Mushroom Class is now Oct 24th - New Date - more materials to take home
One Island
CELEBRATE National Food Day!
How to Grow Your Own Mushrooms
Wed. October 24th 10am-noon
at One Island
October 24th is National Food Day and here at One Island  we are celebrating by learning how to grow culinary mushrooms three ways - shiitake on your lanai or out in the yard on logs, and delicious fermented  kombucha. 
We've got room for you! One Island imported specially permitted kits from Paul Stamet's Fungi Perfecti on the Olympic Peninsula and plans to get colonies established here that will bear fruit for many years. We also will provide an introduction to kombucha and point to local sources for this refreshing drink as well as kits where you can learn to make your own.
Suggested background reading: Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets. From new health tonics to cancer treatments to myco-remediation of toxic oil spills, mushrooms and their mycelium network are an important resource gaining wider understanding.
  Green is a Verb - Let's do it together!



Class fee is $55 and includes two mushroom kits and reference materials, plus Hawaii-grown commercial mushroom tastings.


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