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This week's headline news in CT was:

Boater Dies After Falling Overboard Into Long Island Sound

Sadly, this comes just two weeks after the news of a hypothermic kayaker being rescued off Great Captains Island in Greenwich.

Even though we have 60 and 70 degree spring air temperatures, the water temperature in the Sound is still only in the mid to high 40s.  See the chart below to see how an average weight boater might fare.  
 Please recognize that, of the time you could survive, the first 10 minutes are critical. After that you likely couldn't save yourself and would need to be hoisted back into the boat.
This really is serious stuff!

Learn more... HERE    
St. Vincent's Swim is Recruiting Boaters

Boat captains can enjoy a day on the Sound, while also supporting a worthwhile cause - helping people with cancer. St. Vincent's
30th Annual SWIM Across the Sound Marathon will take place this year on Saturday, August 5th, beginning at Port Jefferson, New York and ending at Captain's Cove, Bridgeport.

The annual fundraiser involves more than 250 swimmers making the 26 kilometer (15.5 mile) trek from West Beach in Port Jefferson, Long Island to Captain's Cove in Bridgeport, CT for pledges. The swimmers raised over $320,000 in 2016 for the SWIM Across the Sound. The SWIM provides 44 prevention's for cancer screening, education and support programs right here in our community as well as providing financial assistance to cancer patients and their families in need.

Sign up to be a support boat captain... HERE 
Nautical Boutique Update

The Cove Nautical Boutique is stocked up and ready to go for the Spring and Summer season!
New items are arriving daily!

Don't forget, Mothers Day is coming (May 14th) 
Effects of Alcohol While Boating:
Tips For Avoiding BUI

Every boater needs to understand the risks of boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (BUI). It is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol
or drugs in every state. The Coast Guard also enforces a federal law that prohibits BUI. This law pertains to ALL boats (from canoes and rowboats to the largest ships)  and includes foreign vessels that operate in U.S. waters, as well as U.S. vessels on the high seas.

Dangers of BUI:  
Alcohol affects judgment, vision, balance and coordination. These impairments increase the likelihood of accidents afloat for both passengers and boat operators. U.S. Coast Guard data shows that in boating deaths involving alcohol use, over half the victims capsized their boats and/or fell overboard.

Alcohol Effects 

* Impaired Judgment  
* Reduced Reaction Time
* Increased Self-Confidence
* Shortened Attention Span
* Loss of Balance And Dizziness
* Blurred Vision
* Short-Term Memory Loss
* Impaired Comprehension
* Loss of Consciousness   
For More Info click... HERE 
Saturday May 6th   9:30 - 11:30   Weed Beach, Darien
Here's your chance to really learn about  some of the safety equipment you are required to carry! This is a must if you are planning some coastwise or offshore cruising. 

Fire off your outdated marine flares and fire extinguishers. Be trained in Safety by experts.  Bring your old flares or practice on donated flares.    

Spoonsored by the Darien Sail & Power Squadron
See their website...   HERE
Captain's Cup Coffee Shop  
is Open Weekends Starting 4/21 

Spring hours are Fri 7am - 2pm & Sat & Sun 7am - 3pm  
The Captains Cup at Norwalk Cove serves Italian based Lavazza brand coffee, espresso, cappuccino and Latte. Additionally, several selections of Mighty Leaf tea are being offered, as well as iced coffee, iced tea and smoothies.
To complement the hot and cold beverages, baked goods are available.  
The Captain's Cup is located adjacent to the Cove Ship' store and has outdoor seating.

Stop by and try out the Captain's Cup. 
Rex Valet Rack Service

The racks are filling up quickly!
  • Indoor and Outdoor Summer Valet Rack Service for powerboats up to 32 ft.
  • Keep your boat looking NEW !  Indoor Valet Rack Service is like a garage for your boat. Helps it look better, longer.
  • Includes free dockage for consecutive day use.
  • Annual, seasonal, monthly, or weekly availability.
  • Easy and convenient 5 minute, "Launch on Demand", no advance notice required during operating hours. Or use the mobile Launch App.
  • 24/7 access: Your boat can be used anytime, including night or early morning.
 Learn More   See the RACK MAN video

See the winter storage Drone Clip... HERE
Can you Help?  Please Contact Your Elected Officials! 
The CT Legislature's Finance, Bonding and Revenue Committee, in a bi-partisan effort, has raised Senate Bill 1048 to reduce the sales tax on vessels by 50%.  CMTA (CT Marine Trades Assoc.) has testified on this bill and now WE NEED YOUR HELP!

It is important we communicate with all legislators now to convince them to support this bill; to help our industry regain a level playing field with our neighboring states who have cut, capped or eliminated sales on their marine industries.  Rhode Island has zero tax on al
l marine services; New York and Florida have capped sales tax on vessels at $18,000; New Jersey  reduced the tax to 3.5%, Maryland a cap at $15,000 and this pattern continues up and down the east coast.

In the last five years, we've lost over 14,000 registered boats in the State of Connecticut.  We're seeing more and more vacancies pop up in marinas across the state while boat sales remain well behind those in our neighboring states.  Connecticut is being outpaced by tax policies that have made boat buying less expensive in Rhode Island and other neighboring states and the consumer is following those incentives.  And when they go, they don't come back.

It's Time to Act!  Please Contact YOUR elected Official.
Click the link below to connect to our Advocacy Center to send the message to your State Senator and Representative.  The message is already prepared, you just need to send it!
Please Help, click... HERE
Boating and CT Certification Courses  
Spring is Here - Now is the time to take that boating course!

See the list of local courses... HERE

Note: If your organization is offering courses or seminars, please e-mail the info or links to Capt. Rick: 

Earth Day is April 22nd 

"We need an optimistic conversation about climate change - with hope, not fear."

It's time for a new type of conversation about climate change that reverses all the usual ways of looking at the issue. Instead of debating long-term consequences, let's talk about immediate threats. Instead of arguing about making sacrifices, let's talk about how we can make money. Instead of pitting the environment versus the economy, let's consider market principles and economic growth. Instead of focusing on polar bears, let's focus on asthmatic children. And instead of putting all hope in the federal government, let's empower cities, regions, businesses, and citizens to accelerate the progress they are already making on their own.

An excerpt from Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope's new book Climate of Hope.

To read more & see the video, click... HERE

On a Final Note,