June 2014
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Green School News, Films, and Low Cost Solar Power Options    Vol 28

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Sister Organization

Hawai'i Island School Garden Network

Building school gardens as powerful outdoor learning centers
One Island had a great experience in early June by attending the annual  Garden Network teacher training program in Waimea. Garden teachers from around the Pacific converged to learn and share strategies for leveraging school gardens as multi-disciplinary learning environments. Studies show that school scores SOAR when the garden is the classroom.
A heartfelt thanks to Nancy, Amanda and Ming Wei - garden instructors - and the Kohala Center.
Green is a Verb Let's make it happen in the Garden!

Films to Catch

If you missed our showings of Symphony of the Soil, catch it at the North Kohala Library where One Island is donating a local copy.

Newly released film on the importance of seed diversity and seed sovereignty in the face of multi-national corporate take over, and patenting, of our heritage seeds.



One Island has brought solar power to over 175 homes - are you next?  See below.

  The Sustainability Canoe
Summer - a season where friendship and enjoyment are time honored goals. For One Island, entering summer is a good time to pause and reflect on the  sustainability advocates we have enjoyed collaborating with in North Kohala, Waimea, Hamakua and South Kona this year, as well as the new friends we are charting a course with for the future. 
Sustainability is certainly a challenging voyage. It is not always easy to 'paddle together' but we can well learn from the trying. And when the strokes sync up, it is a beautiful focus of human potential.
There is something promising out on the horizon and, as the 'fleet' grows, better are our chances of attaining our goals for food security, clean energy, meaningful community and mindful living.
Tell us the skills you'd like to learn for the voyage by clicking here for the community survey.
We've Got News!
Jane Goodall Institute, Hokulea Voyagers, Kokua Hawaii and the Hawaii Island School Garden Network programs are coming to Kohala and Kona!
One Island is developing a new Green School education program for youth and adults. We launched the Kohala Green School in May and the Kona Green School will set sail in July. These programs join a global Green School movement and bring our own island style to learning about green living and sustainability.
Phase One: The Kohala Green School is offering home school families a challenging weekly youth enrichment program serving North and South Kohala. The Sept-June program engages students in environmental literacy and green living through science, art, creative writing, music and school garden projects. Soon we will be adding a monthly enrichment program in Kona and potentially in Honoka'a as well. Interested Home Schooling families in those areas are invited to email us at greenschool@oneisland.org
Food . Soil . Energy . Green Building . Watersheds Families . Wellness . Art and Culture 
It's about building Community Resilience
Phase Two: One Island's Green School is raising funding for a new series of sustainability programs for island residents and visitors. Our grants writing is focused on expanding the successful South Kona and Kohala programs to include other communities. If there is a subject you'd really like to explore - or teach - please take the 
            Summer Sustainability Survey or send a request to              
         greenschool@oneisland.org    All responses are confidential.
Click to learn about the Kohala Green School
and our programs featuring the Jane Goodall Institute,
Hokulea Voyaging, Pachmama Alliance, Kokua Hawaii and the Hawaii Island School Garden Network.



Solar Power News 


One Island 



Solar Power puts a BIG smile on home owner's faces

Cut your power bills in HALF!


One Island recommends looking into the Pure Energies net-metered solar program that will lower your monthly electric costs per KwH to less than half HELCO's current rates. Plus, they lock-in the price for years to come.     As HELCO's rates inevitably rise, yours remain at about $.20 a KwH.

Sound too good to be true? This is a nationwide program with proven results.


How Does it Work? Home owners sign a power purchase agreement with Pure Energies and, in turn, with zero-down, Pure Energies has a Hawaii-based installer put one of their solar panel systems on your roof. You then pay for power at a greatly reduced rate with a guarantee the price per kilowatt hour remains the same for the life of a 15-20 year agreement. AND, you don't have to do any maintenance on the system. If you sell the home, the new owners take on the agreement and the savings is a bonus for them as well.           A Great Green Step!

Requires good credit, adequate sun, and a location where net-metering is available. Residential only.

Other lease-to-own or direct purchase options are available.


Click to request a free solar analysis and zero-down contract information

or email hawaii@oneisland.org


Solar power is a choice we can make that is a valuable contribution towards reducing climate change impacts - a good way to be part

of the solution!


One Island's Pure Energies program also serves households in:

CA, AZ, CO, MD, MA, CT, NJ, NY. Let friends and families know!


Hawaii  Solar Array


                  Pure Energies is a One Island Green School Fundraising Partner