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Good Medicine Initiative . NPS 100th Birthday . Hemp Power . Community Orchard News
National Day for Civic Hacking . No Home For Styrofoam . New Michael Moore Film 
One Island News
What's a Hack?

The root of a 'hack' is not categorically a subversive computer attack, it is more broadly described as 'an appropriate application of ingenuity' and the emphasis is on creative, clever and surprising solutions for small to large, simple to complex challenges we face.

In the Spirit of Creative Hacks,
Upcoming Events

Solar Cooking  Find us at the
Hamakua Harvest Festival on Sunday, May 29th, and see 3 types of solar cookers in action.

Smart Living   One Island is a community site hosting a special screening of
Michael Moore's new film
'Where to Invade Next' that showcases innovative solutions to health and education already in place around the world. Talk about examples of a Civic Hack! Join us in Honaunau on June 2nd or in Kapa'au on July 1st. 6:30pm. Email [email protected] for details. 
Rising Higher   In July we have the duo  
of Hana Roberts and Jan Roberts sharing yoga and sourdough bread making on the 18th at the Kohala Public Library, 6:30pm.

Hemp Power  Hemp is on the horizon in Hawaii so let's learn about its benefits. Join us for Bringing It Home, a documentary about industrial hemp, healthy houses and a greener future for America. Honaunau, July 16th, Kapa'au July 30th. 7pm 

Superfood Medicine   In August we  
feature Richard Liebmann, ND and Karin Cooke, RN sharing their favorite super food and tonic picks for health and wellness. August 15th, 6:30pm,
Kohala Public Library 

Island Wide Events 

Help create Community Food Orchards and learn Korean Natural Farming to increase tree health and fruit production

CSA - Know-Your-Farmer, Love your food! Some of the most heroic problem solvers in the world are farmers. If we could understand the risks they are up against each season, and the creative solutions they have to implement to keep in business, we'd hug every farmer we meet! Join a CSA to show your love.

Build a Community Food Orchard - We Need your Help!
When is the best time to plant a tree? the old adage asks.
10 years ago.

One Island and Same Canoe have launched a Community Food Orchard project. Our goal is to help foster the planting of 500 fruit and nut trees that provide food to local families. Sites can be in South and North Kona, Ka'u, Hamakua, and South and North Kohala.

94 Trees Pledged and 70 Trees Planted to Date!

One Island will purchase and donate 250 trees and invites community members to donate $35 per tree as a match to help us reach the 500 tree goal. Planting sites are local schools, libraries, non-profits, senior residences, food banks and teaching farms. Planting dates will be announced and the community is welcome to donate trees, come plant trees, and provide amendments to help the food producing trees flourish.

Help reach 500 trees! 

towards the Community Food Orchard matching fund. 
You will receive a confirmation about the type of tree and location where it will be planted, and an invitation to attend the planting day.

If you would like to donate a potted tree of your own, or organic soil amendments, please email    [email protected]

100% of donations are invested in trees! 



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Circular Economy

Hawaiian Pueo

Forests are Great Models

  The vision of a circular economy is an idea for a truly sustainable future that works without waste, in symbiosis with our environment and resources. A future where every product is designed for multiple cycles of use, and different material or manufacturing cycles are carefully aligned, so that the output of one process always feeds the input of another.

  Rather than seeing emissions, manufac- turing byproducts, or damaged and unwanted goods as 'waste', in the circular economy they become raw material, nutrients for a new production cycle.

  Right now we have a linear system - we take resources out of the ground, and transform them into (often hazardous) waste. We consume and destroy our own planet faster than it can possibly recover. We've known about these problems for decades and despite increasing public awareness we are still nowhere near comprehensive solutions.

  Current 'green' approaches merely act as an ineffective brake on this destructive trajectory. A more radical shift is needed - in how we collaborate, and how we design, produce and distribute our products and the services around them.

   One way to illustrate the circular economy is to think of cycles in the natural world. A simple representation might be a seed, which grows in nutritious topsoil, becoming a strong adult tree - its body will eventually decompose to become part of the nutrient source for more trees to grow.

   But this paints too tidy a picture - living organisms have developed a vibrant, diverse ecosystem over billions of years, and it doesn't work in tidy closed loops. There are thousands of processes occurring in this simple picture - life cycles of bacteria, insects, and fungi, weather patterns, fruiting and pollination, competition with other organisms - the tree is constantly interacting with these systems and processes, all with their own inputs and outputs, and it's the combination of all of them which produces a sustainable ecosystem."
Curious about Open Source and Circular Economy Projects
around the globe?

Visit OSCE and learn about their June 9-13th events

Koa, Ohia and Kamehameha Butterfly images from hawaiianforest.com
       CSA News
Now over 130 Households! 
Food Basket 'Da Box' Weekly Share

Our Same Canoe project is building support for Community Supported Agriculture, linking new subscribers to these great sources of fresh, local foods.

$3,345 in CSA sales funded by Same Canoe and the USDA

Same Canoe has linked over 130 subscribers and 200+ transactions for two South Kona CSAs and two North Kohala CSAs. All have EBT and regular pay options.

South Kona 
Adaptations Fresh Feast
from Kealakekua and Kona to Waimea  
Hawaii Food Basket Da Box
Kona, Honalo, Honaunau, Ocean View

North Kohala 
Blue Dragon Farm, Hawi  
Hawaii Food Basket Da Box
Hawi, Kapa'au and Waimea

Green is a Verb  
Vote local with your
Food Dollars
Newest CSA site and times in South Kona:

Tuesdays at St. Benedict's Painted Church, Honaunau, call 933-6030 to enroll with Da Box. Pick up 9-10am.

