and more by opting for deals that aren't reserved just for their age group. Kiplinger, June 13.
How much would you spend to save your pet? If it came down to it, how much would you spend to save the life of your beloved pet - $1,000? $5,000? Anything? Reuters, June 9.
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