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October 29, 2015
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Handling Surprise Medical Bills
What can you do when you a get a surprise medical bill? Georgia Watch has a new resource to help individuals handle medical bills and understand their rights.  We are working to protect and empower Georgia consumers in the healthcare marketplace, and we want to hear your stories about how hospital bills, physician bills and medical debt have impacted you and your family.  Call us at (404) 525-1085 or email to share your story.
Georgia Watch Announces Military Consumer Protection Initiative!
On September 29th, Georgia Watch announced the start of our Georgia Military Consumer Protection Initiative, alongside Attorney General Sam Olens, Consumer Protection Unit Director John Sours and Director Holly Petraeus, Servicemember Affairs of the CFPB. With our partners, Georgia Watch will be creating a comprehensive guide and educational programming for active military and their families throughout Georgia on topics such as accessing loans, credit, and avoiding predatory lending. Read more>
Working to Protect Consumers from Unfair Energy Cost Increases!
On Oct. 27th, Georgia Power announced that it had reached an initial settlement with the contractors over who was to blame for costly project mis-management in early years of constructing Plant Vogtle Units 3 & 4, already years behind schedule and nearly a billion dollars over budget. Georgia Power agreed to pay $350 million of the approximately $400 million in dispute for their portion of the cost overruns. Now they want their customers to pick up the tab! Read more>

Georgia Watch will be looking out for energy consumers at hearings next week to make sure Georgia Power shareholders are held responsible for those construction mistakes!
Volunteer with Georgia Watch!
Kat Turner and Noami Miliner welcome guests at our     2015 Consumer Champion Celebration
All of the amazing work we do at Georgia Watch would not be possible without our incredible team of interns, externs, volunteers and Speaker's Bureau members! We currently are in need of an individual who can come in 1-2 hours per week to assist with donor database management, as well as additional Speaker's Bureau members who are interested in topics such as ID theft & scam prevention, utility bill reduction, advocacy, understanding credit and other important consumer topics. Interested? Email Elise at or please fill out the form online.
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