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One Island News
Make the Local Food Pledge
to help increase Island food security
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"I will set my intention on doubling my local food purchases, cooking and consumption by supporting Farmers' Markets, Grocers, CSA, Food Basket, or Cafe/Restaurants that make LOCAL food available."

Food Security Matters

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Farmers in Kona, Ka'u and Kohala 

One Island's Food Security initiative, Same Canoe, is bringing over $52,000 directly to local farms through consumer purchases, farm tours, and food workshops.

If you sell at the Hawi Farmers' Market, the South Kona Green Market, Kohala Grown, or want to sell to the island wide Food Basket CSA or Adaptations organic CSA, you can benefit directly from these new EAT LOCAL GROWN funds. 
To learn more, attend a farmer information meeting or email us at [email protected]

Friday, June 12th, 4pm at Greenwell Garden, Captain Cook and Saturday, June 27th, 4pm in Hawi at the Algood Barn. 
"We are All in the Same Canoe.
Let's paddle together."


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SOLAR Cooking
Jumbo Sized & Cooks at Night
We've been happy Go Sun solar oven users for a few years. Check out their new jumbo model and its Kickstarter campaign.

It is Great that they donate units to help Guatemalan women cook
wood free!
Less pollution, better for the environment, and a huge time saver for women who spend, literally, several hours a day gathering fuel.


Same Canoe

Local Food Challenge

Featured Vendor:
Fresh Feast CSA 


Fresh Feast CSA is a food subscriber service that brings the Island's best organic produce to your table. Launched by the Adaptations Food Hub, seasonal Big Island produce brings you healthy nutrition and exceptional flavor.  Different size food boxes are available to meet single and family household needs. EBT is accepted as are Same Canoe coupons.


Learn more about their company:

Adaptations Fresh Feast


CSA sign ups will be available at Same Canoe's Hawi and South Kona Market booths.


If you don't see your community listed on their delivery schedule, we will help build demand for additional delivery locations. 


FARMERS - contact our CSA partners about providing produce to their customers.



Same Canoe Local Food Challenge project stakeholders:


Da Box CSA at the Food Basket


South Kona Green Market


Adaptation's Fresh Feast Organic CSA


Honaunau School &

School Garden


Kohala School & School Garden


Hawaii Farmers Union United

Kona Chapter


Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers

Local Food System

Green Building

Art and Culture

Natural Resources


It's all connected

June Launches the New 

Same Canoe

Local Food Challenge



A Food Security Initiative   




Join Hawaii residents and businesses around the Island in accepting the challenge to DOUBLE our local food consumption through local produce purchases, expanding our kitchen gardens, and discovering tasty new recipes.


Where ever you live on the Island of Hawaii you can join

this initiative and focus your intention on


Making Change Happen


Taste the Change   One Island's Same Canoe programs will be offering local food tastings at Farmers Markets, food and garden classes, recipe contests, film nights, workshops and farm tours in South Kona, Ka'u and North Kohala to stimulate community support for doubling local food support and consumption.


EBT News  

In addition to the learning activities open to everyone, qualifying SNAP households who are EBT users may sign-up for $30-$120 in local food 'double buck' coupons that can be redeemed at the South Kona Green Market, Hawi Farmer's Market, Kohala Grown, 
Food Basket Da Box CSA, Adaptations Fresh Feast Organic CSA, and at local farm and food events for fresh and local foods.  


Everyone is invited to participate. 

Farmers' Markets and CSA subscriptions are open to all.   


Mahalo to the National Institute for Food and Agriculture for support to pilot this 
island food security project.


