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Playing Away the Days: New Games for Summer!
Table games
After a day in the sun, sometimes all you want to do in the evening is relax with family and friends - and here are the games to help you do it! From the left of the picture and moving clockwise, we have... 

Top That!
This brand new fun game arrived in the store this week. Players compete in a series of puzzle races that start simple, but quickly become challenging. Fully tested by our staff and the verdict is "hilarious". 

Chicken Charades 
The classic Charades game, with a twist. Everything you act out must somehow involve the squeaky rubber chicken - which makes an already funny game even funnier! 

Dr. Eureka 
Another brand new game with a puzzle racing challenge. These brain teasers challenge you to move 'molecules' from test tube to test tube - without touching them with your hands! Practice manipulative skills while laughing - it's not easy!

Bring Your Own Book 
One for adults and older kids. Gather your books and magazines and then race to see who can find the funniest or most appropriate answer to the prompts given by the game. (Example prompts: "name for a candy bar" or "advice for graduating seniors")

Jumbo Checkers 
A simple, but brilliant idea - this game includes a checkered rug and a set of oversized plastic checkers pieces. Perfect entertainment while you wait for a concert or outdoor movie to start - and then you can sit on your rug!

Travel Treats 
Small games and gadgets that pack a big entertainment punch are ideal while you are on the move! From the left, we have...

Perplexus Q-Bot 
A miniature version of the beloved Perplexus challenge - 33 mazes to solve in a hand-sized puzzle.

Mystery Teasers 
Palm-sized tins full of cards for you to solve! Comes in different versions, including Brain Teasers and 30-Second Mysteries.

A small electronic version of the classic 20 questions game. Absorbing fun - and it's smart! We've tested it out with some serious challenges!

Tangle Junior Classic 
A compact fidget toy to keep little fingers and minds busy.

Spot It! 
This beloved game comes in all kinds of versions, but the two we think are best for summer are Spot It On The Road (so appropriate) and Spot It Splash, which has waterproof cards for playing by the pool or the ocean.

Boogie Board Jot 
A miniature version of the classic Boogie Board, perfect for drawing or writing while you are away. Comes with a cover to protect any Great Works that you may not want to erase immediately.

A few more we can't resist...
Happy Salmon 

Happy Salmon

Fast-paced fun! A simple card game, matching cards and actions (like "Switcheroo!" and "Pound It!") that you have to act out with a partner. Comes in a  practical and super cute salmon bag.

Big Pigs 

Pass the Pigs - Big Pigs!
A repackaged classic, with big pigs for even bigger fun! Ideal for backyard or campsite.

Camp Travel Edition 
Camp: The Travel Edition
A light and compact version of the popular trivia game, with questions about all 50 states. Resealable travel bag.


All games featured are in stock at the time of writing!  
Magic Pops
Spot the Vegetables!
This colorful display of lollipops is not a really a display of lollipops at all, but Magic Growing Pops! Each color contains a different type of vegetable. Stick your Pop in the yard, water regularly and soon you will have some delicious veggies to eat. A brilliant and fun way to introduce children to growing their own veggies. And, as an added bonus, kids who grow their own vegetables are more likely to eat them too!

Something different...

Fourth of July
We're celebrating Independence Day with our red, white and blue display! Check out our Colorado clothing in patriotic colors for babies and toddlers - what better way to dress them for the holiday? And we have great books too - like our new picture book, Lady Liberty's Holiday, in which the Statue of Liberty takes off to see the rest of America. Will she be back in time for the 4th of July? And, for older kids, we have The Story of the Statue of Liberty, history in a graphic novel! Please note that we will close on Monday, the 4th of July so we can celebrate the holiday.
Sue Lubeck