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May 2017
In the version of this email sent earlier today, the links for the guideline Selecting an Initial Antiretroviral (ART) Regimen did not not function properly. 

The links that appear below are corrected and are now functioning properly.
Updated Guideline: Selecting an Initial ART Regimen
The updated NYSDOH AIDS Institute guideline Selecting an Initial Antiretroviral (ART) Regimen is now available on the HIV Clinical Resource website

This updated guideline is based on a comprehensive review of available clinical trial data. It includes recommendations for prescribing ART for adult patients with HIV-1 infection who are treatment-nave, not pregnant, and have no acquired drug resistance.

In formulating its recommendations, the Medical Care Criteria Committee balanced the strength of published evidence regarding efficacy of treatment regimens with factors that influence adherence to ART, including pill burden, tolerability, and dosing schedule. 

Preferred regimens are supported by evidence and have favorable adherence profiles, with lower pill burdens, fewer adverse effects, and dosing schedules that may be easier for patients to manage. The Committee ranked ART regimens in this manner to inform care providers' discussion and decision-making with patients. 

To help guide the choice among regimens of similar efficacy, tables presenting preferred and alternative regimens address selected pertinent issues, such as limitations based on a patient's kidney function and drug-drug interactions. 

Selecting an Initial ART Regimen guideline table of contents: 
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