Food Classes, Workshops 
& Farm Tours 
Hosted by One Island's Same Canoe Local Food Challenge  and The Green School 
Launching July 2015 through December 2016, we invite you to attend fun and engaging local food experiences that will help us all get more actively involved in reclaiming our local food system - plus help our local farms to increase their revenues.
Here are topics on the horizon presented by teachers and tour guides who love to share their passions:
  • Grow Your Own Mushrooms

  • Healthy Local Food Ferments

  • Taro Tour and Taro Culinary Options

  • Farm-to-Fork Dining with Music

  • Year of the Soil & Food System Films

  • Bokashi and Worms for Composting

  • Blue Zone Diets for Longevity

  • Exotic Tropical Fruit Cultivars

  • Bio-char and Soil Building

  • Thought Provoking Film Nights

  • Polynesian Canoe Crop Cooking

  • Raw Solutions for Diabetes

  • Microgreens and Smoothies

  • Container Food Gardens

  • Fresh Fruit Kombucha

  • Raw Veggie Noodle Making

  • Pollinator Gardening

  • Native Tree Restoration

  • Aquaponics and Vegan Veggies

  • Ono Grinds - Healthy Local Foods

  • DIY Herbal Teas and Low Acid Coffee

  • Solar Dehydrating and Cooking

  • Hawaiian Chocolate

  • Bee Magic and Wellness

Solar Cooking Class

Join us for fun, informative and empowering  tours, classes and workshops that
celebrate local foods and food security

Change can be quite satisfying...
Farm-to-Fork for Everyone 



Local Food is Good for Everyone


Growing and purchasing healthy local food is not an elitist fad. It is how societies around the planet have fed themselves for thousands of years. In today's fast-paced, quick-reward consumer culture, we have to make a conscious choice to re-learn what was once a commonplace practice: Sourcing our food from nearby farms, from our own gardens, trading with neighbors, and enjoying delicious seasonal meals that make the most of what grows right where we live.


Re-engaging with Local Foods 


To help re-engage our rural communities with their real food (and to help break our vulnerable reliance on increasingly expensive imported foods that are being hard hit by drought and climate change), Same Canoe will be hosting family friendly Farm-to-Fork meals in North Kohala and South Kona. Each educational meal will celebrate a choice to DOUBLE our local consumption - and - will be affordable meals for everyday folks. Our EBT subscribers can even use their coupons to buy the produce the chefs will turn into a fun and tasty meal.   


Everyone who signs up for the LOCAL FOOD CHALLENGE will be invited to attend these dinners.


Sign up now and pledge your support for DOUBLING local food consumption this year. 




Love Your Farmers' Market!

SKGM Food, Farms,
Art, Music and

Farmers' Markets are a wonderful community hub bringing together supporters of local food and fostering cultural connections
that strengthen community spirit.

Gotta Love 'Em

One Island is currently serving the Hawi and South Kona Green Markets, building a statewide service network, plus creating a tri-state Farm Alliance Network including rural communities in Hawaii, California and Washington.

Learn more about the Same Canoe project at the Hawi and South Kona Green Markets this summer!

Grow  Buy  Eat  Local
Good Reads

BOOKS  This month we are reading 'The Third Plate' and suggest it as a challenging reflection on going beyond 'Local', beyond 'Farm-to-Fork', towards a new vision of an American cuisine tied to what is best for the land: "Growing Nature". A NY Times Bestseller worth a look. By the Chef of Blue Hill at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. But be forewarned, a dinner rez is $218 each!

 Family Days at the Stone Barns Centers - Ag for All Ages

Newsletters   For News on Organic Buying Trends and what it means for farm production and retailers, read THE DIRT, by the Orcas Island Food Coop. "Organic products are now available in 3 out of 4 grocery stores throughout the country" and sales have tripled but demand is growing faster than production. Learn more in The Dirt.



small farms,
rural Farmers' Markets, local
food, art, and affordable




In May, One Island toured inspiring rural community partners in California and Washington as the next step in developing the tri-state Turtle Island Farm Alliance bridging coastal communities in three states.

Rural development can build a green economy, put our values into practice, and help foster community connections that enrich lives and create pride of place.
A Big Thanks to our hosts in Point Reyes, Occidental, Orcas Island and Whidbey Island communities.  We are stronger working together!