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Harry Potter Illustrated
We Can Do Magic...
There are some books that become so scarce nobody in the book business can get ahold of them for love nor money, as the saying goes. But when our owner, Sue Lubeck, waves her wand, magic happens... And that is why we are one of the few bookstores in the country who have copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition with the full text by J.K. Rowling and over 100 illustrations by Jim Kay. Harry Potter, we love you already, but we love you even more in stunning full-color! Don't walk, RUN along to the store for a copy of this luscious publication!   

Brand New Books for a Brand New Year
The High Mountains of Portugal
It's early in the year, but the 2016 book publishing calendar is already packed with great books. Don DeLilllo has a new book Zero K coming out later in the year, as do Annie Proulx with Barkskins, Yann Martel with  The High Mountains of Portugal, Louise Erdrich with LaRose and Julian Barnes with The Noise of Time. Serial fans are anticipating concluding installments in series from Stephen King (End of Watch - Mr. Mercedes series), Naomi Novik (League of Dragons - Temeraire series) and Lene Kaaberb°l and Agnette Friis (The Considerate Killer - the Nina Borg series).

For a comprehensive look at adult fiction books coming out this year, check out this list, and go here for an adult nonfiction list. Publishers' Weekly lists their most anticipated spring season books, divided into 16 categories - and keep an eye on their site for their kid's list, coming on January 25.
Here are a few gems we're looking forward to sharing with you this year!

The North Water
If you like something bold and bloodthirsty, I'm bursting to talk to you about The North Water by Ian McGuire, which comes out in March. Set on a whaling ship making its way through the ice pack, with disaster and murder dogging the crew, it's savage and brutal, and utterly gripping. Read a longer review on our blog and see more about our new blog further down in this newsletter). I can't wait to read
City of Mirrors
The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin, due in May. It's the final in his amazing horror trilogy that started with The Passage.The previous two books have absorbed me so much that I can guarantee, however long this one may turn out to be, I'll be reading it through in a single sitting.

Piper Green_ The Sea Pony
Stepping away from violence and horror for a moment (I'm a nice, peaceful person, honest) I'm pleased to see that in August a new book, Piper Green and the Fairy Tree: The Sea Pony is coming out in Ellen Potter's Piper Green series. I love introducing the Piper Green books to younger girls (around 2nd and 3rd grade) and am happy to see the series grow.

Susan T.
My Name is Lucy Barton
I loved My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout, which came out a few days ago. Strout is the author of Olive Kittiredge and The Burgess Boys. Her new novel is simply written, but ultimately reveals a very complex story hinging on a mother-daughter relationship. One of the few books I would like to re-read. Highly recommend for book clubs.

I'm also singing the praises of My Name is Lucy Barton from Elizabeth Strout - see above! And Robert Harris' newest, Dictator, which has also just come out. This is the long-awaited final part of his Ancient Rome trilogy about Cicero, which started with Imperium.

The Road to Little Dribbling
I'm looking forward to reading the new book by Bill Bryson. It's called The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain and is a sequel to Notes From a Small Island.

Masterminds: Criminal Destiny, the second book in Gordon Korman's Mastermind series is due out at the start of February. I'm also looking forward to the seventh installment in The Unwanteds series: Island of Dragons, which is coming out at the beginning of April. For teachers, or anybody wanting to know more about the books, the series has its own website with an educator's guide and other activities for readers.

Ida_ Always 
Ida, Always, by Caron Levis and Charles Santoso, is a fantastic new picture book based on the real-life relationship of two polar bears in New York City's Central Park Zoo. The stunning art and breathtaking prose guarantee to melt even the coldest of hearts. Check it out when it arrives in the store at the end of February and I promise it will quickly become one of your favorite books for any age.

There is so much for the voracious reader to look forward to! So, I'll stick to a few that have just come out or will be out in the next few months. Riders by Veronica Rossi is coming out in February and this is one of the few times that you will hear me say that if a second book is coming out, sign me up right now! One of the best fantasies I have read for high schoolers and up.
The Passion of Dolssa 
Radioactive!: How Irene Curie and Lise Meitner Revolutionized Science and Changed the World is a fantastic book for young scientists that came out at the start of this month. Full of suspense, it tells the stories of these two scientists and how their work contributed to the race for the atomic bomb. Also just out is This is Where it Ends by Marieke
Nijkamp, a harrowing and confronting story of a school shooting told in four different perspectives. A difficult read, but very thought-provoking, for high school students and older. The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry will be out in April, and while technically for young adults, this terrific historical about devotion, power and friendship is also a great read for adults. There are longer reviews of all of these books on our new blog.

