February 2016  Vol 45   
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              Native American Medicine Talk Story in South Kona and North Kohala with Ken Cohen .
Food and Plants for Health and Wellness at Farmers Markets & Library . Good Medicine Picnics and Guest Speakers .
Winner of the Redwater Cafe Dinner for Two coupon!


One Island News
Native American Medicine : Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Kenneth Cohen, author of Honoring the Medicine, in Kealakekua and Hawi
Talk Story with special guest Ken Cohen from Colorado who is visiting Hawaii to share cross cultural perspectives on the principles, practices and values of Native American medicine.

Co-sponsored by Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreat and the Hawaii International Qigong Institute 

Ken Cohen is a renowned health educator, Qigong Grand Master, and practitioner of indigenous medicine. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing and Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing, and more than 200 journal articles on spirituality and health. Ken speaks and reads the Chinese language, and his academic training includes graduate study of Taoism and theology.

Native American Ginseng 
Highly respected as a traditional healer, singer, and storyteller, Ken was mentored since his youth by Native American/ First Nations elders. His training was strict and rigorous in what today is called "experiential learning." Ken is a member of various medicine societies and maintains close ties with his adoptive Cree Indian family in Canada. Ken has also spent many years traveling and participating in cultural exchange with indigenous elders from various lands.

South Kona, Thursday, February 11th, 6:30-8:30 presented at New Thought Center
North Kohala, Saturday, February 13th, 3-5pm at Kokolulu Farm and Retreat Center with a plant medicine focus. Please
RSVP and register to attend.
$15 entry to defray guest travel costs.
Seating is limited; suggest advance reservation 
February: Same Canoe at
Takata Store, Kapa'au and
Sack N Save, Kona

EBT Days
February 3rd and 5th 
Same Canoe has a new EBT Coupon Program. At partner locations, Farmers' Markets and Grocers, all our new enrollees need to do is present a valid EBT card to be issued $30 in fresh produce coupons for use on site, that day, or at another market. $60 max.

EBT Days at
Farmers' Markets 
Hawi, Jan 30, Feb 6, 13
South Kona, Jan 31, Feb 7, 14
Kona Sunset, Feb 3, 10  

$60 per EBT household for New Year program, $30 in coupons can be issued per visit to booth. $60 total.  Last day to use vendor coupons is February 14th. 
Must be a resident of Ka'u, South Kona, North Kona or North Kohala and have an active SNAP EBT card. 


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Who's in the Canoe?
Same Canoe Local Food Challenge project
stakeholders and sites
Da Box CSA at the Food Basket
South Kona Green Market
Adaptation's Fresh Feast CSA
Honaunau School Garden 
Kohala School Garden
Ho'opomaika'i Community Health
Hawaii Farmers Union United,
Kona Chapter
Choice Mart
Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers
Kona Sunset Market
Hawi Farmers Market
Amy B H Greenwell Garden
West Hawaii Community Health 

We've Doubled It!
During January, Same Canoe doubled its number of active participants using EBT at Farmers' Markets, and we have more than double the number of farmers we had anticipated working with.

Enrollment to date: 435 households,
58 farms and market vendors,
and three grocers!

Outreach has served 250 low
income housing units, 850 K-12 school families, Spanish speaking homes, Food Basket pantry members, three farmers' markets, a remote Native Hawaiian fishing village, and senior centers to promote food equity. 

Bringing new customers in touch with small farms, every week

Thanks to support from the USDA and the State of Hawaii SNAP Office 
New for February
and March
Grow Your Own

Same Canoe will be providing fun do-it-yourself kits at the Farmers' Markets, rotating Saturdays and Sundays
starting late February thru March.

+ Grow your own sprouts  
+Pick up a quick salad or herb garden

+ Compost with bokashi
+Learn to spiralize your veggies for delicious raw or cooked yummy vegetable, glutten free meals.  
+ Container Food Gardens


Weather permitting, we'll even break out the zero carbon solar cookers to whet your appetite for green living!

Same Canoe's Kohala and Kona EBT users can qualify for free seed and seedling kits. More free, good food! 
Good Medicine
Food . Movement . Plant Medicine

Living Longer, Living Better - it's a happy balance.


One Island is hosting guest presenters in February and March who will enrich your understanding of personal health and wellness options - and provide you with the knowledge and tools to live longer and better. All part of a healthy green lifestyle.

Special features are a Native American Medicine Talk Story with respected teacher and healer Ken Cohen and the two Wellness Picnics offering affordable Farm to Fork dining and inspiring presenters.

Join us at the Farmers' Market and library events for free food, medicinal plant and wellness discoveries, and to pick up tools
for healthy green living.
North Kohala Programs
Good Medicine: food and plants for health
and wellness

Wild purslane salad

Saturdays at the Hawi Farmers' Market, open to everyone

For our Same Canoe EBT coupons users, each presentation you attend earns you a $10 free local produce coupon for use at the Farmers' Market. Be sure to sign in at the presentation to earn the coupon.
January 30th
Natural Farming: LAB and Self Care using Plant Based Hydrotherapy  with Dr. Hanalei Roberts N.D., 11-1. Plants for wellness and cultures you can make yourself. Movement:  Yoga with Luz Helena Florez, 10-11.

February 6th 
Change Your Foods, Change Your Life with Vegan Chef Todd Dacey who will share healthy recipes, food tastings, and positive stories of personal choice. 11am.
Aikido of Kohala, 10am.

