April 2015
  Same Canoe Newsletter  Hawaii Island vol. 36
Local Food Challenge . Farm Fresh Grant News . 
Amazing Green Business Success . 
Support for Vanuatu Cyclone Recovery . EBT News . Food Classes and Farm Tours


One Island News
EBT Users
Learn about the upcoming classes, farm tours, and double buck coupons available for South Kona, Ka'u and North Kohala EBT users.


What a Buzzz ....

 Honey Flow
As we go to publication, this amazing bee-friendly / spigot style hive project has raised over $8,262,000.00
in their start-up campaign with 23,000+ contributors.
And their original goal was a modest $70,000.
What a great Green Business success story!
Visit the Flow's Facebook page
We are All in the Same Canoe
Vanuatu Fundraiser :


One Island made a donation to the Honey Flow / Oxfam fundraiser benefiting the cyclone victims on Vanuatu. They raised over $97,000, well beyond their $20,000 goal.



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Same Canoe

Island Grown Food Challenge


Project Partners


The Food Basket 'Da Box' CSA

South Kona Green Market

Adaptation's Fresh Feast CSA

Honaunau School &

School Garden

Hawaii Farmers Union United

Kona Chapter

Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers

and more to come


Honaunau School gardeners 


How You Can Participate

Invitations to cooking classes at Farmer's Markets and local schools,  Grow-Your-Own Workshops at community gardens, Film Nights at local churches, Farm Tours and Farm-to-Fork dinners, will start being announced in June.
All events are open to any Island resident interested in getting better connected to the local food system.
Parent/child participation welcomed!

EBT Households can request full scholarships to classes and tours. Each scholarship provides a bounty of local farm produce and fun learning experiences.


 Island Cuisine Cookbook  

Local Food advocate Sonia Martinez is celebrating the publication of

Soup to Nuts

Sonia's immeasurable passion for local foods sees her writing, touring, attending, photographing, blogging and serving as a judge for all types of culinary celebrations on the Island of Hawaii.

Congratulations on the New Book, Sonia!
(and see sample recipes)


Zero Mile


Update No 3


We hit a challenge with the straw bales. Not unexpected, but the vegetable, herbs and flowers just weren't flourishing with out added inputs. Rather than resort to chemical fertilizers, we've turned to a freeze dried organic chicken manure fertilizer and are adding soil around the plants to boost their nutrition source. Results are showing promising improvements.
Using a feed trough for a raised bed container, this One Island garden is growing healthy eggplant, tomato, basil, kale and marigolds. So far the growth rate has exceeded that of the straw bales using organic soil and the freeze dried chicken manure. See photo above.


Local Food System

Green Building

Art and Culture

Natural Resources


It's all connected

Same Canoe Island Grown

Local Food Challenge


Waimea Farmers Market 


Families + Farmers = Food Security, 

Great Flavor and Good Health



What do Island Families Need?   Fresh, nutritious local food for their household at a reasonable price.


What do Island Farmers Need?   Families who want fresh, nutritious local food, paying a reasonable price that 

helps keep small farms in family hands - and minimizes the carbon foot print of our food transportation.


Garden day

 Island gardeners sowing the seeds for change


It's a Great Match!


 But let's face the facts. In spite of growing interest in the idea of reclaiming our local Hawaii food system, farmers just aren't seeing much of an up-tick in local demand - or socio-economic diversity of customers - and therefore aren't motivated to risk growing larger quantities of local food until they

see the demand increase.


In fact, when asked how One Island could help them, most farmers will say "Bring us MORE customers who value

local food and want improved health and food security".


Did you know that in 1960, more than 80% of Hawaii's food was locally grown and by 2000 that flipped to over 80% imported? How do we flip it back?


In the coming months we'll be sharing local food system values and strategies working around the country and world that are engaging buyers from all walks of life.



Local Food Challenge 

Grant News


One Island and The Green School are pleased to announce we are joining hands with local food system partners to launch a new Same Canoe food initiative:


Island Grown

Local Food Challenge  

 Double Our Local Food Consumption 



Join us in accepting the challenge to DOUBLE our local food consumption through local produce purchases, expanding our kitchen gardens, and discovering tasty new recipes.


Where ever you live on the Island of Hawaii you can join

this initiative and focus your intention on


Making Change Happen


     right in your own kitchen, garden, and when dining out.


Superfood Heros
  Green School Students creating a Super Food Garden


Taste the Change   One Island's Green School and Green Think Tour programs will be offering local food classes, recipe contests, film nights, workshops and farm tours in South Kona, Ka'u and North Kohala to stimulate community support for doubling local food support and consumption.


EBT News   In addition to the learning activities, qualifying households who are EBT users can sign-up to get $30-$150 in local food 'double buck' coupons that can be redeemed at the South Kona Green Market, Hawi Farmer's Market, Food Basket Da Box CSA, Adaptations Fresh Feast Organic CSA and at local farm and food events. Classes and tours are offered at no cost to EBT users and help qualify households for additional double buck coupons


Mahalo to the National Institute for Food and Agriculture       for supporting this food security project.

Food Classes & Workshops 
Presented by One Island's Green School for the
Same Canoe Local Food Challenge 
Can you name the many nutritional and health products available thanks to our pollinators - the Butterflies and Honeybees? Come sample wonderful local bee products
and take home bee and butterfly friendly plants.
                                              Monarch on our new sunflower crop
Have you discovered the delicious surprise of fresh microgreens? High protein from sprouted seeds? Or the probiotic benefits of Kombucha? We'll build microgreen home garden trays, gather sprouting tools, and learn to make effervescent Kombucha.
Ever heard of beet kavaas? Or considered making your own cheese, chayote pickles, or sauerkraut / kim chee?
Any idea what to do with ulu or breadfruit?
Curious how to grow your own mushrooms?
Want to turn your kitchen compost into a sweet smelling, rich soil amendment for your garden? Need a nudge to get worms transforming your fresh food scraps into amazing soil?
Let's learn together!

Join us for fun, informative and empowering  upcoming classes and workshops that
celebrate local foods and food security
Remember, EBT users living in South Kona, Ka'u and North Kohala can request full scholarships PLUS receive additional double buck local produce coupons for attending. To sign-up for EBT benefits, email name, phone and address to [email protected]

Change can be quite satisfying...

Island Grown

New Kama'aina Farm Tours visit South Kona, Ka'u and

North Kohala growers with delicious results



Shifting gears, the Green Think Tours are moving from Green Building showcases to Island Grown Farm Tours. Each Island Grown tour includes an overview of a beautiful farm, Q&A with a local farmer, and the take away of a share of produce. Tours are $25-$40 per person and include a take-home produce selection (scholarships available for qualified EBT users).


FIRST TOURS    We launch the farm tours in June and July with visits to South Kona and North Kohala farms.


Each 1-1/2 hr visit will enjoy a get-to-know-your-farmer talk and provide fresh food take-home options.


Fruits, veggies, aquaponics, greenhouse, natural farming, organic, Polynesian canoe and more!