Our entire YA department...
The Last Star
...and anyone who reads in that section - we're all looking forward to the third, and final, story in Rick Yancey's 5th Wave series: The Last Star, which will be out in May. And coming out in February, we have a
Stars Above
treat for fans of The Lunar Chronicles - Stars Above by Marissa Meyer, a collection of stories set in the Lunar Chronicles universe. The series may be finished, but there is still more to read!

Some of these books are already in the store and others will be arriving soon! Ask us for details or to pre-order for you. And don't forget that we give you a 15% discount if you pay by cash or check, or 10% for a credit card.

Last Stop on Market Street
Picture Book Wins the Newbery!
Congratulations to Matt de la Pe˝a and illustrator Christian Robinson on winning the 2016 Newbery Medal for the most outstanding contribution to children's literature with Last Stop on Market Street
Finding Winnie
. Matt is the the first Hispanic author to win the Newbery - and this is the first picture book to win for many years.

The Caldecott Medal for the most distinguished American picture book for children went to Finding Winnie: The True
Story of the World's Most Famous Bear
Bone Gap
, illustrated by Sophie Blackall and written by Lindsay Mattick. And the Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in Young Adult literature went to Bone Gap by Laura Ruby.

Find out more details, and the winners of the other ALA awards (and there are lots of them!) here.
Something a Little Different

We read so many great books, but there's simply no space in this newsletter to review them all! Unless you want a newsletter that is over 20 pages in length... So we've created a place for our overflow! Bookmark our new Bookies Book Blog! We'll be updating the blog regularly with reviews from our staff on a wide range of books, and sometimes also games and other fun things! You'll also be able to get to the blog from our website.
Sue Lubeck
Biography Unit
Ideas for Teachers!
When your students are studying authors or famous characters, you know that The Bookies has the books you need. And now, if you're looking for classroom ideas to help your students get more out of their reading, we've created two packages to support you. Our Biography Unit is full of ideas to connect your students with the people they are studying - including writing prompts, crafts, games
Author Unit
and timelines. Our Author Unit is packed with projects and challenges to help your students gain a deeper understanding of writers and their works. Drop into our teachers' section to check out these units - currently on display with the most popular biographies and authors studied in local schools.
Five Pretzel-Approved Books for Children This Month!

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I Love You Already
Jory John, Benji Davies
$17.99, Harper Collins, Ages 4-8, Available now

Another wonderful picture book about Bear and Duck from the creators of Goodnight Already. Bear can't wait to spend a day by himself. But his persistent next-door neighbor, Duck, wants to take a stroll - with Bear. He just wants Bear to like him already.

The Door by the Staircase
The Door by the Staircase
Katherine Marsh
$16.99, Disney-Hyperion, Ages 9-12, Available now

Twelve-year-old Mary Hayes knows it's hard to escape her orphanage - she's tried. When a mysterious woman requests to adopt Mary, the matron is happy to get the girl off her hands. And with wonderful food, clothes and a soft bed, Mary can't believe her luck. But when Mary learns a terrifying secret about her benefactor's true identity, her new home seems a lot less comfortable.

I Funny TV
I Funny TV
James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Laura Park
$13.99, Jimmy Patterson (Hachette), Ages 8-12, Available now

The latest in Patterson's hilarious series. Jamie Grimm has finally proved himself the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic, and now the sky's the limit. But when Jamie and his friends try their hands at acting in a show about their lives, it's not so easy. Will it be an early curtain call for the biggest show of the decade?

Zero Day
Zero Day
Jan Gangsei
$17.99, Disney-Hyperion, YA, Available now
Mark Webster is president of the United States, fighting to keep the oval office after a tumultuous first term. Then the unthinkable happens: eight years after her kidnapping, Addie, the president's daughter, resurfaces. But the reunion is not all flowers and happiness. Just who is this sixteen-year-old girl with a quiet, burning intelligence now living in the White House?

Not if I See You First
Not if I See You First
Eric Lindstrom
$18.00, Poppy Books, YA, Available now

Debut realistic YA for fans of Say What You Will, Eleanor & Park, and If I Stay. Parker Grant doesn't need 20/20 vision to see right through you. That's why she created rules: don't treat her any differently because she's blind, and never take advantage. The story illuminates those blind spots we all have in life, whether visually impaired or not.