February 13th
Love Your Body - Superfood Smoothie Social & Qi Gong
Join in a fun smoothie event on the Hawi Farmers Market green for fruit and veggie smoothies that heighten clarity, energize your system, and are chock full of powerful antioxidants and immune builders. 9-noon. Movement: Qi Gong with Lew Whitney, 10-11.

February 20th 
Soil to Soul - Fermenting Cultures for Health
Food and recipes for year round health with Donna Maltz. Recent research indicates the health of our gut has a direct influence on our physical and psychological well being. Learn how to incorporate more probiotics in your diet and life.
Earns an EBT coupon for the Picnic in the Garden


Special Kohala Food and Wellness Events

February 13th 
Native American Medicine 
Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
with Ken Cohen of Colorado, 3-5pm in Hawi

Special Talk Story 
Healing traditions, practices and plants will be shared in this afternoon with  Ken Cohen, author of Honoring the Medicine and widely respected practitioner of Qi Gong and Native American Medicine.

Register in advance for directions and instructions. $15 per person to defray guest travel costs. 

February 22nd 
Living Longer, Living Better
at the North Kohala Public Library

Learn more about the Blue Zones Project and watch a short film about founder, Dan Buettner's research project and travels. Find out what fosters high centenarian concentrations  - those who live to 100 and more - in rural and urban communities around the world. North Hawaii has been selected as a trial community - come hear ideas for how to improve our individual longevity by building community resources that promote wellness. Break outs for small group idea sharing will give North Kohala a voice in the Blue Zones planning process on Hawaii Island.
Kohala EBT users earn a Picnic in the Garden pass for attending.
Okinawa has long been famous for its longevity. In fact, the Pacific island was originally referred to as the land of immortals. Residents have less cancer, heart disease and dementia than Americans, while Okinawan women live longer than anywhere else on the planet.

March 6th 
(new date)
Good Medicine Picnic in the Garden with the Lokahi Garden Sanctuary and Chef Stephen Rouelle of Under the Bodhi Tree.

Come enjoy a farm walk, wellness talks and delicious local foods picnic on Sunday the 6th, 11am -2pm.
Hosted by Dr. Richard Liebmann ND and Natalie Young MSW LMT.

Order your picnic lunch at the Farmers' Market or online to RSVP by March 1st.  $20 per person. $15 children under 12.

Can use Kohala or Kona EBT coupons to pre-order picnic, email to RSVP.

March 21st
New Medical Discoveries: Healing your microbiome 
with Stacey Shepard at the North Kohala Library, 6:30pm

This eye opening introduction to the important connection between our digestive system (gut) and over all health and mental well being is based on scientific studies that will change your thinking about self care.   

Stacey is adept at explaining connections between our diet, nutrition, over stressed systems, and multiple health challenges, with clear suggestions for solutions. With over 25 trillion bacteria in our body, the role the positive bacteria play is the subject of many current research projects. You'll be surprised to hear how truly connected our body system is, from the foods we eat, to the brain chemistry that supports good moods and clear thinking, to chronic illness, to the overall level of well being that impacts us every day. Learn how to lower inflammation and live a healthier life.
Stacey is a licensed acupuncturist and certified GAPS practitioner, one of only two in Hawaii. 
"Let Food be Thy Medicine" 

South Kona Programs 
          Good Medicine: food and plants for                   health and wellness  

January 31st
Fermented Foods - Great Taste, Good Medicine
10-noon. Recent research indicates the health of our gut has a direct influence on our physical and psychological well being and fermented probiotics are the key to a happy gut. Learn how to incorporate more probiotics in your diet and life with Kunekai Farm.

Raw Food
February 7th
Plant Foods for Flavor, Health and Environmental Protection

Ho'opomaika'i Community Health Movement

Learn Blue Zone practices for healthy living shared by Jodi Leslie, PhD, Dietician, Univeristy of Hawaii and co-founder of Ho'opomaika'i Community Health Movement.

Plant Pure Nation and West Hawaii Community Health Clinic
Patti Eames, RN, explores benefits of a plant based diet for heart and overall health and wellness. Learn about the new JUMP START program being coordinated by the West Hawaii Community Health Clinic.

Vegan Aloha Tastings
Plant based food tastings with Vegan Aloha founder Alessandra Rupar - including vegan macnut cheese. Enjoy these delicious foods that showcase wonderful local plants in amazing food!
Support this food pioneer at their market booth on Sundays.


Special Event
for Food and Wellness Lovers
on Valentines Day
February 14th

Good Medicine Picnic at the Market
with Dr. Corinne De Soto, N.D. at the South Kona Green Market, upper terrace. 12-2pm. Fresh, healthy, local foods and dessert provided by Lotus Cafe in a picnic bag. Reserve picnic lunch online.
$20 per person. Open to every one and all ages. $15 for kids under 12.   
Can use Kona or Kohala EBT coupons to pre-order picnic lunch by February 10th; email to reserve your EBT picnic supplies. hawaii@oneisland.org

Green is a Verb. Do it! 
Love is in the Air

Winner of the Same Canoe drawing for a romantic  
Dinner for Two at the Red Water Cafe in Waimea is ...
Liz Montague of Hawi
Mahalo to the Redwater Cafe for donating this valuable gift coupon to the Same Canoe Local Food Challenge. We support the Cafe's emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, delicious meals, and for supporting local musicians - like Jazz on Fridays. 

Visit the Redwater Cafe online