June 2013  Same Canoe Newsletter Honaunau, Hawaii   

The One Island Challenge: Did it Work?,  
What has OI's Sustainability Investment Yielded?, Art in the Garden,  Did You Know?: Solar Energy Project,

Summer Camp for Grown Ups,   New Garden Grants,   Youth Camp News.   Vol 21 

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Coming Up:

Summer Camp for Grown Ups !


One Island is planning a new weekend education series during the summer that is full of fun learning activities.
No need to get on a plane for a 'get-a-way' - plan to join us for fun Saturday and/or Sunday half-day and evening workshops with optional meals, campfire storytelling, and fun community building experiences.

Join us for a weekend
immersion in sustainable living that tickles the brain and delights the senses.

Sample of the Camp Programs:



Art and Music Camp
Music with Maka and Papermaking
with Susan O'Malley
July 12-14


Nature and Ecology Camp
with Susan Lehner
July 27-28



Wellness Camp
Deborah Anapol and friends
August 3-4

All ages welcome; Adults encouraged to come play!
A little Second
Childhood fun?
Why Not ?

Summer Garden Grants
Art by Gerald Strine
Come learn about One Island's new mini garden grants for low income and green living households on Saturday. Email to pre-quallify to [email protected]
Meet up: June 8th, 10am  - noon.   
May Day Face Painting at Honaunau School
Summer 2013
Youth Programs

Superfood Heros  
YES!! Youth Camp
Day Camp dates are July 17 and 31. RSVP to [email protected] to enroll a student. Sibling discounts. Camp runs 9am-2pm. Optional extended time 2-5pm.
Make a donation of $60 to provide a scholarship for two local youth to attend One Island's YES! Day Camps during July.
YES!! = Youth Empowerment for Sustainability
West Hawaii Exploration Academy overnight YES!! Camp May 2013
Three Sisters Plantings
Greenhouse Tour 
Cooking it UP!
One Island will keep building sustainable community programs
with your help!

Sister Programs
Bullock's Permaculture Homestead
The intrepid Bullocks' brothers are considered by many to be the grandfathers of permaculture in the United States. Their homestead on Oracs Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State is a legendary teaching and learning facility that welcomes dozens of eager young minds each summer and has brought permaculture practices from around the world to life. One Island's team has toured their farm and been a neighbor on Orcas and we encourage you to learn about their programs.
Inter-Island Exchange
There is a strong cultural connection between Orcas and the Hawaii Islands with many farmers young and old spending time living and working in both archipelagos. One Island is developing an inter-island exchange between these islands, along with Whidbey Island. More news on this Same Canoe Island Exchange soon.

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OI Web 
The Root Change
The Six Cornerstones of Sustainability include:
reclaiming our local food system, 
switching to renewable energy, natural resource conservation, promoting green economic efforts and creating green jobs,
practicing health and wellness,
celebrating arts and culture.
The foundation for these Cornerstones
 - that makes achieving sustainable living in the 21st century possible - is a process of human transformation, wisdom sharing, and daily personal practice. 
Yes Campers 
The Change begins with each one of us, and with-in our local communities.

Investing in Sustainability

Since 2002, the One Island team's efforts have been bringing education, rural development, and sustainability resources to West Hawaii.  



Tell Us Your Story


One Island and its parent 501c3 non-profit organization, Heritage Ranch, have invested over $2 million in federal and state grant funding in West Hawaii over the past ten years.  Since opening the gates of our learning center in 2009, and launching educational programs in 2010, we've been testing community engagement models that connect our community to teachers and resources aimed at increasing sustainability capacities. Did the programs make a difference in your life? If so, send us a testimonial at [email protected] or take the Sustainability Survey on the left and add your comments.




      Solar Refrigeration and Electric Grant Recipient



The Good Works 


As a non-profit program, 100% of our grant funding has been focused on increasing access to education and tools that improve the quality of rural life  in West Hawaii. We have served a cross section of the community from the lowest income families to students, the disabled and seniors, to those wanting to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Over 4,500 West Hawaii residents have benefited from our programs and 100% of the $2,064,900 in federal and state funding has been invested in projects that have yielded measurable positive results.


Local Grants for Families, Farms and Non-profits 


One Island has distributed $1,209,500 in direct grants and technical support to our local region in the form of equipment, education and materials support for increasing sustainable living practices. The remainder of the funding has been invested in direct services to rural households, schools, non-profits, farms and small businesses.


