January 2013  Same Canoe Newsletter  Honaunau, Hawaii vol.16

Featuring: Gardening, Qi Gong, and Ethnobotany Learning Circles, Chocolate Recap,
No Fruit Left Behind, Same Canoe Community Gardens, Tell Your Story
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 Gleaning Rambutan

Gleaners come in all shapes and sizes - and species


2013 Local Food Workshops and Cultural Events  

Mark Your Calendar 
No Fruit Left Behind
Gleaning & Processing Teams 
Thursdays as announced on 
Community Garden Volunteer Days
Jan 9th and 23rd  
January Special Events:
How Plants Got Legs
Wednesday, January 16th
The origins of plants
Qi Gong
with Hallie Iglehart
Saturday, January 19th
Ancient Hawaiian Agriculture
Origins of Hawaiian Agriculture at Amy Greenwell Garden
Friday, January 25th
2012 Monthly Themes:
February is Wellness,
March is Watersheds,
April is Music,
May is Art,
June is Youth.

 NFLB Crew
Celebrating Sustainability!


for One Island's

Great Programs

nflb tote 
Show your support for the NO FRUIT LEFT BEHIND local food gleaning project by purchasing a fun shopping tote, mug, or cotton T-shirt through our Buying Club, Farmer's Markets, or at One Island events.


nflb t shirt

Visit our Buying Club   to learn more.  

100% of proceeds supports our educational and resource conservation programs. 
Sister Programs
"No Man is an Island"?
Neither is a non-profit
One Island reaches out to sister programs around the world to share knowledge and explore collaboration opportunities. Each month we will be featuring an organization or program in the newsletter that we think you will enjoy reading about.
January Feature:
OAEC is situated on an 80 acre preserve and hosts inspirational and highly informative workshop programs, internships, and cultural events.
OAEC Garden 
One Island team members have visited OAEC several times and found the exchange of sister program experiences very valuable. OAEC has over 20 years of experience operating excellent ecological and cultural programs with a sustainability theme.
Thanks to Brock, Adam and the entire OAEC family for sharing your vision and tool kits with others.

Same Canoe

Community Gardens

One Island's Same Canoe project is assisting 15 local gardens to develop new learning resources - and food - to help increase our food security and nutrition.
SKEA Spiral Garden
  Honaunau School Garden
Attend a Same Canoe Garden Workshop in 2013 and learn about qualifying for a garden mini grant (open to rural South Kona residents).

Visit the New

Web Site 

OI Web 


Happy New Year !


 For 2013, we encourage you to not only be an active part of  the sustainability movement in ways you may already imagine - but to also discover at least three new ways to integrate sustainability more fully into your life.


the gift by rob schouten
All around the world we are in the process of remembering and rediscovering sustainability practices that were once common but now need to be reclaimed. We have witnessed the damaging results of unsustainable development, social isolation, violence, and technology addiction all around us, wherever we may live. We know there is a wiser way to think ... and act.


Fortunately, tens of millions of us around the world are ready for a change. 


Evidence suggests that we are moving into an Age of Intention, one where we more fully recognize that the consequences of our daily choices really do impact the nature of the world around us -  in our local community, as a society, and in relation to the natural world that is our shared home.  If we are to reach a higher human potential as a species, it is going to happen by changing the way we think, the way we act, and the intentions we hold close to our hearts.



A measure of success for One Island in 2013 will be to hear our members and participants proclaim

"What a great idea - I want to try that too

and share it with my neighbor!"


 Each month of 2013 will have a new learning theme at One Island:

January is about Origins

 A month full of valuable educational activities


cycad - oldest plants
Discover the First Plants and Flowers - still growing in Hawaii
at How Plants Got Legs


Workshops, wellness practices and more all welcome your participation. Come learn something new!


first flowers 


Gardening and Natural Resource Workshops


How Plants Got Legs - the origins of plant life and identifying characteristics of the botanical wonders we now see all around us. Lead by Raven Bolas at One Island. Wednesday, January 16th, 9am-noon.


Ancient Hawaiian Agriculture - learning about the origins of local foods on the Island of Hawaii and the ingenuity that enabled a thriving culture over hundreds of years. Lead by Noa Lincoln, at Amy B Greenwell Ethnobotanic Garden. Friday, January 25th, 9am-noon.


Wellness Practice Workshop


Qi Gong - explore healing breath, movement and visualization practices inspired by ancient cultures. Lead by Hallie Iglehart at One Island. Saturday, Jan. 19th, 9am-noon, at One Island.



Green is a Verb - let's do it together!

