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Russ Mentzer
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Welcome to the Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF) newsletter! Here you can find quarterly updates on SIRF's activities, current research and funding information. Through your generous support, SIRF provides the seafood community with scientific studies that further business and improve the bottom line. Read in this newsletter how SIRF is linking industry and academia with articles on the 2nd Annual SIRF Benefit Dinner, SIRF Benefit Hockey Game and the Seafood Economic Analysis Project.    


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Russ Mentzer, Chairman

Seafood Industry Research Fund

Current Events
2nd Annual SIRF Benefit Dinner

The Seafood Industry Research Fund held their annual benefit dinner in January at Mastro's Ocean Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. SIRF Chairman Russ Mentzer officiated the evening speaking on the organization's current work in seafood traceability, EMS research and seafood economic impact. Mentzer likened the principles of business success to scientific research, stressing the need to stay in front of problems with forward thinking strategies.


SIRF Chairman Russ Mentzer addresses attendants at the SIRF Benefit Dinner


The audience answered Mentzer's call donating $35,000 throughout the evening to close out the Mike Voisin and Ethel Faigon Memorial Funds.


In addition, the evening's program featured chef and seafood sustainability advocate Barton Seaver as guest speaker. An author and food thought-leader, Seaver addressed attendees on the importance of asserting seafood as a diverse protein and a distinct part of America's culinary heritage.


Chef and Food Policy Leader Barton Seaver served as the benefit's guest speaker


"Seafood has a rich history of founding and sustaining American communities," Seaver said. "Unfortunately that story has not yet become a part of seafood's legacy and has been left out of the sustainability discussion. Seafood needs to speak up for itself as a thriving food system that fosters health and drives economies."


SIRF's 2nd annual benefit dinner capitalized on last year's success and went far in establishing the evening as a must-attend event for leaders in the seafood community. 

SIRF Hockey Benefit Game

On March 16th, SIRF hosted its annual benefit hockey game at the Harvard University's Bright Hockey Center. The 24th playing of the match pitted teams NFI and Seafax against each other for an evening of fast-paced, dynamic play that proved worthy of the longstanding rivalry.  


The game featured some of the seafood business' best stick play and skate skills ending with a score of 8-7 in Seafax's favor. Standout play was seen from the Preferred Freezer unit, Ryan Martin, Matt Tenaglia and Bill Stoner, who each netted a goal for NFI. Team Seafax goal scorers included Jim Bonvie (Seafax), Todd Clark (Endeavor Seafood), Mark Pandolof, Andy Wiles and Brendan Ready (Ready Seafood-Maine). Two minutes into overtime, Ready emerged from a scramble in front of the net to score the game winner.



A blow-by-blow account of the game written by NFI team captain Mike Gorton can be found here.



Longtime SIRF supporter, Mike Gorton was honored before the match for his involvement with the seafood research organization and his leadership surrounding the benefit hockey game. In a pre-game ceremony, Gorton was presented with the Gorton Cup, a newly created trophy that will feature the engraved name of each year's winner.


The SIRF hockey benefit game was a success on the ice and off earning a total of $20,850 in contributions.

Economic Impact of Seafood Imports into the United States 
On the Hill, you're issue is only as good as your argument. Throughout each Congressional session, the National Fisheries Institute's lobbying team meets routinely with lawmakers and staffers educating on the matters most affecting its membership. A crucial point in any NFI lobbying effort is demonstrating the economic impact of the seafood industry on a state or congressional district.

As with any industry, details on seafood economic impact exist but are scattered across a myriad of government databases and annual reports. SIRF identified this gap in information and commissioned a project to consolidate data and measure the economic benefit of imported seafood.


Performed by researcher Mike Toma with Armstrong Atlantic University, the project seeks to account for all first and secondary economic affects of seafood imports at the state and district level. The resulting database will equip NFI with the necessary facts to more forcefully advocate for imported seafood.


"Drawing attention to the jobs and revenue that seafood generates helps frame an issue for congressional offices," said NFI's Vice President of Government Affairs Robert DeHaan. "Being able to communicate hard numbers on employment, meals-made and seafood-related revenue grabs an office's attention and lets them know that seafood is a big part of their constituent economy and an industry they need to fight for."


The seafood economic analysis project has been underway since late 2014 and is undergoing final revisions. 

Issue Date


Quarter 1 2015

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Bill and Betty More have been instrumental in the success of the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).  The Mores helped train auditors, prepare farms and arrange certification of 358 farms, 267 processing plants, 30 hatcheries and 26 feed mills.  They were also pioneers in their own aquaculture operations.

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The Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF) was established in 1964 and was originally named the Fisheries Scholarship Fund. It is a tax exempt, philanthropic, educational organization.  


SIRF is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from individuals and companies in and related to the seafood industry.


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