We've brought solar energy, online learning, food gardens and innovative sustainability education programs to 286 grant recipients, 674 workshop participants, 1,045 festival attendees, 5 senior / food bank and disabled programs, 26 small farms, and 392 Hawaii students. Over 1300 people receive our educational monthly newsletter now on Issue 21 and our web site and Facebook pages are viewed by folks from around the world.   


Serving Those Most In Need


Two Native Hawaiian fishing villages, Ho'okena and Miloli'i, are direct grant recipients with 58 families and a community center eligible for One Island solar oven, gardening, or solar electric and refrigeration grants. We are helping those in the most need improve their quality of life, health and safety.


4,500 People, 28 Green Jobs, 10,800 Volunteer Hours


We've now served over 4,500 people, created 28 green jobs, and have invested over 10,800 local and visiting volunteer hours in local programs and school gardens. Our immediate focus is to bring more tools and resources to the most underserved areas of West Hawaii.
Improving Rural Infrastructure 


Canoe Grant Circle 

All of this work has improved the quality of life, lowered the cost of living, and enriched a rural area where basic utility and education resources are scarce or non-existent. Plus we've secured the funding to build and staff an off-grid rural community education, demonstration, and economic development facility for the past eight years and continue to build partnerships with sister organizations.


Has One Island reached the results we aimed for?
  and we have exceeded our original goals by being responsive to local needs that we had not  pre-identified but encountered in our field work and education programs.

 Off-grid solar grant on ohia logs



On behalf of West Hawaii, Mahalo to the USDA Rural Development, Hawaii Department of Labor, and HUD Rural Economic Development!
Art and Music
are other forms of
food and energy

Inspiring art and music feeds the soul and empowers the mind and May saw the launch of One Island's Art and Music programs. Over 50 people attended our weekend events that included the art exhibit with 16 artists, music, singing, drumming and two great hands-on art and photography workshops. Connecting culture with sustainability is part of building enduring social change.

Enjoy the outcomes of our arts events below and join us for future programs.

Art in the Garden Grand Prize Winner: Film
Midway - Message from the Gyre
by Chris Jordan

Click image to watch the trailer

Chris Jordan is a visual artist tackling some of the most complex and hard to comprehend subject matter in ways that help us begin to grasp the impacts of industrial culture on the environment. His giant murals challenge viewers to comprehend the scale of our waste products and drive us to look at changing our own behaviors. This year, Chris is releasing a new movie called MIDWAY and the trailer is a powerful message about the impacts of our plastic waste on marine wildlife. Watch the trailer here and look for showings of his film in 2013 and 2014. See his mural works here. Chris has won a special oceanfront getaway at the solar powered Mauna Lani resort.

First Prize: Photography - Kathleen Carr
First Prize: Sculpture -
Michael Olson

First Prize: Fiber Arts -
Aloha Quilters Guild


First Prize: Printmaking -
Andrea Pro


Thank you to the Nasturtium Cafe, Annie's Burgers and Rapa Nui restaurants, Kona Stories Books, and the Mauna Lani for providing gift certificate awards for the winning artist entries.
Did You Know?
West Hawaii Sustainable Energy Project
has brought over one million dollars in solar
services to West Hawaii
Solar Hot Water
We are nearing the end of a five-year solar energy grant that is delivering  $750,000 in equipment and over $250,000 in technical support to 200 rural households, farms, fishing villages, non-profits, and small businesses in West Hawaii. 
Since starting services in 2008, the West Hawaii Sustainable Energy Project (WHSEP) has worked with 16 local vendors to deliver high quality, cost saving solar systems.  WHSEP has demonstrated an innovative, community-based renewable energy delivery model. This model provides remote rural areas with access to technology literacy and grants writing, technical support, energy efficiency training, and installs cost saving solar electric, refrigeration, water pumping, or hot water systems.
Solar Off Grid Electric for Farms

Managed by Heritage Ranch and One Island, the Sustainable Energy project will next be installing solar energy for the ARC of Kona and the Miloli'i Community Pavilion. Solar ovens are slated for over 50 homes in rural Hawaiian fishing villages in 2013.
Technical assistance to increase energy efficiency
Neighbor-to-neighbor information sharing to
help make more informed decisions.
Solar Grid Tie
Before and After Solar Fridge  
Getting off gas generators with solar and upgrading from a small portable plastic ice chest ( and long daily trips for ice) to their first electric refrigeration.

Loving having his FIRST refrigeration 'evah'
Real quality of life changes thanks to USDA  and One Island support 


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