March 2013
  Same Canoe Newsletter Honaunau, Hawaii   

Mauka to Makai Field Trips, Organic Gardening Workshop, Soil and Composting Workshops,

Aquaponics Tour, Film Series, Buy One / Give One, and New Garden Grants.   Vol 18. 
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The Root Change
trough garden 
The Six Cornerstones of Sustainability include: reclaiming our local food system, switching to renewable energy, practicing natural resource conservation, promoting green economic efforts, practicing health and wellness, and celebrating arts and culture.
The foundation for these Cornerstones
 - that makes acheiving sustainable living in the 21st century possible - is a process of human transformation, wisdom sharing, and daily personal practice. 
The Change begins with each one of us, and with-in our local communities.
Listen to scientist and activist Dr. Vandana Shiva's presentation on Kauai
regarding environmental protection.


2013 Local Food Workshops and  Cultural Events  

Mark Your Calendar 
No Fruit Left Behind
Gleaning & Processing Teams 
Thursdays as announced on 
Community Garden Volunteer Days
March 6th and 20th
  Yes Campers
March Special Events:
Where's Your Watershed?
and Got Soil?
Wed., March 6th
Healthy Organic Gardening
Wed., March 13th
Composting and Vermiculture
Wed., March 20th
Aquaculture Tour
Wed., March 27th
Film Nights
 7pm at One Island
End of the Line
Thurs. March 7th
Thurs. March 14th
Half the Sky
Thus. March 21st
Blue Gold
Thurs. March 28th
Mauka to Makai
Field Trips
Kealakekua Bay
Watershed - Mountain
to Sea
Sat. March 16th
Makai: Whale Watch
Fri. March 29th
2013 Themes:
April ~ Food & Music
May ~ Art in the Garden
June ~ Youth Empowerment
July ~ Community & Family Gardens Take Root
August ~ Marine Life
September ~ Slow Money & The Green Economy
October ~ Green Living Design & Innovation
November ~ Reclaiming our Local Food System
December ~ Gratitude
Celebrating Sustainability!


Curious about health care options?

Wellness Program Launch 


Let us know your needs and interests through an anonymous, easy, three question  Online Survey

February launched One Island's 2013 wellness programing and we'll be hosting follow up workshops all year long that we invite you to attend.
 Examples of workshops:
Heart Math with
Barbara Coffman
Massage and Energy Balancing
with Island Spirit Spa
Chiropractics and Alignments
with Koakane Green
Ayurveda with Annette Rutty
Astrology with Kathryn Andren
Community Accupuncture
with Stacey Sheppard
Tai Chi with
Philippe Hema
Living Foods with
Ben Cohn
Wheat Free Foods
Juice Cleansing
Qi Gong
Sprouted and Fermented Foods
and more!
Fall Wellness Day
The February Wellness weekend was a great way to sample many different types of health and wellness practices. We'll be repeating the event again in the Fall. If you are curious about your health care options, watch for news.

 NFLB Crew   


for One Island's

Great Community Programs

Show your support for the NO FRUIT LEFT BEHIND local food gleaning project by purchasing a fun shopping tote, mug, or cotton T-shirt through our Buying Club, Farmer's Markets, or at One Island events.


nflb tote 

Visit our NEW NFLB STORE to learn more.  

100% of proceeds supports our educational and resource conservation programs. 
 Sister Programs
International Drumming Day, by the Sea,
Sunday, March 3rd
DrumSpeak hosts a montly drum circle program that is lead by Elizabeth Theriault in the Kona area. This circle has been active for 14 years and is a special opportunity to join a transformative drumming group that meets the first Tuesday of the month.
Once a year, on International Drumming Day, DrumSpeak arranges a multi-cutlural drumming day at the sea. This year the celebration returns to the magical landsape of Kalaemano, just north of the Four Seasons.
As part of our watershed experiences this month, we recommend this day of drumming at a location with a unique visual perspective on the island's marine and geologic past and present.
We encourage you to enjoy the drumming and take a walk out to the sea from this oasis set in a remote area of the Kona coast. It was traditionally an ancient Hawaiian salt gathering pilgrimdige area and is a relatively untouched pre-contact landscape that offers a unique experience of ancient Hawaiian makai life.   

Visit the New

Web Site 

OI Web 
"Seeds of Freedom, Gardens of Hope"
Dr.Vandana Shiva's presentations on Kauai and Oahu  in January 2013 provided a global perspective on food justice and shared her fearless efforts to seed and generate change. Dr. Shiva offered valuable insights into the challenges Hawaii faces in preventing toxic changes in our seed and farming systems.
On stage with her was Makana, singing a ballad about seed sovereignty. Mahalo to Hawaii SEED for organizing her visit, and to Nancy Redfeather for her inspirational leadership.