Tell us your story!
New Web Site Feature
Workshop blogs now invite community comments
bio  char
Bio Char Workshop
Did you attend a garden, farm, or food workshop with One Island's sustainable living center in 2012?
Field trip, film night, potluck speaker, or festival?    
One Island announces a new web feature that encourages our members and participants to share their experiences online as a learning community.
Let us know what you enjoyed, anything you tried out as a follow up, and new topics you'd like to see us add or changes you'd suggest.
Please click through to the feature about your workshop and leave a message for your instructor and One Island. Your instructors came from all over the Island and from the mainland and we'd like to show them our appreciation and thanks. And fellow participants can also ask one another questions and learn from your experiences.
We want to hear from YOU!
Learning Circles hosted by One Island now open for participant comments:
Ethnobotany with Kat Harrison
Medicine at Your Feet with David Bruce Leonard
Worms and Composting with Anne Hassler
Got Dirt? with Gerry Hebert and Bob Shafer
Bio Char with Josiah Hunt
Beyond Organics with Jana Bogs
Permaculture with Steve Sakala
Gardening Up! with Raven Bolas
Growing it Organic with Una Greenaway
Aquaponics Tour with Friendly Aquaponics  
Chocolate Chocolate with Madre Chocolate
Fruit Lovers Fest at One Island
Curious about something? Have a workshop idea?
Something to share or teach? Let us know at
                                    [email protected]                                               
No Fruit Left Behind
We've topped 3,625 pounds of fruit gleaned from farms and gardens and brought into the local food system between August and December of 2012. This is food that would otherwise have gone to waste.  
2,854 pounds went out as donations to the community, host farms, and food pantries to feed the hungry.
771 pounds of gleaned fruit was sold as a fundraiser that helped us bring in $832 to cover tool and transportation costs. We also sold $175 in fundraising tote bags and T-shirts, bringing our fundraising total to over $1,000 for our first five months.
 Thanks to everyone for their contributions of time,
farm access, and purchases.
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Farms, Gardens, Orchards, Gleaners, and Sorters are Invited to Participate    Meet-ups: Pre-announced Thursdays - Gleaning 9-12,  Cleaning/Processing 1-4; Deliveries, Friday mornings; Farmer's Market helpers, Sundays 9-noon. 
Email [email protected] to participate
or 'Like' us on Facebook for weekly news updates


Gleaning 12 2012  


Reclaiming our Local Food System,

one tree at a time.


Membership Benefits
Join One Island in making these great learning resources available to our community
Nat Bletter
Guest Presenters are a highlight at One Island
Chocolate making
Learn by Doing
 The recent Chocolate Chocolate! is   a great example of One Island's programs offered to our local community.
We combined a Cacao Farm Tour to Earthly Delights with a workshop by Nat Bletter of Madre Chocolate, accompanied by a dinner sourced from local farms and producers. Guests participated from 2pm until after 9pm to learn directly from Nat and joined in the chocolate making, tempering - and tasting -process. A big hit was Madre's new Earl Grey Chocolate bar.
  Dinner was sourced from Kona Hawk Farm, Butter and Oven Bakery, One Island, and Kailua Candy Company. We paired pesto crostini  with custom made macnut - basil - Hawaiian pepper fettuccini, added Hawaiian eggplant, tomato and peppers as a topping, enjoyed a fresh local greens salad with starfruit, and finished it off by pairing lillikoi spritzer with a scrumptious chocolate and mac nut cheesecake. Yum!
Dinner at One Island
Local Foods Experiences - from farm to plate - at One Island
A Big Mahalo to Madre Chocolate, Earthly Delights, and our local suppliers for bringing these great resources to our community!


Coming Up
Same Canoe Community
Gardens Tour
All over the United States, communities are working to reclaim their local food systems. We all want healthy, fresh, local foods and community gardens are  a great way to provide the education, incentive - and hands-on experience - to get more local foods growing.
On Saturday, February 23rd, One Island invites you to tour local community gardens receiving funding through our Same Canoe Community Garden project, meet the dynamo garden leaders spearheading these great community service learning resources, and then join us for a local foods dinner sourced from local farms and gardens. Garden events are happenning at Amy Greenwell, Honaunau School, One Island, and other South Kona gardens.

New Mini Grants for Gardeners
At the February 23rd dinner, we'll be announcing Phase Two of the Same Canoe Community Garden Project. Phase Two features a new workshop series where participants can apply for a mini-grant to implement something they have observed at a garden or workshop and have selected to implement in their own home garden.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Great News for South Kona: $12,000 in mini grants
will be awarded in 2013 thanks to funding support provided by One Island and the National Institute for Food and Agriculture. Attend a garden workshop to learn more.