News from Pathway Homes, Inc.July 2013
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Best Non-Profit of the Year Finalist
Made by Jane
Fond Farewell
Welcome to the Board
In His Own Words: I Feel Young
Pathways' 25th Annual Cookout
A Closer Look at Mental Health in Hot Weather
Beat the Heat
Board Member Brings Pathways' Model to Florida
Pathways Briefs
Upcoming Dates to Note
Pathway Homes Named Best 
Non-Profit of the Year Finalist
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce


On June 19th, representatives of Pathway Homes were on pins and needles awaiting the announcement of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce's 2013 Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Non-Profit of the Year Award.  Pathways was one of only seven non-profits in the area selected from many nominations to compete for the honor. 
Sylisa and Dan Gray - Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO, Dr. Sylisa Lambert-Woodard, and Board Chairman, Dan Gray, await the announcement of the Best Non-Profit of the Year Award.


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Made by Jane


By Anna Smith  

Made by Jane
Jane Lunacek, a long-time resident of SHOP, has been cooking since she was a young girl growing up in Czechoslovakia.  She was the second of seven children, and after the birth of her younger sibling, her father said, "You are now the family cook." 
Fond Farewell
Catherine Allin
Catherine Allin
April 1947 - May 2013





Pathway Homes remembers Catherine Allin, a woman with hope in her heart.



Welcome to the Board

 Angie Lathrop

Pathway Homes proudly presents Mrs. Angie Garcia Lathrop as the newest member of its Board of Directors.



 Technology for the Times
Campaign Update
IT Campaign Thermometer     
$222,421 raised so far! 
The three-year, $385,000 campaign kicked off in April 2012.
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Dr. Sylisa Lambert-Woodard In our daily efforts, we never take for granted how critical the collective voice is to galvanize needed change. It was just a few months ago that Congress decided to ease the burden of federal spending cuts on travelers who were inconvenienced and angry over airport delays. How reassuring it would be to use our collective voice to show that this quiet storm of sequestration and Medicaid cuts will result in conditions that eclipse those caused by travel delays. These cuts will potentially reduce already limited support services to the most vulnerable. They have already led to the loss of new vouchers that were intended to support individuals in the homes recently acquired by non-profits and private landlords. These acquisitions were a combined effort to provide affordable and sustainable housing in our community.   


Many of the individuals and families impacted by these cuts were in the process of finding a place to live after spending months or years on a waiting list. The loss of vouchers resulted in a distressing return to the waiting list. As I hear these individuals and see the look of frustration and the loss of hope on their faces, I feel we must battle for their futures. Sequestration is having a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable in our community, and our "collective voice" can create change.   


With continued community advocacy directed towards local, state, and federal elected officials, I believe our voice can be as influential and successful as our "frequent flyers" in averting a most devastating impact to our community. In the midst of this uncertainty, I have been heartened to see the willingness of our local officials to listen, seek solutions, and show a willingness to represent this issue in Richmond and on Capitol Hill. Many local delegates have opened the door to me and other community leaders over the past few months, and I feel our efforts have not gone unnoticed. I encourage you to contact your local representatives and educate them on the impact of ongoing budget cuts on the most vulnerable in our community and the wide-ranging impact on our community as a whole. 


Sylisa Lambert-Woodard, EdD, LCSW, LSATP, MAC
Sylisa Lambert-Woodard, EdD, LCSW, LSATP, MAC
President and CEO
In His Own Words: I Feel Young


By: Ron Kane 


Ron Kane

I have lived at Sheldon for over 30 

years now, since April of 1982. I'm 72, but I still feel young. That's why when people ask or when I fill out forms at appointments, I say I'm 64, and then I go back and correct it. Every day is my best day as long as I stay healthy and happy, which I have been for most of my time with Pathways.



Mai and Kelly
Mai Thai and volunteer Kelly Nguyen connected during a recent visit at Stevenson Place.
A Common Bond


By: Diane Malaquias


Strangers, separated by a generation and born a world apart, bond over a common language. 

How a teenage volunteer and a Stevenson Place resident shared a special connection. 



Food, fun family and friends!

Pathways' 25th Annual Summer Cookout

Emil and Noella
Emil Franks, a long-time Board member, and his daughter, Noella enjoy the Cookout on June 1sr at Nottoway Park.


More than 200 people attended Pathway Homes' 25th Annual Cookout and enjoyed a day of wonderful food, friendship, games and prizes.  The "Build for your Future" theme this year included bright yellow construction hats, orange cones, and signs touting "Caution: Excitement Ahead."

A Closer Look at Mental Health in Hot Weather
Glass of Water
Photo courtesy
StuffNThings via Flickr


By: Eleanor Vincent, EdD, CSAC


Individuals with mental illness, especially those on certain types of medications, should take even greater precautions because they are at greater risk of experiencing adverse reactions related to sun exposure. Learn more about who's at risk and how to stay safe in hot weather.   


Thermometer and white flowers
Photo Courtesy 
Beat the Heat with Green Pathways
10 Hot Tips to Stay Cool and Still be Eco-Friendly! 


Summer is here-and it's HOT!  It's easy to crank the air conditioner while trying to escape the heat and humidity. But before you touch that dial, here are some GREEN and Eco-friendly ways to help you stay cool during the dog days of summer.

Ron Receives the Board Resolution
Pathways VP for Operations, Dr. Eleanor Vincent, presents Ron Wilensky, former Board Vice-Chairman, with the Board Resolution made in his honor.
Board Member Brings Pathways' Mission to Florida

In October 2012, Ron Wilensky stepped down from the Pathway Homes Board of Directors in order to focus his attention on meeting the critical housing and support service needs of individuals living with serious mental illness in his home state of Florida.

Pathways Briefs: In Other News 

Upcoming Dates to Note

  • July 3 - August 16th: Summer of the Arts - Six-week Featured Artists Exhibit - Beanetics Coffee Roasters
  • July 18: Steps to Pathways information session at Pathway Homes' administrative office (10-11 a.m.)
  • July 18: Family Meeting - Hearing Voices that are Disturbing Training at Pathway Homes' administrative office (6-8 p.m.)
  • August 15: Steps to Pathways information session at Pathway Homes' administrative office (10-11 a.m.)
  • September 19: Steps to Pathways information session at Pathway Homes' administrative office (held regularly on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 10-11 a.m.)