Watershed Stewardship

From the Mountains to the Sea  



  For the month of March, One Island is focusing on raising community awareness of Natural Resource Conservation issues by encouraging each of us to get to know our local Watershed.


From the rocks and soil, to the trees and wildlife, from the fresh water aquifers to the sea, it is all an interdependent system. What is our role in this system? Or impact? What makes a watershed a 'watershed'? Where is yours?



Stewardship - it's about thinking local and acting local, right here, right now.



 Green IS a verb - let's work on it together 



Where is My Watershed?
  The varied terrain of the Big Island's four mountains creates many different sizes and shapes of watersheds, all connected to the sea. Do you know what watershed and ahupua'a you live in? Which mountain slope defines your terrain? And which ancient ahupua'a land division you reside in?
Want to find your watershed and ahupua'a? Learn how to understand watershed issues, challenges, human impacts and stewardship options at one of our workshops, field trips, or film nights this month.
Come learn where your watershed and ahupuaa is in West Hawaii, get to know your soil, and learn to improve your soil on Wed. March 6th at One Island (see below).


March Events 

A month full of valuable Mountain-to-Sea

educational activities


Mauka to Makai Field Trips

join us for expert guide-led learning explorations


Explore the Kealakekua Bay Watershed,

from mountain to sea 

with Dr. Rick Bennett, 9am-noon,

Saturday, March 16th


 This field trip is a great way to really see a watershed in its totality, mountain to sea, to understand the human influences that threaten the health of any watershed - and to learn what we can do about it. Meet up at Choice Mart lower parking lot at 8:45am and the trip will carpool up the mountain and down to the sea.  Bring a picnic for lunching at Manini Beach. Donation is $15 adults, $5 youth and goes to support the YES Youth Camp marine studies this summer.



Whale Watch Marine Expedition 

1-4pm, meet at Kailua-Kona Pier at 12:30

Friday, March 29th


 This is the time of year the North Pacific whales come to Hawaii for breeding and our spacious, safe Body Glove whale watch boat will take us out to observe these amazing marine mammals in their wild habitat. Our guides will teach us about the life and migration patterns of the whales, including the disruption of their migrations due to the debris from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 


Group discount rate of $85 per adult and $65 per child available to our participants for Body Glove boat trip if you RSVP to 


March Soil, Food & Garden Workshops


Got Dirt?


Got Soil?

with Bob Shaffer of Soil Culture

Wednesday, March 6th
with an intro on
Where's Your Watershed?
with Mary Roblee

of Kona Soil and Water Conservation District


Workshop is 8:00-noon, with optional 1-3pm hands-on practicum

(bring a picnic lunch)


This workshop will help you map out what watershed you are in, help you identify the predominant soils in your watershed, and then help you understand why and how to improve your soil. Maps for North and South Kona and Ka'u will be provided.

Bring a picnic lunch and at 1pm we'll work on an optional community garden sheet mulching soil building project on the One Island grounds.


Biochar soil 


RSVP required, email


Workshop donation is $15-25 (sliding scale)  including materials, free for any new One Island member


Soil and Water Conservation is critical for Watershed health and the human/animal/plant web of life.



Healthy Organic Gardening

with Una Greenaway


Wednesday, March 13th


kuaiwi taro 


Join us for our annual workshop at Kuaiwi Farm and learn about the soil building and planting systems on this lush 100% non-GMO farm. Una has been a pioneer in organic farming in West Hawaii and has a wealth of wonderful information - and hands-on learning - opportunities to share. We'll meet up at lower Choice Mart parking lot at 8:45 and carpool to her farm due to limited parking. Bring gloves, sturdy shoes and wear protective clothing.


Organic gardening and farming PROTECTS

the watershed and supports beneficial wildlife


Workshop donation is $25; free to a new One Island member.

RSVP to 


Worm BinComposting

and Vermiculture

County of Hawaii Recycling  Wednesday, March 20th



Learn about composting, register for a free compost bin, and discover how beneficial earthworms can help you create fertile moist soil that helps your garden grow GREAT plants and food. We will give away a compost bin to the first 10 people who register; additional bins over what the County has are available from OI at $50.

Worm bins are available for $78 (regularly $115).