NEW TIME added: 5-6pm

email [email protected] to confirm later pick-up 

June is Full of Innovations 
Summer is crackling with amazing innovations around the world that take 'Green Living' to the next level. This sculptural wind power turbine manufactured in France is hard at work -  silent and steady - in Europe and Africa, generating up to 3.1 kilowatts of power an hour.

Inspired by rustling leaves observed sitting in a park, the inventor, J�r�me Michaud-Larivi�re, thought why not make an energy tree that also shimmers in the light like leaves AND generates electricity. Beautiful design solution, and it operates even in a light wind. 36' tall, 72 leaves in motion.  

Celebrate Human Ingenuity! 

National Day of Civic Hacking
June 4, 2016 
A national civic technology initiative - let's 
put the Big Island on the map

Over 10,000 participants, 120 events, 103 cities, 13 countries, 22 government partners, 100 datasets, 700 innovations.

"An unprecedented Public-Private-People Partnership, the National Day of Civic Hacking is an event that takes place the first weekend in June in cities around the world. The event brings together citizens, software developers, and entrepreneurs to collaboratively create, build, and invent new solutions using publicly-released data, code and technology to improve their communities and the governments that serve them." 

Take part online through One Island's
NDCH Civic Hack Portal
Grand Opening in June - share the challenges you face and suggestions for change 
"The Civic Hacking event leverages the local expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of those outside government institutions to drive meaningful, technology-based solutions for federal, state and local government. It demonstrates what's possible when we all work together to strengthen government"
Konaewaena High School / One Island Project Lab

Green is a Verb - Hack It! 

Where to Invade Next
Thought provoking comedy
film night house parties
Thursday June 2nd in Honaunau
Friday July 1st in Kapa'au
 email [email protected] for directions    

This is an expansive, rib-tickling, and subversive comedy in which Moore, playing the role of "invader," visits a host of nations to learn how the U.S. could improve its own prospects. The creator of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine is back with this hilarious and eye-opening call to arms. Turns out the solutions to America's most entrenched problems already existed in the world - they're just waiting to be co-opted.

Hemp Power

Film nights for: Bringing it Home
Hemp uses from green building to clothing
Saturday, July 16th in Honaunau
Saturday, July 30th in Kapa'au
email [email protected] for directions

Hawaii's Department of Agriculture and the State Legislature are supporting research into industrial uses for hemp. Sound like a new idea? Not really. The US Constitution was signed on hemp paper. The Guttenberg Bible was printed on hemp as well.

How do we bring back this green economic driver and what can it be used for? Let's see how hemp is happening around the world.

The Good Medicine Initiative:
The intersection of Food, Health and Wellness  

One Island enjoys convening creative, visionary
thinkers and doers who share a conviction we can live smarter, greener, more productive, meaningful and healthier lives by sharing knowledge and inspiration. Our diverse events listen to the pulse of the community and seek to build personal knowledge and inspire community creativity.  Events emphasize living with nature and respecting the precious resources on this amazing planet, the One Island we all share for this lifetime. Our shared wisdom is our greatest hope to overcome the challenges ahead.  

If not here, where? If not now, when?

Good Medicine microbiome  and superfoods presentations
with Stacey Sheppard, Tood Dacey and Donna Maltz, North Kohala Public Library
Do it yourself Fun and Fermentation Workshop at Always in Season Farmstead, Hawi

Connecting New Buyers to Farmers at Local Markets and CSAs

Welcoming fellow explorers from around the world:
Mexico, Brazil and Sri Lanka this year

Growing our own to feed our local communities

Mahalo for the generous spirits of our teachers and to the curious minds of our fellow voyagers! 
No Home for Styrofoam in Hawaii

There is no 'away' to throw styrofoam to, a fact most obvious in a closed- loop island environment.

We invite you to let your elected representatives know that there are better, safer, smarter choices for to-go packaging. And when you eat out, support restaurants with eco-friendly take home packaging. Or bring your own!

Recommended Restaurants with great, farm fresh local foods and smart to-go packaging:  
Bring your own!

Phresh, Kainaliu,
on Mamalahoa

Laulima, Kona,(NEW!!)
In the Safeway Shopping Center on Henry 

Under the Bodhi Tree, Kohala,
in the Mauna Lani Shops

Sushi Rock, Hawi,

                                             on Akone Pule

Our beloved National Parks are celebrating  
their 100th birthday this year!
June 18th is Picnic in the Park: Healthy Parks, Healthy People Day - and International Picnic Day.

Discover Hawaii Island national parks and marine sanctuaries:

Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historic

Hawaii Volcanoes National

Hawaii Islands Humpback Whale National Marine

Eight reasons to get outdoors and enjoy a walk in the park on a Park Rx Day!
  1. Being in nature can improve your mood.
  2. A picnic in the park is a great way to enjoy a good meal and outdoor fun with friends and family.
  3. Parks and their health benefits can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of who you are, where you come from.
  4. Contact with nature through parks improves all people's physical, mental and spiritual health.
  5. Parks foster social connections which are vital to community cohesion and contribute to social well-being.
  6. For children, parks foster active play, which is associated with physical, cognitive and social benefits.
  7. For adolescents, parks improve mental and social health during what is often a challenging time of life.
  8. Park use is linked to physical and mental health benefits among adults, especially older adults.


 Park Rx - Healthy Parks, Healthy People