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In Honor of Independence Day

We invite you to visit One Island's new web site to learn about current and past sustainability partnerships, independent thinkers, and local innovators. We are all in the same canoe! 




Highlights of  

Local Island Innovations

& Independent Thinking


Solar Energy Independence 


185 Hawaii Island households, farms, non-profits and small business have received USDA grant funded solar energy equipment to help lessen dependence on costly imported fuels. The most important - and unexpected - impact of the project was improving health and safety by providing solar off grid refrigeration. We honor these local Heroes! 



Learn more at the WHSEP web site


Over 2,500 Hawaiian residents benefited from the WHSEP project that served 159 households and 26 farms, schools, non-profits and small businesses. Cost savings are above $1.528 million over 5 years, and greenhouse gas emissions are being reduced by over 1,521 tons. 21 green jobs were created or retained.  WHSEP was managed by One Island under USDA funding. 


Outcomes of the project include:

* 108 adopted solar renewable energy for the first time
* 37 added to an existing solar system
* 48 installed their first non-gasoline-generator electricity systems
* 41 installed solar electric refrigerators to improve health and nutrition for their families (18 of those received their first-ever refrigeration, 23 replaced a propane fridge)
* 25 received solar ovens
* 81 applicants were off-grid where regular electric service is not available or is cost prohibitive
* 2 installed solar compost toilets
* 8 installed irrigation pumping
* 14 installed household water pumping


Solar oven grantees





Green Building - Energy & Materials Independence


Green Builders are all Local Heroes!


Bamboo Structure

Light Wave Bamboo Pavilion, Holualoa
Algood Bamboo and Clay Barn, Hawi

Hi'ilani Eco House, Honoka'a 



Bamboo House, Honaunau  


Mahalo Nui Loa to our Green Think Tour Hosts -
you are inspiring Community Heroes!



Local Food Independence
Breaking our dependency on imported foods

WHEA Student helping out   at a community garden

Same Canoe Community Gardens

Increasing local food production, garden by garden 


This project empowered 16 community gardens  to serve as demonstration sites sharing local food production, preparation, and preservation knowledge with their clients, students and families.


105 households also engaged in growing more local food and received materials grants for soil, containers, plants, seeds, tools and greenhouses. 


The project created a wide ripple through the community and served over 2,000 rural residents interested in increasing their food security, improving their nutrition, and saving money by lessening their dependency on imported foods.


The Same Canoe Community Garden Project also provided support for increasing wildlife habitat, promoting reforestation and preservation of native plants, and growing medicinal plants.


Funded by the People's Garden Grant, inspired by Michele Obama's White House Garden. 

Learn more here


Same Canoe Local Food Challenge
This current project is connecting 600 households to local foods from local farms through farmers' markets, CSAs, farm tours, and how-to-make/grow it classes.

Double It!

Visit the new
Same Canoe web site
and take the Local Food Pledge

Innovative Transportation
Greenwald, Solar Trike
Ocean View

North Kohala

Solar powered electric vehicles and bikes
on Hawaii Island

Same Canoe Sustainability Hero Award  2015

Nancy with a 'We are All in the Same Canoe' leadership award paddle signed by the
Hawaii Island School Garden Network members.

Our Island's 'Garden Goddesses' are many and one who has touched so many hearts is   Nancy Redfeather. As a science teacher, organic gardening teacher, seed sovereignty champion, and while providing impeccable leadership for the Hawaii Island School Garden Network, Nancy has put her values and passions into action every day.

What an inspiration!

Artistic Innovation on the Big Island
The Spirit of Sustainability

Nightingale's Sundown
by Andrea Pro

                                                                         Nature Printing with Andrea Pro

Native Hawaiian Plant Fibers
for Papermaking
with Susan O'Malley

Learn more about our new ARTlandia tri-state arts projects
and Living an Inspired Life on the new web site

Art  Food   Farms  &  Sustainable Living

Happy 4th of July!