Workshop donation $15 / $25 couples. Free for new One Island members. RSVP by email to


Aquaponics Tour 

to Malamamalama Farm

Wednesday, March 27th 
Each year we host an aquaponics learning activity and this year we have a new one to share that features a unique raised bed aquaponics system. Malamamalama Farm is bringing great fruit, vegetables and greens to the Sunday Market and the greens are aquaponically grown. This hip-height growing method for all abilities is worth a visit to see the ingenuity and practicality of the farm's aquaponics system. Bring a cloth grocery bag to purchase fresh produce!
Directions to the South Kona location will be sent in response to your RSVP.
Tour donation is $15/$25 couples, or free with a One Island
annual membership.



Film Nights
Illuminating films, Thursday Evenings, 7pm
Hungry for Change
February 28th
"Your Health is in Your Hands"
End of the Line
March 7th
Gain a better understanding of the collapse of the world's fisheries, the causes, the market forces, and the wisdom of conservation with future generations in mind.


March 14th
Soil is the source of life and it is endangered due to agribusiness and industrial practices. Learn about this urgent challenge and how people are working to change the fate of our human impact on our soil system
Half the Sky
March 21st
Spring Equinox is a time when One Island celebrates the Wisdom of Women each year. This year we are featuring a film that has been shown on PBS and widely praised as an international view of the role women play across cultures. "Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide"
March is also National Women's History Month.
Blue Gold
March 28th
All around the globe, water rights are being bought and sold, often to offset a developing countries debt. Just WHO owns our water rights?
Zero Mile Gardens
taking root in West Hawaii
Ready to eat more local?
bamboo rising
 Growing your own food in a 'zero-mile' garden right outside your door - or in your window - has a positive impact on restoring our local food system. Plus it is fun to become an active part of the life cycle of our food plants, day by day.
In terms of our island's food transportation system, growing our own uses the least amount of petroleum and energy costs to bring the food to our plates. Zero miles versus 3,000 plus miles of transportation costs? Fresh from the garden or 2 weeks old? What do you choose?
Growing your own food is a win-win, plus, it is a great way to connect to the natural cycles and a more meaningful life. From a simple herb container to a raised bed garden, there are options for all abilities.
New Mini Grants for Gardeners
sutsunsAnnouncing Phase Two of the Same Canoe Community Garden Project. Phase Two features a new workshop series where participants can apply for a mini-grant to implement something they have observed at a local community garden or One Island workshop and have selected to implement in their own home garden. In exchange for receiving a grant, participants agree to share their accomplishments with 8 friends, family members or neighbors by hosting a garden showcase that highlights their new garden features.
$12,000 in mini grants will be awarded in 2013 thanks to funding support provided by One Island and the National Institute for Food and Agriculture.
To pre-qualify, register for one or more One Island garden workshops, March-June 2013, by sending an email to and include your name and home address. We'll determine if you are in an approved grant applicant area (rural West Hawaii) and send you an application to fill out and bring to the gardening workshop.
Fun Ways to support One Island,
wherever you are
Youth Camp Participants get to plant and eat wonderful Superfoods!
Our 2013 Membership Drive invites a vote of support for our sustainability programming. If One Island's work at integrating sustainability into our everyday lifestyles inspires you, please join us as a Member  or purchase one of our fundraising products .
Every dollar we raise goes right back into supporting our innovative programs, youth activities, and much needed community services.
New Farm Store Fundraisers
See us on Sundays at the South Kona Green Market or select from our online store
organic womens and mens t shirts
Soft organic cotton Tshirts
Grocery totes with a local foods message
Aprons for cooking and jammin'
lunch bag
Mini totes for lunch or shopping
  One Island will keep building sustainable community programs with your help!
No Fruit Left Behind 
 a zero waste food campaign
Food pantry donations 
One Island's crew and volunteers are back out gleaning fruit that would otherwise go to waste. We average 50% as a community give back, and the remaining 50% is turned into a fundraising project.
Let us know of fruit that can be gleaned and we'll arrange a crew to come help out. Improve the health of your trees, lessen fruit flies, and help our community's health, wellness, and food independence.
NEW: Buy One / Give One
Tastes Good and Feels Great
For every fruit you buy at our Farmer's Market Booth, we'll donate a fruit you select to local food baskets and senior centers.Help us fill a bushel basket. Fruit donations are delivered during the coming week.
Give directly back to your community!
Email to request a crew.
ART and MUSIC in the Garden
A Heads Up for some fun new programs:

Saturday, April 27th, One Island and Slow Food are co-hosting GINGER & JAZZ, a great night of sultry Brazilian jazz and fiery ginger dishes, beverages, and desserts. All under the stars on a Full Moon!
Saturday, May 18th, One Island is hosting ART in the GARDEN, a juried installation of art and sculpture on the One Island grounds with a dinner and wine tasting. Art entries are due May 3rd and all media / scales of work are welcome. Email for entry form.


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