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Colorful Foods for Better Nutrition - Local Art and Natural Plant Dye Studios
Superfoods in Kohala . 'Ugly' Foods and Food Waste . Hemp Film News
Mead, Mushrooms and the Drunken Botanist  

One Island News
  Local Color    
Local Art

Art can lift our spirits, help us to perceive new facets of the human story, and challenge us to think in provoking new ways. 

Form, texture, color, rhythm, all stimulate our senses.

In Hawaii, our local artists often use color as a way to captivate the viewer, share a sense of place and culture, celebrating the beauty surrounding us.

Top painting above,

Ugly Fruit: 
Funny or Serious? 
'Ugly' fruits and veggies - rejects from the food stream - may give us a chuckle at times, but food waste really is a serious issue.

Bunny shaped tomato
About 1/3 of the world's food goes to waste BEFORE it reaches the market.

National Geographic Magazine has done a  feature on the impacts of our food waste. It's astonishing.
Read more here.

A new kind of food delivery CSA brings irregular produce to over 1,000 households. Grocery stores create 'ugly' food displays. Both offer delicious, fresh foods at a lower cost.

Carrot foot
Imperfect, a start-up based in Emeryville, California, buys outré-looking produce from farmers and delivers it, at low cost, to more than a thousand San Francisco Bay Area subscribers.

Pinocchio Eggplant

U.S. and European retail chains also have had success selling odd-looking fruits and vegetables at discount. "We're redefining beauty, not taste," says Ron Clark, an Imperfect founder.

 Butterfly strawberry 


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September Hemp Film Showings

'Bringing it Home" industrial hemp film showings with special speaker Steve Sakala, President, Kona Chapter of the HFUU
   September 15th, Honoka'a with Third Thursday Thrive

September 20th, Sweet Cane Cafe, downtown Hilo, in conjunction with Hawaii Farmers Union United  
 The Power of Color   

Color fills our world with beauty and it packs our foods with phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that promote health and longevity. The color of flowers, of birds and butterflies, sunrise and sunsets, can bring us to a stop and fill us with awe.   

Natural Foods

Last month, the One Island team participated in a plant based diet 'Jumpstart' program hosted by Ho'opomaika'i, one of our great Same Canoe Local Food Challenge partners. During this class we enjoyed nightly speakers and were provided with prepared dinners and lunches for 10 days. Meals were provided by Under the Bodhi Tree and Ai Pono, concluding with an amazing potluck overlooking the sea.

Guest speakers introduced the to the environmental, animal welfare and the huge health and wellness impacts of what we choose to put on our plate, and how we prepare it. Speakers shared their personal health, environmental, ethical and spiritual viewpoints  and experiences overcoming disease and living healthier.

More than just a 'vegan' challenge, it was also an opportunity to look at the nutrients in our foods and learn about reducing diet-induced diseases. Our group began to re-think the role that oils, sugars, and salt play in our diets and how our bodies respond to food, stress and exercise. Plus we learned how Color plays a big role in our nutrition.

The Color of Food -  8 out of 10 Americans aren't eating enough color to receive the optimal nutrients our bodies thrive on.

Goal: Eat two foods from each color group daily!

Visit the Ho'opomaika'i Community Health Initiative, 

Natural Plant Dye Studios 

Safe, natural colors from plants

with Susan O'Malley

Plant harvest and preparation 'maker' studio
Saturday, August 27th, 10-2 at One Island in Honaunau

Natural dye painting on fabrics and paper art studio
Sunday, August 28th, 11-3 at SKEA in Honaunau

Join us for these fun hands-on studios and learn to select, harvest and prepare small batch dyes from native and local plants including Hau, Indigo, Tumeric and Noni.

Bring your own natural fabric and papers for dyeing, collage, and art assemblages. We'll provide hemp paper to celebrate Hawaii's upcoming new fiber crop.

Saturday will be a farm and gathering walk so wear sturdy shoes, hats and bring clippers and knives for stripping bark. Walks are at 10am and 12 noon, so select a morning or afternoon studio to join. We'll be preparing the actual dyes on Saturday - great ethnobotany. BYOLunch.

Sunday, the class moves up to studio space at SKEA on Mamalahoa to paint, dip, build and craft fabric samples, paper collages, and gift notes using the dyes created from the materials gathered on Saturday. Wear clothing you don't mind being graced with unexpected dye! BYOLunch.

$10 a day makes this affordable art experience a not-to-be missed studio with Susan before she heads out to another residency in Italy. BYO textiles, paper, brushes and collage materials. We'll provide the color.

Come enjoy the magical, colorful alchemy of plants!


Superfoods for Kohala 

Turmeric is a renowned anti-inflammatory

North Kohala Public Library
Monday, September 19th

Continuing the 'Good Medicine' series at the North Kohala Public Library, Richard Liebmann, ND is our September speaker on Superfoods.
Come learn about the healing plant products being grown and prepared at the Lokahi Garden Sanctuary as health and nutrient builders.

Coming Up for Fall 
Mead, Mushrooms and The Drunken Botanist Workshops   
South Kona and Kohala events, October - December

More plant, fermentation,
honey bee, and fungi fun!

One Island and Same Canoe Goes to Washington 
During August, we join Project Directors from around the country who are convening in Washington DC to discuss methods for strengthening food security in high-need communities.
Same Canoe is honored to represent Hawaii Island as food system advocates
in national meetings convened by the USDA and National Institute for Food and Agriculture.