February 2013  Same Canoe Newsletter Honaunau, Hawaii   

Wellness Weekend, Plant Medicine Workshop, Living Foods Workshop,

Nature Yoga, Film Series, and New Garden Grants. Vol 17. 
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2013 Local Food Workshops and  Cultural Events  

Mark Your Calendar 
No Fruit Left Behind
Gleaning & Processing Teams 
Thursdays as announced on 
Community Garden Volunteer Days
Jan 9th and 23rd  
February Special Events:
Medicinal Plants
Wednesday, February 6th
with Momi Subiono
Film Nights
May I Be Frank
Thurs. February 7th
Simply Raw
Sat. February 16th
hosted by Ben Cohn
Holotropic Breathwork and Shamanism
Thus. February 21st
hosted by Walter Collins
Hungry for Change
Thurs. February 29th
Wellness Weekend
Sat & Sun February 16-17
Wellness Fair
Raw Food Film and Potluck
with Ben Cohn 6-9pm
Living Foods Workshop
with Ben Cohn
9am-4pm incl lunch
Yoga at One Island
Nature Yoga with Claire Zane
Tuesdays February 19th and 26th, 7-8:30am;
Thursdays, February 21st and 28th 4:30-6pm
Grow Hawaii
Sat. Feb 23rd
Hawaii Garden Festival
at Amy Greenwell Ethonobotanic Garden. 9-3pm
2013 Themes:
March is Watersheds
April is Music
May is Art
June is Youth
Celebrating Sustainability!


One Island's

AmeriCorps VISTAs

start this month!

Small non-profits face many challenges and VISTA volunteers can be of great assistance helping to build local programs and increase an organization's capacity to achieve sustainability.
We are thrilled to announce that our first two VISTAs, Regina and Renada, are finishing their training and start-up at One Island in February!
Help them feel welcome - they are a long way from home and are full of tremendous enthusiasm to help us grow and build new programs in West Hawaii.

 NFLB Crew   


for One Island's

Great Community Programs

Show your support for the NO FRUIT LEFT BEHIND local food gleaning project by purchasing a fun shopping tote, mug, or cotton T-shirt through our Buying Club, Farmer's Markets, or at One Island events.


nflb tote 

Visit our Buying Club   to learn more.  

100% of proceeds supports our educational and resource conservation programs. 
Sister Programs
Can you name the plants you used this morning?
One Island reaches out to sister programs around the world to share knowledge and explore  collaboration opportunities.   This month we are featuring
Botanical Dimensions,
founded by Kathleen Harrison.
The provocative question above is how Kat starts one of her intriguing ethnobotany workshops and most of us are quick to answer what we 'ate'. But then she challenges us to look closer ... at the clothes and shoes we are wearing, the housing structure we live in and bed we sleep in, the paper we wrote on, even what is in our toothpaste.
February Feature:
Occidental, CA and South Kona, HI
B.D. is an ethnobotany research, preservation, and education organization working in Peru, Mexico, and the United States. Preserving indigenous plant knowledge is a major emphasis and providing a bridge between western cultures and ancient plant practices is an extremely valuable service cultivated by Kat Harrison and her colleagues.
Join Kat Harrison and Momi Subiono for an ethnobotany intensive
on the Island of Hawaii
February 13th-25th. 

Same Canoe

Community Gardens

WHEA Same Canoe gardeners
One Island's Same Canoe project is assisting 16 local gardens to develop new learning resources - and food - to help increase our food security and nutrition.
Attend a Same Canoe Garden Workshop in 2013 and learn about qualifying for a garden mini grant (grants are open to rural South Kona residents).

Visit the New

Web Site 

OI Web 
NEW Garden Grants
Ready to eat
more local?
New Mini Grants for Gardeners
At the February 23rd Grow Hawaii festival, we'll be announcing Phase Two of the Same Canoe Community Garden Project. Phase Two features a new workshop series where participants can apply for a mini-grant to implement something they have observed at a local community garden or One Island workshop and have selected to implement in their own home garden.

Great News for South Kona: $12,000 in mini grants  
will be awarded in 2013 thanks to funding support provided by One Island and the National Institute for Food and Agriculture.
Attend a One Island garden workshop to learn more.
Grow Hawaii
ag tour
Annual Celebration of Hawaii's agricultural traditions
Sat. February 23rd,
Amy B H Greenwell Ethnobotanic Garden, Captain Cook


February is our Wellness Program Launch



 The Six Cornerstones of Sustainability include local food system, renewable energy, natural resource protection, green economic efforts, health and wellness, and arts and culture.


 For 2013, we'll be showcasing all six of the cornerstones as a whole system model. The goal of our community education programs is to illuminate these interconnected components of a successful sustainable community design.



Sustainability isn't a product;

it it isn't a single practice.

It is an integrated lifestyle that starts

right here, first, in our own

hearts, minds, and bodies.


 Come Explore Wellness as an integral

Sustainability Cornerstone  



February Events 

A month full of valuable educational activities



Wellness Weekend

and Living Foods Workshop

February 16th &17th


Fourteen wellness practitioners are gathering at One Island for a wonderful weekend of Wellness explorations. The two-day celebration begins Saturday the 16th with workshops, delicious local foods lunch, private 20-minute wellness practice samplers, and a concluding tea.


Saturday night launches the second program starting with an introduction to raw foods. Sunday the 17th we'll dive into a full day of do-it-yourself raw and fermented foods menu and healthy living instruction. You'll love the way this food helps your body feel!


Free Wellness Fair Sat. pass for new One Island members.


Information and registration for the Wellness Weekend and Living Foods is now online.



