May 2015
  Same Canoe Newsletter  Hawaii Island vol. 37
Local Food Challenge . Farm Fresh Grant News . Nepal Earthquake Help
It's Our Anniversary! . EBT News . Food Classes and Farm Tours


One Island News
SNAP Households
Learn about the upcoming classes, farm tours, and double buck coupons available for South Kona, Ka'u and North Kohala EBT users.

Visit our booth at the MAY DAY fair at Honaunau School, May 16th or Kamehameha Day, June 11th, in North Kohala.


Earthquake in Nepal

At the time of publication, over 6,600 lives have been lost. One Island has received requests from the United Nations and AARP to raise donations to help the survivors. Google and Facebook are also coordinating donations.
AARP is focused on serving the elderly Nepalese community and is matching up to $250,000 in donations.
The United Nations CERF is seeking Nepal Reflied donations.
"We are All in the Same Canoe"


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Same Canoe

Local Food Challenge


Featured Vendor


Kohala Grown Market is a vibrant,  island-style showcase for Kohala and Big Island products. Located in Hawi, Kohala Grown Market offers fresh produce, value-added products, and fun farm tours with farm-fresh lunches at local eateries. Learn more about their company:

Kohala Grown Market

See them at the Saturday Hawi Farmer's Market and, starting in June, they will be a weekday Same Canoe redemption location For SNAP EBT users.



Featured Stakeholder


The Food Basket

'Da Box' CSA


A CSA is a 'community supported agriculture' program where subscribers receive regular boxes of fresh local produce. Farmers enjoy knowing who they are growing for, and buyers can learn more about the farms who feed them.


The Big Island has a new island-wide CSA, "Da Box", sponsored by the Food Basket, our county's Food Bank. Produce from farms around the island is aggregated at the Food Basket, then boxed and delivered to weekly pick-up locations. All for a reasonable price for monthly subscriptions. Da Box is open to all island food consumers. SNAP users are offered a discount price too!


Join "Da Box" starting in June and get the 4th week free for three months. Offer available for a limited time to qualified SNAP EBT users enrolled in Same Canoe.


Learn more at the Food Basket



Other Same Canoe Local Food Challenge project stakeholders:


South Kona Green Market


Adaptation's Fresh Feast Organic CSA


Honaunau School &

School Garden


Kohala School & School Garden


Hawaii Farmers Union United

Kona Chapter


Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers

Local Food System

Green Building

Art and Culture

Natural Resources


It's all connected

One Island's 6th Anniversary

What a small non-profit can do



In Spring 2009, One Island welcomed a great group of AmeriCorps volunteers to come help open the Sustainable Living Center. That year we launched the West Hawaii Sustainable Energy Project that brought solar power grants to 185 island residents, farms, schools and non-profits. Good works have been happening ever since thanks to our community partners, eager learners and volunteers.


With support from private and government sources, we've raised $2.6 million for rural education and sustainability projects with $2.4 million invested right here on

       the Island of Hawaii.        


Multiplier Effect   Every dollar One Island raises provides innovative education, local food system or equipment grants, creates jobs and invests in the local green marketplace, and engages youth-to-adult learners in redefining the future of our Island's environment, food system, culture and economy.


A Big Mahalo to the wonderful teachers,

learners, visionaries and activists who have shared

their manao with One Island and our communities.

More good things to come.



On the Horizon


Our 7th Sustainability Project Gears Up




Join us in accepting the challenge to DOUBLE our local food consumption through local produce purchases, expanding our kitchen gardens, and discovering tasty new recipes.


Where ever you live on the Island of Hawaii you can join

this initiative and focus your intention on


Making Change Happen


Taste the Change   One Island's Green School and Green Think Tour programs will be offering local food classes, recipe contests, film nights, workshops and farm tours in South Kona, Ka'u and North Kohala to stimulate community support for doubling local food support and consumption.


EBT News   In addition to the learning activities, qualifying SNAP households who are EBT users may sign-up for $30-$120 in local food 'double buck' coupons that can be redeemed at the South Kona Green Market, Hawi Farmer's Market, Kohala Grown, Food Basket Da Box CSA, Adaptations Fresh Feast Organic CSA and at local farm and food events. Classes and tours are offered at no cost to EBT users and help qualify households for additional double buck rewards.


Mahalo to the National Institute for Food and Agriculture for support to pilot this 
island food security project
And a special thanks to island artist Eve Furchgott of
Blue Heron Multimedia for the great new Food Challenge logo!


Food Classes & Workshops 
Presented by One Island's Green School for the
Same Canoe Local Food Canoe
Launching June 2015 through December 2016, we invite you to attend fun and engaging local food experiences that will help us all get more actively involved in reclaiming our local food system - plus help our local farms to increase their revenues.

Here are topics on the horizon presented by teachers and tour guides who love to share their passions:
  • Grow Your Own Mushrooms

  • Healthy Local Food Ferments

  • Taro Tour and Taro Culinary Options

  • Farm-to-Fork Dining with Music

  • Year of the Soil Films

  • Bokashi for Composting

  • Blue Zone Diets for Longevity

  • Exotic Tropical Fruit Cultivars

  • Worm Composting

  • Thought Provoking Film Nights

  • Polynesian Canoe Crop Cooking

  • Raw Solutions for Diabetes

  • Microgreens and Smoothies

  • Container Food Gardens

  • Fresh Fruit Kombucha

  • Raw Veggie Noodle Making

  • Pollinator Gardening

  • Korean Chicken Farming

  • Aquaponics and Vegan Veggies

  • Ono Grinds - Healthy Local Foods

  • DIY Herbal Teas and Low Acid Coffee

  • Solar Dehydrating and Cooking

  • Hawaiian Chocolate

  • Bee Magic and Wellness

Join us for fun, informative and empowering  tours, classes and workshops that
celebrate local foods and food security

Change can be quite satisfying...

Bee Wise-Eat Island Grown

New Kama'aina Farm Tours to visit South Kona, Ka'u and

North Kohala growers with delicious results



Our Green Think Tours are moving from Green Building to Island Grown Farm showcases.


Each Island Grown tour includes an overview of a beautiful farm, Q&A with a local farmer, and a take away share of its specialty produce. Tours are $25-$40 per person and include a take-home produce selection (scholarships available for qualified SNAP EBT users).


FIRST TOURS   Farm tours launch in September with visits to South Kona, Ka'u and North Kohala farm operations.


Each 1-1/2 hr visit will enjoy a get-to-know-your-farmer talk and provide fresh food take-home options. Even honey! 


Fruits, veggies, honey, aquaponics, greenhouse, natural farming, organic, Polynesian canoe and more!  



Solar Oven







One Island

and USDA

May 1, 2015

Solar Cooking and Dehydrating - Zero Carbon Footprint Meals
Straight from the Garden. Same Canoe Food Challenge in Action!

  Principal Danny Garcia and Stephen Shrader of One Island open the new oven
  in the Kohala Elementary School Garden shed on May Day