Mark your calendars
for these workshops and films:


Noni fruit and leaves are native medicine

Plant Medicine Workshop

with Momi Subiono

Wed. February 6th



Explore the medicinal plants - wild and cultivated - in One Island's gardens, learn about their medicinal properties, and make an herbal infusion with ethnobotany educator, Momi Subiono. Workshop fee of $35 includes your own custom herbal infusion to make and take home. Click here for more information. 



One Island Film Nights

always  thought provoking ...



May I Be Frank

a tale of transformation to healthy living


 "Who says you have to remain in patterns that don't serve you? This is a story of redemption. It's exciting and inspiring. Don't miss it!"

John Robbins

"Seeing this film is an invitation for your heart to open"

Woody Harrelson

Thursday, February 7th, 6:30pm


Simply Raw

potluck and film night
with Ben Cohn 

Saturday, February 16th, 6:30


Stanislav Grof and Michael Harner

Holotropic Breathwork and Shamanism
A Dialogue and Discussion

Moderated by Walter Collins

Thursday, Febraury 21st

(preceeded by Nature Yoga with Claire Zane, 4:30)


Hungry for Change

an eye opening look at ways to change our relationship to food and to our food system

Thursday, February 29th, 6:30pm

(preceeded by Nature Yoga with Claire Zane, 4:30)





Living Foods Workshop

Raw and Fermented, Healthy Green Living

with Ben Cohn


Sunday, February 17th





Benjamin Cohn is a fermented and raw food specialist raised in Kona and now living in North Kohala. Through intensive study and diligent practice, he has developed a unique style of healing foods that he delivers alongside clarifying information. He has been recognized as a 'steadfast pioneer' and an innovator in the combining of raw and fermented foods from various cultures. He has given consultation to long time chefs, medical doctors, and wellness experts. This is your chance to come learn with this inspiring wellness practitioner. Your body will love you for it!



To register for his workshop, and get information about the free introductory presentation the evening before, visit the web event page 




Nature Yoga
with Claire Zane
at One Island
Tuesdays, February 19th & 26th,
Thursdays, February 21st and 28th,


Choose an early morning yoga practice soothed by bird song, or an afternoon yoga practice leading up to sunset. Morning or late afternoon, yoga set in an outdoor setting is a restorative and centering experience quite different than practicing in a studio. You'll breathe in the natural world and see the plants and wildlife in new ways.
Includes comfortable yoga and breathing practices, combined with a silent nature walk into the One Island medicinal gardens. Suggested donation $12. RSVP to [email protected]



Green is a Verb - let's do it together!


 Check out our fun new Web Site Feature
Hawaii Before
Envision Hawaii in the 1800s to early 1900s  
twain at kealakekua
Twain at Cook's Monument, Kealakekua Bay
What do satirist Mark Twain, beloved storyteller Robert Louis Stevenson, adventurous sailor-author Jack London, and the indomitable Isabella Bird all have in common?
They visited the 'Sandwich Islands' long before American Statehood and wrote about their amazing discoveries, experiences, and humorous adventures. Come read what Hawaii was like in the years it first became an international explorers destination.
 You can now read their detailed and absorbing stories online through One Island. Under 'Education' on our web site menu,
to visit the Full Circle Learning Network.
This project was built by a One Island sister project for local rural schools to provide intriguing and enjoyable learning resources about life in early Hawaii.
Accessible from anywhere in the world. Fun for all ages.
What You'll Discover
  A Kilauea trail so hot and blistering it burnt the bottom of your shoes to walk out to rolling waves and spectacular fountains of Halemaumau's mesmerizing glowing lava.
  Horse and mule rides into remote valleys with no roads, only ropes to lower you down and up again in the lush stream-filled gulches.
Bird's view approaching the glowing volcano
  Miles of orange trees in Kona
and the remains of ancient temples. Sheep ranches up mauka and Umi's sacred temple. Soft breezes unique to the west coast that Jack London called "Kona zephyrs".
  Inter-island boat trips filled with ukelele-playing native Hawaiians sleeping on the decks and their pigs rolling across the planks in the sea swells.
  The haunting story Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in Ho'okena during a solo escape from the taxing celebrity he encountered living on Waikiki.
  And certainly stories about surfing, long before it became a popular American sport.
  Male Hula at time of first Western contact
No Fruit Left Behind
Food pantry donations Where does all of the fruit go from
No Fruit Left Behind? 
50% goes to the food banks, senior centers, and a share goes to the gleaners and farms who make it all happen. The other 50% goes into ingenious value-added products that you can purchase at our farm booth every Sunday at the South Kona Green Market.
Try a wowy spicy popsicle, cold fresh juices and teas, solar baked goods, fresh produce, or pick up one of our fundraising t-shirts - now also in soft organic cotton!  Cotton grocery totes and lunch bags too.
Goal for 2013: 7,500 pounds of reclaimed fruit
diverted from waste and turned into local food!
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Reclaiming our Local Food System,

one tree at a time.

Fun Ways to support One Island,
wherever you are
Youth Camp Participants get to plant and eat wonderful Superfoods!
Our 2013 Membership Drive invites a vote of support for our sustainabiliity programming. If our work at integrating sustainability into our everyday lifestyles inspires you, please join us as a Member  or purchase one of our fundraising products .
Every dollar we raise goes right back into supporting our innovative programs, youth activities, and much needed community services.
New Farm Store Fundraisers
See us on Sundays at the South Kona Green Market or select from our online store
organic womens and mens t shirts
Soft organic cotton Tshirts
Grocery totes with a local foods message
Aprons for cooking and jammin'
lunch bag
Mini totes for lunch or shopping
  One Island will keep building sustainable community programs with your help!


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